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Ok after having 3 kids and starting motherhood at...

Ok after having 3 kids and starting motherhood at the ripe age of 17 it was time for me to make it up to myself. While the thought of spending so much money on myself felt selfish, I reminded myself that " I deserve it".
After all I don't have a rich husband but rather its me who pays the bills, why shouldn't i ? I decided to research PS in my area and found a double board certified plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Paul Gill. His experience was remarkable. Surgery was on March 11th. I elected to have the mommy make over which included full abdominoplasty (this also tightens stomache muscles) with Lipo of my flanks.. And Breast augmentation with lift/ 400cc saline implants.)
Size before surgery was 36d however my breasts sagged and my tummy had a lot of excess skin that felt like a bag of fat that just sat there.
I'm writing this for all of you out there that are contemplating surgery.
I say do it! I didn't look at price~ my concern was my body and I wanted an experienced surgeon to do the work.
Ladies don't skimp on price for this type of procedure, find a really good surgeon and check out his clients before and after photos to see if you like his work. Also scarring while most want a scar free body it's impossible, I prefer a correct technique with scars so long as it's done correctly and safe.
I'm 17 days post op and just started to move around 3 days ago. This surgery is no joke. My husband literally had to do everything for me for the first 14 days. It was hard to move, hard to sit, hard to stand. Lots of pain involved and constipation was/is a nightmare even with laxatives.
My body is still swollen and I have acquired a rash which we thought (my surgeon) was due to the neosporin but I stopped that day 6 post op and I still continue to have it.
So most of my pictures you will see rashy areas which are not fun.
I have seen a dermatologist and am applying a steroid cream and abx to the areas. It has helped but the itching is insanity!
So far I'm extremely happy - I had 4 Jp drains after surgery which were pulled at different times(depends on your body and how much fluid you have draining). Now I'm tube free and wearing spanks under my abdominal binder and a sports bra 24/7.
I'm sharing these photos with you so that you may see the progress of my story and I hope that my information helps you on your journey.

10 days post op

Still have 2 Jp drains from the swelling in my breasts. I'm still extremely swollen and in pain.
Ladies don't try to be super Heros.. Take your pain meds on the dot until gone! I'm happy to see the shape of my body returning to a curvy sexy mamma!

18 days post op mommy makeover full abdominoplasty with lift and 400cc implants

Here I am day 18 of my procedure.
Still have that rash that for some reason I just can't get rid of. I'm thinking that my skin is super sensitive and still have the reaction since my body is responding to the changes.
My activity level is much better. I'm walking like normal just taking it slow with sit to stand positioning. I can feel my stomache muscles working now but there are some areas where its numb. Still have the occasional back ache but remedy solved by taking all my meds and sitting down. I drove again for the first time today with my husband. I have a jeep so getting in is a little more difficult vs. a low car. No problems driving so I'm good to head back to work tomorrow.
Complaints at this point post op are itching around suture lines and constipation. Pain is minimal (but again I'm taking all my meds).
If your interested in what I'm taking message me and I'll fill you in. I also have fibromyalgia so there are some additional pain issues I had pre-op mommy makeover.

Pre- mommy makeover "the old me"

Here's some pics before - I'm quite a curvy gal done the change is noticeable to me. I did really good hiding things before with clothes, but naked was a different story!

Pre op bulge to tummy - grab a roll and say cheese!

Yes! This was my hubby's idea of funny! He would Grab a handful of tummy fat .. And say " I love you babe" I hated that!! Thank goodness it's gone!

Before my Mommy make over

Ok this is a really good pic before my mommy makeover.
I lost weight but when I bent over the tummy bag would hang and my natural size 36d breasts would hang down. I did a really good job hiding the sag but now everything is firm and in the right place.
I wish I had taken side view pics but I didn't. I'll see if dr Gill will send me the ones he took of me in his office, those will be better to compare before and after.

