*42yr young got her 20yr old 400cc Implants exchanged for 650cc then REVISION/lift back to 400cc due to CC and asymmetry...

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I can't say enough great things about Dr.Cho and...

I can't say enough great things about Dr.Cho and his wonderful staff!! Let me start by saying as soon as I walked into the clinic the staff was very attentive, knowledgeable and made me feel right at home. The huge office building is very beautiful but the positive, caring energy from the sweet girls (especially Jill????) was even MORE beautiful???? And then I got the pleasure of meeting the amazing Dr. Cho! He immediately made me feel comfortable with his gentle and soft spoken nature. He was very knowledgeable on the procedure and breast size I was interested in and spent an adequate amount of time with me during both of my preOp appointments. I could go on and on...but let me make this short and sweet. *DR. CHO IS A BRILLANT PLASTIC SURGEON and a MASTER AT HIS CRAFT....and I have amazing new breasts to prove it! (See b/a pics!) His work shows in them....he was able to take large old saggy implants out, put in new 650cc larger implants and give me an internal breast lift without ANY visible scarring whatsoever! The results are profound and totally exceeded my expectations of firmer, less droopy looking breasts and nipples. I could not be happier!! I would (and have already!!) recommend Dr. AMAZING CHO (my new nickname for him;)) to anyone interested in enhancing any part of their body....ESPECIALLY the breasts! I would rate my whole experience as a perfect 10 and plan to be back in a year to get my nose done. :D
*Much love and many thanks to Mr. Cho and his incredible staff!!!!????????????????

8 month postOp update :)

Ok...so it's been eight months since my surgery and a lot has happened. First of all, 4wks postOp I went back to work as a body sculpt therapist at the MedSpa I work at and unfortunately after just a week of strenuous upper body movement while sculpting the incision under my right breast tore open a bit (due to inflammation and swelling from repetitive movement is my guess) and it started to leak fluid. Then came the pain from infection uugh This happened over a weekend and I wasn't able to get in to see my doctor so he could see it back up for 3 days. There was a bad ALL around Houston and the roads were literally blocked for days! Infection set in and when I could finally make it to my doc he had to open up the incision to clean and sterilize the pocket before stitching me back up ALL while I was awake with just a local anesthetic into the area under my breast. Not comfortable at all, but Dr. Cho treated me and the stituation with complete care. I took a few more weeks off from work to heal while taking strong antibiotics to keep infection away.

8mos Update (continued)...

So after a few months of healing, approximately 5mos postOp, my left breast looked a felt beautiful and soft while my right breast still was tender to the touch, firm and very tight and slighter higher on my chest then my left breast. My 5 month postOp visit and examination at Dr. Cho's office revealed that the infection I battled caused capsular contracture in my right breast making it feel tight and look higher and more round then my left breast (see pic).

Update and pics on uneven breasts due to capsular contracture...

*Looked ok with clothes on but the asymmetry got worse and worse as time progressed. Being the Virgo/perfectionist that I am....I have elected to schedule a breast implant revision surgery at the end of February to have the old implants replaced with smaller ones along with a lolipop breast lift to correct the asymmetry and to remove the scar tissue from the capsular contracture. :) :)
I will check back in with an update post right before and after my revision surgery.
*I hope this review helps anyone else going through an incision tear or capsular contracture like I'm experiencing.

New year NEW (revised) BOOBIES!!

I'm super excited to have set my implant revision/breast lift surgery date for March 9th, 2017! Yaaaaayy I can't wait to have smaller more natural looking symmetrical breast in the near future!!! (.) (.)

