57 Yr Old 5'9' 145 Lbs 1 Child Breast Lift and Implants

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I never thought that I would even consider doing...

I never thought that I would even consider doing this but here I am. I am at the point of my life that a push up bra is not doing the trick. My breasts have lost so much of their natural shape due to childbirth, age and gravity. I am in good physical shape. I spin 3-4 times a week and still wear a bikini. I am not trying to be in my teens or 30's but I would like to feel better about myself, especially in certain clothing.

I went on a few consultations and finally decided on my doctor. I have a pre-op appointment on Tuesday. I do not want to be too large and would very much like to remain in proportion. I have been reading about the possibility of not going large enough and want to be aware of that when I am at my appointment. I know that I will have the gummy silicone implants which I feel more comfortable about. My sister has saline and was encouraging me to get those. The gummy version was not around when she had hers installed. We agreed we were not blessed with full breasts.

I will post some photos and keep all up to date. I am a tad nervous but reading about others experiences is extremely helpful. I am worried about going back to work. I have a commute on a railroad and subway. I am having this done on a Thursday and think I would like to go back to work on Tuesday the latest. Oh my! I guess I will know what to do when the time comes.

I will write more after my Tuesday evening appointment.

Day before pre-op

I am looking forward to my visit tomorrow to discuss what to expect and select a size. I am posting photos of what I look like now.

Pre-op Appt

I had my pre-op appt this past Tuesday (2 days ago). The office staff is very nice and handed me a large packet of paperwork. It could be daunting and down right scarey when you read through it all.

Once signed I went into the exam room for a discussion on what to do pre and post surgery. I am now taking Vitamin C and Iron. I should be receiving my Meds shortly.

Then it was time for photos and to determine what size I am comfortable with and what is best for a natural look for my body type. I had been a C cup at one time. I am now a B. The good news is that I have a base meaning I have breast tissue and am not completely flat chested. After trying on different size implants under a jog bra I decided I want to be a full C. Now I learned something important that many of you may or may not already know. The cc's are meaningless. It is your body type that determines the cc's. I had on 500cc's to make me look like a C. They young lady who was working with me was much shorter than me and she is now a full C. Her implants were 275cc's. I will be getting high profile gummy implants and the cc's will be determined during surgery. The doctor will place different size implants in and they sit you up to see how they fall. They know where I would like to end up and will make the necessary adjustments during surgery. I will get an anchor cut and then be on the mend like so many of you.

I also learned that I have a long torso and that my collar bone is a distance from the top of my breast. The doctor was pointing that out and at first I was not understanding the point. Some peoples breasts start higher up. I thanked him for that detail and stated that as long as my breasts are not resting on my ribs any longer I will be happy!!!!

I am excited and nervous at the same time. 1 week from today.

The Night Before

Well I am finally about to go to sleep full of anticipation.
I picked up my meds is yesterday and started taking antibiotics this morning. I heard from the PS office today and I have to be there at 6am. I am glad it is an early appointment so that I can come home a relax. They said I would be there about 4-5 hours. I also heard from the anesthesiologist. I asked and confirmed an out the nausea medicine through the IV. It seems that the receptors in the brain get wacked out from anesthesia and the meds counter the effect. I am feeling mixed emotions. I have been fortunate enough to never have had surgery. I have had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and that's about it. I am trying to focus on the goal and look forward to the results. I will post tomorrow. Good night all.

Resting at home.

Good evening. I am at least 12hrs post-op. I just woke up from a rest and felt good enough to write a bit.
I arrived to my appt in time. I appreciated that my appt was so early. I was looking forward to going home and relaxing. Everyone who was involved in prepping me was so nice to me and made me feel comfortable. Suddenly it was lights out.

I was woken up and was super woosie but felt fine. I slowly came out of the fog and alli had to do was urinate. Fat chance!!!! I was attributing it to being so dehydrated even thought I had IV in my arm. I drank many glasses and bottles of water and was unable to pass anything. I was given a catheter and filled up the bag. I eventually urinated on my own close to 4pm. Once I got home I started to urniate like crazy. I drink a lot of water all of the time so I have that covered. I ate yogurt and granola cereal when I got home. I wasn't upset hungry but I knew I had to eat something.

I went to sleep a few hours ago. I am sitting in bed propped up as if I were reading a book. I took the last of the meds for the day.

I do not know the particulars of the surgery. I explained prior to going in that I wanted to look in proportion to my body and as leaving it up the doctor. My bandages are on and I go back tomorrow afternoon (Friday) for a follow up. I will post what I learn for that appt.

Post Op Day 1 & Morning Day 2

Good morning. I attempted to update yesterday but the day got away from me.

