After Almost 30 Years, They Come out Tomorrow! - Woodland Hills, CA

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Hi all, I need to share to help calm my nerves...

Hi all,
I need to share to help calm my nerves.
I'm 56 yo and have had implants since my early 20's to bring symmetry to very uneven small breasts.
My last augmentation was 1988, it included the Surgitek double lumen saline/silicone implant (Bristol).
As far as I know, they are intact (per X-rays) but after breastfeeding 4 kids, they have dropped and my left breast has hardened to grade 2.
I do suffer from extreme left shoulder muscle strain, fatigue and chronic kidney disease. These condition are my motivations for removal, also I feel like I'm harboring time bombs in my chest!
I expect to be very saggy post surgery and resemble a coffee table, but I'm done.....this will be my 4th breast surgery....
I also figured after 30 years, I pretty much got my money's worth on these things...heck, they outlasted my husband!
Please say a prayer for me tomorrow. I'm very nervous, but confident.

In recovery, is this normal?

Hi all, I'm on my 2nd day of no implants. I over did it yesterday so today I'm weak and staying in bed. I noticed that I have fluid in both my breasts- I can hear it shloshing around in that ok? I don't have drains........And, if I absorb this fluiddoes that mean my breasts will be even smaller? I will be concave!
Anyone else had the fluid in the breasts?
Thank you all for helping me through this....

Post Op........5 days after surgery

Hi all,
Everything looks good so far except I have minimal seroma in both breasts. PS stated that no action is needed, I can leave it alone, in fact it gives extra volume. I can have the fluid removed if I'm bothered by it. Anyone have this? Thoughts on leaving it alone? I'm fine with the fluid, it has reduced somewhat so there is a chance it may disappear on its own.
PS said that my left implant had ruptured but did not travel beyond the capsule (that's the side of my intense shoulder pain!) and the right was intact but very weak. A capsulectomy was performed on both sides, tissue was benign.
He was very pleased with everything and I only need to see him again if I choose to remove the breast fluid. I should do it within the next month or so.
I'm so relieved that everything is finished (hopefully).
I will see how I feel about schlooshy breasts....
Thoughts or advise for post surgery recovery is so appreciated.
Thank you all in advance!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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