*REVISION DAY!! Yaaaaaayyyy :D

Ok....so I'm on my way to the hospital for my breast implant revision surgery - mastopexy with capsulectomy/implant exchange - downsize from silicone 650cc UHP to a much more comfortable 400/420cc Mod P plus. I'm not sure what type of lift Dr. Cho will do....he said that he won't know for sure until he takes out the old implant to see how much skin a have and where my nipple placement is after the smaller implant is in the pocket. I trust him to make the best decision for the perky results that I desire. He is truly an amazing surgeon! I'm posting some before pics I took this morning and my boobs compared to my wish pic. I'm so happy the day is finally here to rid myself of these heavy asymmetrical "porn star" boobies!!!! Lol

Made it through surgery!

Everything went smooth....managing pain with a Percocet every 4/6 hrs (works wonders! I recommend;)) I'm not sure what kind of lift he ended up performing on me but I'll find out tomorrow at my preop appointment with him and HOPEFULY I will get to see his masterful work on me! (.)(.)
I do have two of dreaded drains (he wasn't for sure if I would need them or not) and I've already accidentally snag the left one on a doorknob I was walking by Uuuugh!! Not a good feeling at all....but thank goodness it did not rip it out.
I'm already loving the smaller breast size on my body! I honestly think they make me look thinner compared to my old HUGE implants! *joy JOY and love LOOOOVE!!!!!

Yaaaaaayyy Normal sized PERKY boobies!!

Went to my postOp appt on the 10th, the day after surgery and my PS says all is loking great! I love the size and how high and perky they are. As far as the incisions/scarring, I'm a fast healer and will fade them with silicone strips as soon as I get the ok to do so :D I'm very comfortable...just mild soreness/pain in the morning for a big with the expected "morning boob" lol Drain tubes stay in until weds....not a big deal as I've taken two weeks off from work so I have plenty of time to heal. My back already feels 100% better with the less weight on my chest and I notice that even my posture is better! Super excited that I went through with replacing those huge implants with a much more comfortable size with lift. I feel like I have my pre-first augmentation teenage perky boobies back! *Very VERY HAPPY!!!!

It is amazing how after surgery breast can change (look better!) from day to day!

Hello, dolls! All is going and feeling great! I just wanted to post some quick progress pics and b/a pics from this past week of healing after my revision surgery. Then I'm on my way to another postOp appt to get these God awful uncomfortable (but necessary) drain tubes removed *Double Yaaaaayyyy!! :D

Got drains out.....and all I can say is OOOOOOUCH!!!!! :O

Holy CRAP...I'm not sure if it's the same for others on here but when my surgeon removed the at LEAST 6 to 8 inch long drain tubing out of each breast yesterday it felt super weird at first, like a long snake slithering out of my entire breast ripping some breast meat with it o_O ...and then the pain set in as soon as the surgical compression bra was put back on. The whole ride home I was in agony...actually it was the most pain I had felt since the dang surgery a week ago.... and I was even on a Percocet the whole time. I had no idea of how much tubing was actually inside of my breast. I figured it was only about a half an inch or an inch inside me because it was secured tightly with a few stitches at the side of my inframammary fold incision but BOOOOOOY was I wrong! Apparently my PS had to do extensive pocket remodeling due to the 250cc downsize revision/lift and had to intertwine that dang tubing so deep to keep the fluid from building up and possibly causing bad things to happen like the stitches/incisions tearing open from swelling, a seroma or even another possible round of the dreaded CC (capsular contracture) uuugh.. which would SUCK so the pain I feel now and all last night will be worth it in the long run. My breast are super sore and I can feel the breast meat inside hot and inflamed and shifting. I literally feel asleep with a bag of frozen peas on them all night and just woke up right now soaking wet lol
*But I'm happy to say that I feel much better this morning and I haven't even taken any pain pills yet....and I express YET ;))) (hehe)
I gotta eat breakfast first before taking them or they make my tummy sick. I was in too much pain to take any new pics of my boobies progress so I'm gonna post a few older ones taken a few days ago when the drains were still in. I will try to take some "drain free" pics later today to post if the pain isn't unbearable when I briefly take my compression bra off to shower later.
*Happy Thursday to everyone!! Today my new "girls" are exactly a week old :D !!
Sending out much love and healing energy to all<33

Having fun with b/a revision comparison pics...