I sleep on my back so I easily slept propped up in bed the first night. I went to sleep early around 8pm because I was so tired from the day. I woke up 3 times during the night to urinate which was fine. I took a pain med before bed because I wanted to keep ahead of the pain.I recommend that. If you are in pain it takes a while for the meds to kick in. I took 2 Tylenol at around 3am because the pain med was wearing off at that time.

Post Op Day 1
I woke up, felt good and was surprised. I have to say that thank goodness I exercise. I am relying on my quads and my abdomen to do all of the work in place of my chest muscles. I know my limits and you will know yours. I took a shallow bath just to clean up. It was tough getting in and out of the tub. Don't do it if you can't use your legs from a squat to a standing position with ease. You don't realize how much you use your chest muscles until you have this surgery. For example, I had trouble opening a bottle of water and pushing open the car door. Ask to help!

I feel like I have a loaf of Italian bread on my chest. Not heavy but something is there. I dressed, put on makeup and went for my post op appt. I have Sientra 385mm high profile implants. This is to bring me to a full C. My appt went well. I am happy with what they look like so far. I really wanted to be natural looking.

Once in a while I get these earth shattering twinges in my nipples. That is a good thing. They said I was doing well and fitted me for a sports bra and a strap. I go back next Wednesday for another follow up. I have to wear both 24/7 for 4 weeks.

I went home and rested a bit and felt good enough for a movie. I could not wait to come home afterward. The bra feels so much different than the wrap. I was uncomfortable when I got home and decided to take a pain med before bedtime. That worked for me. I did get up to urinate a few times.

Morning Day 2
This morning I feel good but experiencing different sensations. It is as if there is a lot off healing activity going on. I am looking forward to a shower. I am not going to wash my hair yet. The thought of putting my arms up and to then dry my hair makes me cringe!

Overall I am doing well. I am not in as much pain as I anticipated. I am sore and very bloated from the procedure. I did not realize that I would be so bloated. I looked it up and it is a normal reaction. I am 5lbs heavier right now. I am not eating much so I attribute it to a few things: Anesthesia, No BM yet and the IV saline solution.

It is a beautiful day out today and I am looking forward to going for a nice walk. I will post some pictures.



I am now wearing a jog bra and the strap. I bought one bra in white and one bra in black. When I took it off this morning ithe bra was bloody. I put it in the wash and am wearing the other. You have to have more than one so you can be clean after each shower. My shower felt good but I was a bit nervous at first.

Day 3 Post-op

I am feeling good this morning. I am taking it slow. I showered and had help washing my hair. I slept well last night. I went from 3 pillows to 2 to prop me up. I am wearing the sports bra and band and they both really help. The moment I feel the slightest hint of pain or potential pain I take Tylenol and at night I take the stronger meds. I am still awfully bloated and feel that over time I will feel back to normal.
I am going to take a nap today because I am really tired. Everything seems to be coming along nicely.
The shower feels wonderful. I make sure that the stream of water flow does not hit my breasts directly. I see some black and blue developing near the top of my ribs. I go back for another check up on Wednesday.

Post Op Day 5

This is an interesting journey. There are times I am glad that I did this and then there are strong moments when I ask myself what in the world did you do? I am missing feeling 100%, going about my day with ease and booking spin classes.

Yesterday was an annoying day. No matter what I did I was uncomfortable. I failed to mention that I am allergic to the glue on tape and bandages, however I did mention it during all of my appointments. Needless to say I could not wait for my post op appt last week so that the tape could be removed. I was raw, red and itchy and am now concerned with the steri strips. I am feeling the same annoying itching at the base of the anchor cut. I am glad I go back tomorrow for my follow up.

Yesterday was also a day of bruising. I am wearing the jog bra and the band 24/7 as instructed. When I shower it feels super strange. The new weight on my chest is different. My breasts look foreign to me and scare me a bit. I want to hurry out of the shower, dry off and slap a bra back on. I am imagining that the anchor cut will pop open and the world will fall out if I delay!

I feel the need to move more so I am going to the mall later on and do some laps. I am hoping that this will help me out. I am reading how others are doing in their post op days and am looking forward to being there too. I am a bit swollen on my right side by my ribs otherwise, I am healing well. I have been taking Tylenol and antibiotics which end tomorrow. I do not feel as bloated as before but I am still up 5lbs. I wonder how much 2 385cc implants weigh. I do not have much of an appetite and have not been eating differently with the exception of not eating as much as usual. I will post photos tomorrow after my appointment. My breasts look pretty much the same as my last posting.

12 Days Post-Op Catch up

I decided to take a break for a bit and write a concise overview of my recovery. Overall I am feeling good. I went back to work yesterday and to be quite honest it was better to take some down time off to recover. Opening doors can be a chore and even now I use my body weight to push when I leave. Remember I am a fit person but a realist. This was surgery and foreign objects were inserted into my body. I want to respect that and heal nicely.