Day 22 after Surgery

Saw dr gills PA for my 3 week post op. Incisions are closing and very few stitches are popping out. She said this is normal but won't go digging them out until ready. I suppose in the next few weeks they'll be more visible to remove.
My activity level is moderate back to work and driving all day going in and out of my jeep.. Not easy but doable and I'm taking every precaution to get in/out slowly.
I'm able to walk just wearing flats and haven't had any back pain.
However around 430pm the work days almost done and I'm quite tired.. Not exhausted but tired.
Still having issues with constipation and I'm still a bit itchy but otherwise I think I'm handling it well.
The first 2 weeks were miserable looking back, but I keep in mind what I just did to my body and the fact that I'm still healing.
Posting some new pics I just took and for kicks I tried on my old bra to see if I was still the same size.
36d was my before and what I can tell now is that its a little snug but pretty darn close to what I was.
The difference is now my boobies are full and round when before they hung halfway down to my stomache!
I'm loving the results everyday I'm getting better. I asked about swelling today at my appointment and she told me I'm about 50% to my immediate post surgical size.
The swelling occurs the days after surgery and almost looks like I'm bloated - however I know it will slim up even more which is exciting because my waist is going to be teenie tiny!

day 30 after mommy makeover

Hello ladies,
Well just wanted to update you all on my progress. I can't believe its been only 30 days since my procedure. I want to give you all some insight as to what I'm feeling, how I'm feeling and results.
So I've been back at work 2 weeks already. Is it hard? Yes. Can you do it? Yes. My suggestion is wear your binder take your medicine and rest at any chance you can.
At the end of the day I am still swollen and from reading swelling occurs more with activity.
Pain? Yes and no. The pain I'm experiencing is more tightening in the abdomen and I've noticed a weird tingling sensation inside my abdominal area.. It feels like millions of tiny tickling bubbles and actually does not hurt but it does feel strange though.
My breasts still feel "heavy" and I just started massaging a few days ago. Otherwise there isn't really a lot of excruciating pain to deal with BUT sneezing or coughing really scares me and that does hurt regardless if I wear the binder.
Constipation ... Oh boy.. When I say this sucks I mean it! I'm taking dulcolax 2x a day to have a bm. I was only going once a week before when I was taking percoset. I'm really limiting any pain meds I can but again I have fibromyalgia and need to stay on my tramadol and lyrica daily.
My incisions are really looking good and I remain applying the scar recovery gel provided by dr. Gill. This I do 2x a day.
Still wearing my sports bra daily with gauze to Breast incisions and abdominal binder with gauze to incision line too.
A little trick I recently learned was going to the bathroom. Not having to remove the gauze every time I pee.. I just pull my panties to the side from the back end and wala!
I do tire still but I'm walking, getting in and out of my jeep "slowly" and able to do most chores again at home. No heavy lifting but I do carry my purse for work with iPad cell phones and a binder.
Hope this is helping anyone out there reading my story and I promise to keep posting until I am better!
Good luck ladies! And stay Beautiful!

Monday morning photos

Thought I'd share these.
They always say your thinner less fluid in the morning.,

Still healing

It's been nearly 6 weeks now since I've had my mommy makeover!
All I can say is what a world of difference it has made.
I've forgotten about hiding the tummy and have started wearing cute tank tops and feel sexy without a bra! OMG what huge difference it makes when you feel confident!
My scars are still very much scars at this point but ladies remember most of us will have the scars for a long time.
Sex is possible now at this point - I am saying to all of you.. Listen to your body if it hurts don't do it.. But in the bedroom tell your man to be gentle.
I'll post again in a few days I go back to Dr gill this week.. Some areas along my scar line have tiny stitches popping up. I do look like a doll that was mended back together, but that's perfectly ok by me.. I'm loving myself again and glad to be back!

Time to make another change!