All I can say is WOW!!!! :D

Ok....so I'm 12 days postOp now and I''m super happy to report that I awoke this morning in absolutely NO PAIN at all (without any pain meds) for the first time since surgery! :D What a great feeling!!! Just a slightly soreness in pec muscles when lifting small objects/opening doors, etc. but it's so much easier getting around now! I'm so grateful<3
I actually felt so good that while changing dressings I took a moment to try on an old bikini top that I had bought to wear last year with my old 650cc 36DD implants...the look of my new perkier 400cc'ss was so much more beautiful then the way it looked before that I took a few pic and edited it to compare to the before look in the same exact top. I'm posting them to show my new RS buddies. The different is astounding! It doesn't even look like the same person! (JOY!!) I'm so overjoyed and truly GRATEFUL that I took a leap of faith and downsized 250cc's like I did....and I'm so thankful for my incredibly talented PS, Dr. Younghoon Cho, for being caring and understanding throughout this process and listening to my needs/concerns and taking such great care of me throughout these two surgeries with him. He is a true MASTER of his craft and I would recommend him 100% on breast augmentations and challenging revision/lift procedures! I just LOVE the guy and couldn't be happier with my results thus far<33

18 day PostOp progress and comparison pics....

Hello all!! I'm healing nicely....and loving the more fuller and rounded shape that my implants are taking on now that I feel they are softening and dropping into the breast pocket :D I still love this 400cc size on my body (although I love seeing the larger breasted implant reviews on here!) ...large breasts are BEAUTIFUL but feel different on different body frames and are wonderful but after my year of feeling like I had heavy "porn star" boobies along with back pain, I am completely happy (and more comfortable!) with my smaller size. I'm posting some more progress pics and b/a revision pics today. I'm excited to finally get the glue and tape off in two days at my 3wk PO appt this weds so I can see what the incisions look like and start massaging and scar therapy asap! The dried bloody look on my boobs and nipples these past few weeks has been driving me cRaZy...but I totally understand it's all part of the process.
* Love you, my pretty breasted sisters on here and HaPpY HEALTHY healing<33

26 day postOp progress and b/a pics ...

Ok....so it's been a week since my last update because unfortunately my doc advised against taking the tape and glue off of my incisions last weds. I was kinda bummed so I asked why and he said that the longer they stay on (as bloody and gross as they look on my poor boobies) the better chances the incisions will heal better and thinner which will make the scars less noticeable. I'm a perfectionist so I'm ALL in for tiny, less noticeable scars!! :D ...so I'm going to follow his advice and patiently wait for the tape and glue to come off gradually on its own. The glue near the the corner of my breast folds where the drains were has already started to come off so I gently wiped the area clean and cut back the loose tape and started to wear silicone scar strips over the scar. The strips are very soft, cooling and stick to the skin nicely which makes a very comfortable barrier between the sensitive, tender tissue and the sports bras that I wear.
*I purchased them at Walgreens and TOTALLY recommend!!
I'm posting a few b/a pics to show how funky and uneven breasts can look immediately after surgery compared to almost 4wks out in hopes of lessening the stress of and comforting other girls on this site going through the same process. *It's just INCREDIBLE how our bodies heal and how breasts drop and change shape over time during the healing process as you'll see through my b/a pics :D
*So ladies...BE PATIENT and STAY POSITIVE and follow your doctors orders carefully (and wear your compression/sports/surgical bra as directed!) and you will start to see your own beautiful changes as well throughout your "boobie healing evolution" (hehe...that's what I call it ;))
*Much love and heathy healing to all<33

26 day PO b/a pics....

Sorry...they didn't upload earlier for some reason...

4wk PO "Boobie Healing Evolution" update!