I have been wearing my sports bras and strap 24/7. My steri strips started to come off and I can't wait for them all to fall off. I have been using the scar cream and massaging my breasts as instructed. So far so good.

No one has mentioned this emotion stopping sharp nipple pains so I will. Out of the blue it feels like a straight pin is being inserted into my nipple from the inside. The technician at the doctors office confirmed that this is a normal part of healing. Holy cow! Talk about an attention getter. I can't wait for that to end. It is a spontaneous surprise that can turn on you any moment.

I go back for a check up in a few weeks. I am not supposed to exercise for 4 weeks. I am going to sneak onto my spin bike this Saturday. A full 2 weeks and 2 days post surgery. I will not participate 100% but will sit and lightly peddle. I have taken up long 3 mile morning walks when the time and weather permit.

Implant Weight Info Sharing

So I have been wondering how much my 2 implants weigh. I am 145 everyday and now I am 146-147 without exercise. I will paste what I found below this comment but it makes sense. I figured out my 386mm Sientra high profile implants added 1.7lns. Hey not that I am complaining but I will shave that off to maintain my ideal weight. I divided 2.2 into 1000 to get .0022. I then added my 385mm implants to get 770 and multiplied it by .0022. I rounded to 1.7lbs. Now it all makes sense!

"Every 1000 cc of water equala 2.2 pounds. Doing the math this means that 400 cc equals slighlty less than 14 ounces (silicone weighs less than water) or .875 pounds. Multiply that by two and it equals 1 and 3/4 pounds."

18 Days Post Op

It is very interesting to experience so many different stages of healing since surgery. I feel like my skin in and around my implants are in the process of stretching. My armpits are not "normal" meaning the way they were my whole life. I find shaving them different because they now extend over the implant. Presently gone are the days of a quick brush with the razor while in the shower. Now I have to feel them only to find I missed a large spot.

This morning the outter sides of my breasts near my ribs feel tender. I can not comfortably lean on my elbow while in my side. Picture rolling over to chat to your significant other. You put your elbow down and lean you head in your hand. OUCH! I feel a tremendous stretch under my breast where my incision is down to my ribs. I am chalking all of this up to healing and change.

I shopped for more jog bras. My breasts feel numb at times and I am thinking that maybe my prescribed post surgery bras are no longer fitting properly.

All in all I feel good. I am able to do more and more each day. I have been massaging my breasts as prescribed and I am putting my lotion on my scars. As you can see I still have tape on. I keep cutting the pieces that are detaching from my skin.

Forgot this one

Just posted and forgot to add this photo.

27 Days Post-Op Surprises

I have been meaning to update all and will spare the details based on my time constraint right now.

It seems that I have Mondors Cord on my left breast and an infection under my right breast. Needless to say I am in pain for a while and not as enthusiastic as I had been.

Mondors Cord feels like I do not have enough skin when I reach for something. It is an extremely tight uncomfortable inelastic feeling that I wish would go away. I read that as fast as it appears can be as fast as it leaves. I am using Advil and warm compresses and a heating pad.

My right breast is excruciating to the touch near the infection site. I am on antibiotics and using warm compresses as well. I am hopeful once the antibiotics really kick in that it will feel much better.

I have not exercised yet and am following all directions as requested. I am putting bacitracin on the infection site and decided to put it on my scab areas for now.

I go back to the doctor next Monday so I'll post them.

28 Days Post-Op Care Strategy

Last night I decided to treat my infection a bit differently. I think that part of my problem with the area is irritation from the assorted jog bras and constant covering whether it is material or ointments.

I wore a semi-tight white tank top to bed. It was tight across my breasts and lose on the infection spot. I immediately showered after my first spin class in a month and decided to air dry. I did not put a stitch of cream anywhere. I slept well. The area was not disturbed at all.
I feel a difference this morning. I think the combo of air and antibiotics is the key at the moment.
This morning I found a sterile bandage and lightly applied to the area. I put that on under my bra so that the bra band would not irritate the area.
When I come home tonight I am going to take the advice of one of our "sisters" takintheplunge who gave me her doctors detailed solution instructions. Then air dry here we come.
My primary focus is the infection over the Mondrian Cord. I am attending to that too but am really thinking through how to beat stop any irritation. I am posting pictures so you am see the changes over time.

29 Days Post-Op Progress

I am happy to say that the combo of antibiotics and my decision to keep the area dry and free from irritation seems to be working. Of course the antibiotics are playing a major role but I believe that managing the care of the area is also paramount. The redness and open wound area are diminishing. I am now looking forward to the Mondors Cord, which is still there with a vengeance will go away too.