So after going through all the pain and moving forward in my healing, I have been fortunate enough to have been blessed with a new sense of respect for my body. I feel extremely fortunate to have been reminded of the beauty that surrounds me in life and in my inner self! I spent some days more recently with some friends that are your non traditional folk who live life as vegetarians and believe in organic and healthier lifestyles.
I've opened my mind to this and I feel by doing so I am increasing my healing not only in body but in mind.
I'm a meat and potatoes girl but for the last week I've gone 100% no land animal. I did cheat in the middle of the week and took a bite of chicken and I felt sick! Never did I think I would stop eating chicken but like I said I've had some real eye opening experiences this past month and want a healthier better way of living!
I also have taken myself off of all medications .. Yes no more fibro meds for me. It's only been a week eating veggies, fruit, nuts, beans rice, and fish!
I've dropped 13 lbs since surgery on March 11th with only 4lbs of that being removed by Lipo and excess skin.
I've decided to go Pescatarian which I feel is the best for me and my diet!
I've also had daily bowel movements no more constipation, have more energy and very little pain if any.
I still feel the tingling in my abdominal muscles but those are the cells rejoining and growing back together in my healing process.
I saw dr gill yesterday and I'm cleared to take a bath! Hallelujah!
I do have some tiny spots where my stitches opened but he said they are fine and not to worry.. Just don't need to pull on them and continue applying scar gel!
I'm looking into non traditional methods of healing with honey as well! Once I use up the scar recovery gel he gave me I think I will move forward with the honey therapy.
So many wonderful options out there that do not require medications that I have stumbled upon and thankful to be blessed to share my journey with all of you!

7 weeks post op

Still updating .. Just want to share pics!

What's new on my end! Loving my progress

Well let's see.. I'm barely 2 months post op now.. Although I feel like my surgery was forever ago! lol
My scars are my main focus now as I knew i would probably not heal as quickly.. (Still smoking)
But I did change my diet 360 and have been off all meds for 3 weeks. My energy is back and I just signed up at la fitness.. Even though my tummy muscles still are super tight, my thoughts are the pool and getting some range of motion back to my arms. Still notice the pulling effect when I reach up high to grab a cup from the pantry.. Or pull the draw string for the blinds.
I'm uploading some things I've been doing just to share with you all.. First being my new moisturizer that makes my tummy and boobies so incredibly soft.
And it's all natural.
I'm trying to finish up the scar recovery gel which I got from dr gill in the morning and use the coconut oil at night.
It's the best ever especially if you have dry skin like me..
Any whoo I'm down to 148 now and was 163-165 before surgery.
Most of this was change in diet so if anyone remembers my previous post he took off only 4lbs (2 of those lbs were tummy skin and 1lb each flank with Lipo).

My first bikini in 20 years!

I'm serious when I say I have not been in a bikini for 20 years.. I was 17 the last time I had one!!!
I went to target tonight and bought both!! Just want to share my first bikini pics with you ladies ... ????????????????????????????????????

Has it only been 10 weeks since my mommy makeover??

Geez it feels longer! Sorry I've been absent the past few weeks as I'm already back in the saddle again!! Let's see what's new, well bloating is coming back but that's probably me eating the wrong foods.. I've done well on my fish diet these last 4-5 weeks that and my energy levels are great! But the carb cravings are killing me! Lol luv me some carbs ????
Scarring still is pretty dark but again that is not my main worry .. I just don't want to gain back any weight and continue down the healthy path of healing and eating better! I'm uploading some new pics and oh yes almost forgot I bought my first Victoria secret bra and panties for the first time!
A little pricey but after this every gal should have at least one or two .. They measured me at a 36 DD which I was a 36 d before and can still fit into my old bras just fine. My goal was to stay the same size and I think I accomplished that! My range of motion in my left arm is still a little funny I have tension and tightness with reaching up and lateral movement like closing a sliding window.. That I think is muscles and nerves that were affected but other than that I'm feeling great. Still have tingling sensation to my tummy and scar line but everything else is going very normal!

Feeling amazing!

Sorry I've been out of the loop awhile but I've been BUSY and active which is exactly what needs to be going on right now.
I have no issues.. No complaints
What's different now is I have such a different outlook on my life and doing everything I can to keep this beautiful new me balanced and fit!
Aside from the occasional itching not bad at all my life is 10x better and I look and feel amazing!
Here's my most recent pictures so you all can see my healing progress. I do have days of being swollen but it goes away after a good nights rest. I'm on my feet all day so swelling is no stranger to me. I just try and be mindful of keeping things low to no sodium if possible.
Would I change anything? Hell no!
dr Gill is amazing and I don't regret a thing.. Love love love my body.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr Gill is Double Board Certified Has a very calm and pleasant demeanor, is a perfectionist who treated me with respect and care.

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