Post Gastric Sleeve Massive Weight Loss - The Woodlands, TX

It's been almost two years since my gastric sleeve...

It's been almost two years since my gastric sleeve procedure. I've lost over 100lbs and could lose another 20-30 possibly before plastic surgery. 4'9" HW was 258, CW155. Hoping to have a belt lipectomy, breast lift, arm and inner thigh surgery as well. I'm trying to determine when would be the most ideal time to have surgery based on weight, which surgery I would need (TT vs TBL), if I should keep working to lose more or keep stable. I've been at this weight for about 8 months. I'll post pictures soon. Just looking for more information!

Pictures Pre-op.

Just sent in pictures to a surgeon for the initial consultation. I am 4'9" and roughly 160-165. Although I know for BMI reasons I should be lower but I am very muscular. Also have a ton of skin! I would love to have a lower body lift, upper body lift (arms, breasts, upper back). I'm not sure if I should keep losing more weight or go for surgery!

Virtual Consultation

I've sent in my photos to a PS and am waiting for the response on his suggestions. I'm so nervous and I haven't even gone in yet. I'm worried I won't be a candidate yet and then I'm worried that I will be. I want to have the best outcome possible. Doesn't everyone? My family is supportive and are constantly saying it's time. Has anyone else felt this way? Like you aren't worthy of feeling better about yourself? Like you haven't done enough work to deserve it yet? I know I play these head games all the time. I should hear back within the week! Hopefully it's a positive response.


I had my actual consultation and automatically felt comfortable with the physician. I am without a doubt committed to Dr. Lomonaco! The surgery will take two steps. The first to do the lower body lift in the vertical fashion to help cinch in my waist and help the skin I have in the middle, he will also do some liposuction in my upper thighs and my lower arm/chest (think side boob almost) to assist in the second portion of the surgery. The second surgery will be a inner thigh and upper arm skin removal. The tricky part of everything for me is timing. I'm getting married in June and want to be healed by then. My goal is first surgery November and second in February. Hopefully it can be done. This is a costly procedure but I keep thinking, I spend money on everything else why not on something that will change my life and make me a happier person. It is the best option for me. I know the surgeon will have skillful hands and provide me with the best outcome. I can't wait.

Official Date!!

I have an official surgery date! I'm so excited to be continuing my journey! Dr. Lomonaco is very skilled and I have no doubt he will be great. November 29th will be here soon but not soon enough! I'm soooo excited!!!!!! I can't wait to see what happens. Any tips or suggestions about preparation or post op care are appreciated!
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