29 Yrs Old 3 Kids .. 145 Lbs Before Breast Aug.. Now 138lbs After. The Woodlands, TX

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Ok so I had saggy Breast but not saggy enough for...

Ok so I had saggy Breast but not saggy enough for a breast lift (thank god) lol and now I'm post op 3 months ish and this is what they look like ... I love them all tough I wish they was more close together and not so far apart .. I was happier at 1-2 month post op before they dropped soo much .. Me preferably I like the round look .. Now mine look more natural which is still good doh ... The pain wasn't bad after the surgery only the first 2 days out of surgery I took hydrocodone (Vicodin) for pain then I stopped as I hate pain meds .. What helped was a muscle relaxer cause the breast start to contract about 4/5 days after surgery .. But a week later I was perfect ... I would do it again in a heart beat ... Having children was far worst .. Having a breast aug was a walk in the park .. And my dr he's amazing ... Keep in mind your Breast shape will not change .. Like the length between your cleavage line etc will remain the same .. But you'll be filled in and not soft and saggy and have a lot more side boob lol hope this helps here before and after pics

1 year 6 month after breast implants no lift

OK so it'd been over a year and a half .. and honestly I wish I would have gotten smaller implants .. I got 375 and 400 cc high profile ... I'm not crazy about them ... they are very prominent and stick out too far away from my body very unnatural .. but I didn't want natural lol I just wanted the "round shape" at first I had it and it looked great .. then my skin stretch out and now there kind of pointy again and also they dropped so the top fullness is gone ... I think I would have been happier with low or moderate profile implants and a lot less CC .. I think 275 or 300 would have been more then enough .. even doh I'm 5'6 and 140 .. I think smaller fuller supple breast look so much nicer ... I honestly regret doing this .. since now my skin has stretched from the implant I fear downsizing would cause them to be saggy again .. even with the implant I still sag .. not like before but it's still a little saggy I expected them to stay up nice and firm (not hard) but there still soft just bigger they look so natural and there too big I think so anyway .. my clothes don't look nice anymore everything I wear looks more slutty now trashy to be honest .. I only wear lace and unpaded bras .. even when I try on padded bras it makes my breast looked ugly and deformed .. the implant under my breast or muscle what ever .. BTW they was placed under the muscle ... stays one way and my breast skin go's another way .. so it's not like putting a Ballon inside a Ballon and they become one .. it's more like putting a Balloon behind another Balloon you can move the front balloon closer together for cleavage but the Balloon in the back will barely move .. hope that gives you a good idea of what I mean .. I told my doctor I didn't want really big breast and I showed him picture after picture of what my ideal or has close to it as possible was .. but in surgery he made a decision to use the biggest ones for my body type even doh I told him several times I was 20 lbs over weight at the time so not to match my body but just get my breast perky round and Fuller ... so now when I bend over my cleavage line is super long it looks like a ass to me I find this unattractive.. I like short cleavage line it's looks girly and pretty .. I don't like the long line that starts from your neck down like much much older women with big natural breast have .. so all that being said I miss my smaller breast .. I only wanted what I had filled in not bigger and definitely did not want my skin to stretch ... I'm wanting a breast reduction with implants but if I will need a breast lift now since the stretching then I won't do it .. I'll just deal with what I have ... if you have nice breast don't get implants wait till your like in your 40's or 50's lol doing it so young is not a good idea unless you have really saggy breast .. but mine was just deflated with very little sag I wish I did not rush into this I honestly regret it .. at least before I could wear anything I wanted and look gorgeous classy elegant .. now I have to search for clothes that look good on my breast to not look like a walking pornhub star ... no offense to anyone .. but pornstar was not my goal lol
The Woodlands Plastic Surgeon

I was drowsy the whole time lol but I trusted him ... Btw he's a realist don't expect sweet talk lol expect hard truth ... Would you rather have a dr sugar coat .. Not me

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