Yaaaayyy I made it to my 1month "Boobiversity" (teehee!) Just a few quick pics...I'm so blessed to be healing nicely :D *Pain in breasts is gone, just tender to touch and definitely no running yet ;)), but I have developed a few Mondors cords under my left breast which are tight and a bit painful which I'm managing with a few Advil daily and keeping from using my left arm too much while driving, lifting, answering phones at work, etc. These are inflamed veins and blood vessels very common after breast surgeries and is only a temporary condition that clears up on its own in a few weeks or so. This condition happened under my right breast after my last surgery a year ago so I am familiar with them already and I know how quickly they go away.
Most of the glue has started to FINALLY come off around my nipples so I have already started wearing silicone scar strips around the areas with no scabbing. As far as the rest of my still healing incisions, I am keeping 3M micropore tape across them to protect them from rubbing on clothing and to keep them from pulling apart at this stage of healing.
*Blessings to all of the RS community<33

Better pictures to show Mondors cords....

*Six week postOp from revision Update...

Hello all you beauties!! I realize how cRaZzy long my review is getting so I'll try to make this update short and sweet lol
I'm at 6wks of healing now.....I have ZERO pain, just tender breast tissue when squeezed too hard...Mondors cords are almost gone (yaaaayy) My incisions are tender still so I keep them covered (unless showering) with silicone tape (Mepitac soft silicone tape 3/4" x118") I purchased off of Amazon as it is much cheaper than the silicone scar strips I was purchasing for $20 a box at Walgreens. Plus, I like the fact that it doesn't leave any sticky residue as well.
I'm still taking it easy when lifting things as I can still feel a pinch/prick here in there inside my breast meat from absorbable stitches that are still intact. No gym workouts yet but I have started 5 to 10 minute daily intervals on my at home elliptical machine at a slow pace just to get my heart rate up, blood flowing in hopes to start burning off some of the extra 5 pounds that I have gained these past six weeks.
(It's so nice to break a sweat again!) :D
Oh...I did have a slight rash form on small areas on both of my breasts for a couple of days… But it may be due to rubbing against a new sports bra that I hadn't washed before I wore it a full day (that's my theory anyway.) **Lesson learned… ALWAYS wash the chemicals out of any new clothing before wearing!! I know better lol)
I posted some 6wks b/a and progress pics and I'm pretty happy still with my doctors handiwork and the perky 34D size they turned out to be. I feel SO BLESSED and much gratitude every single day<33

*It's been a while!!! :D

Well, hello all of you beautiful souls on here!!!
I've been healing nicely with only a few minor bumps in the road... hives breakout a few times and a dreaded spitting nipple stitch :O ... but I couldn't be more grateful or happy with the process and my wonderful results!
I went back to work full time at six weeks postOp and I can't believe that almost 4 months has flown by since my last update! I took many pics to document my healing process over the past few months....and today I finally had some free time to post them.
I'm super happy to report that it's been 5 1/2 months since my revision surgery and there are absolutely NO SIGNS of CC returning in my right breast like before :D *YAAAAAAYYYY
They are both soft, jiggly and as symmetrical as 3rd round implants get I feel (literally! Hahaha ;))
..and I truly feel that the Singular I was on for 6wks after surgery, taking all of my antibiotics and taking MUCH better care of my breasts this time around contributed to the miserable CC not coming back. *Thank you Jesus :))
I will put captions by all my pics to explain the time frame and the healing process that is occurring in them when I took them. Thank you for your interest and for taking the time to read and view my very lengthy review!

**BEST WISHES and HaPpY Healthy healing to you ALL xoxo

*Loving this ever changing healing process....

*10wks postOp ...

*3 months out and here comes the spitting stitch! Lol

*5 months postOp....now THIS is when the healing speeds up and the fun begins! :D

*5 1/2 months of wonderful boobie healing :D

*Losing 13lbs of post surgery weight makes new boobies appear BIGGER! Lol

Houston Plastic Surgeon

*Dr. AMAZING CHO is the absolute BEST surgeon in the nation!!

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