48 Days Post-Op

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday. I have been staying away from writing because I am beside myself. I have not had a really good day since going through with this surgery. I am in pain with something different everyday. It is wearing me out and I wish I never went through with this. I know that many of you are having a good experience and I am so happy for you. I am hoping I can join you sometime in the near future.

After my tight breast healing I have another problem. My left breast has a mind of its own. I have returned to the PS twice about it and each time I am told I am okay. I am going to give it until Friday. I attached 2 photos. One from last week and the other from this morning. I think I have an infection. I know I cannot tolerate the scar cream because it makes the scars very red so I stopped that for now. If you can believe it the photo from today looks better than last week. I have a large gauze pad in my bra and have been washing the area a few times a day. There is no discharge. My nipple hurts and so does that hole at the base of the nipple. Sorry to complain but i have to share.

Pending Dr Visit

I am looking forward to my visit this morning. I am using the polysporin and am concerned about overuse. I read some reviews of adverse effects so I want to be on top of it. Although my breast looks better it hurts and there was discharge for the first time on the gauze this morning.

Dr Visit Update

I was so happy to see the doctor today. His partner was covering and I like him.

Apparently my internal stitches are healing and that might be why I am experiencing this situation. He was squeezing and examining the area carefully. He saw the white spot and wants me to stop the Polysporin and use Cortizone cream. I have a white head looking spot that he thinks it is a stitch. He wants me to rub it on the scar area and cover it before putting my jog bra on. I purchased sterile non-stick pads which are great. This evening when I changed the pad there was again a light discharge. I am going to go back next week if this continues. My regular upcoming appointment is on the 16th which might be too far off. I will post photos as I progress.

7 Weeks Post-Op

I am using Neosporin 2 times. Day. I found some good pads to put inside my bra. I am still using the other pads but was glad to find these pads. I posted a photo of them. I don't want the cream to get all over and I am trying to avoid and rubbing.
I am still having trouble with my left breast. It is so tender and is healing differently than the right. It is not as red as it was but it hurts like crazy. This is making me tired in a unique way. I am going to give it until Monday and if there are no changes I will call my PS. It is awfully tender to the touch.
The mondors cord is calming down. I posted photo of that which is also on my left breast.

Closing in on 8 weeks Post-Op (2 days shy)

I changed from using regular Neosporin to the scar, itch and pain version. I feel that my left breast is progressing slowly, much slower than my right. The Mondors Cord is on the left and I feel a correlation with that pulling feeling and my nipple. I have been continuing with the hot shower water and massage of the area. The brusing is changing and there is still some red but not as bad as before.

I noticed that there are areas on both breasts where the stitches seem to be presenting themselves. I think the new cream is helping out.

I realized that when I take photos my breasts do not look uniform so in 1photo I raised my arms. It looks like the left is not forming the same as the right but time will tell.

I am slow to be thrilled but I am happy with the potential results. I am cautiously optimistic and look forward to pain free living. I am wearing regular bras once in a while and am taking Advil 3 times a day for swelling. I think the jog bras may have been too restrictive.

I am seeing my PT on Monday and am looking forward to that visit. I look the same in clothes and am happy with the size.

9 weeks Post-Op

My left breast has been inflamed, painful and relentless. I was away last week and contacted my Doctors office. I had to because I was scared and in pain. My breast looked like it was in a boxing match and lost. I have been treated for this since prior to Christmas. I was prescribed 10 days of antibiotics. Today is day 5. They really seem to be helping. I had an in-person visit this week. They think it is the stitches that are causing such havoc. As you can see there is improvement. I also posted my right breast which is coming along nicely. I can't wait for the left to catch up with the right.

2.5 Months Post-op

I have been progressing nicely after multiple doses of antibiotics. It seems I am having a reaction to the internal stitches that is relentless. I stopped using creams and occasionally use Neosporin Scar Itch etc cream. I need my left breast to dry up. I have cut some of the stitches that are popping out. Just like fishing line! I am not happy with what it looks like but need to be patient. The aches and soreness is subsiding and the Mondors Cord comes and goes. My left nipple is still numb which I am attributing to the whole left breast debacle.

I know what everyone means about breast greed. I keep reminding myself that I look so much better than prior to the surgery. I am back to exercising and enjoying my spin classes.

4 Months Post-op

I have not written in a while because there has not been much to report. I am still healing and have been dealing with the stitches not disolving. I am feeling better but am not 100% yet. My left breast looks awful and although I have been given the option to repair the scaring I honestly do not want to be touched anymore. I have another appointment in a few weeks so I will know more about potential options. It does not show through my clothes and it is on the bottom of my nipple.
I wish I had been more educated about the entire process and what additional side effects we all need to be aware of. I don't understand how certain stitch material can be used that does not dissolve. I know everyone is different but it has been an unexpected journey. I am not sure if I would have done this had I known how I would be feeling.
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