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Hi ladies, I have been following many of your...

Hi ladies, I have been following many of your posts for several months now and I find all of them informative as well as inspirational-thank you. Since I was 16 years old and stopped developing in the chest area, my dream was always to have my chest enhanced. Or course at that age and time I couldn't legally have them nor afford them if I could! As I grew older my desire was constantly there and then I went through the time period where the silicone breasts had been taken off the market and everyone knows the history why. As time went on, my sister had had the surgery with saline implants and they were the most unnatural breasts I had ever seen on her! They were so hard and rested high on her collar bones and I decided at that I would wait and maybe, hopefully silicone implants would come back in the USA. And as you ladies know that's exactly what happened! LOL! Of course, at that time I was busy having children and breast feeding them and actually loving the size of my breasts because they were the perfect size at that time! After I had stopped breast feeding my body started to go through "the menopausal changes" and I started to gain weight all over! I was around 44-45 at this time. it was very frustrating to me since I have always worked out and physically fit. I have been trying to get myself back into shape since then. So about six months before I turned 50 I joined an awesome gym and also MMA kickboxing. I had signed up for a few 90 day, 21 day and another 90 day challenges through this period of time to bring me to the physic and weight that I have been trying to obtain. I have to say that I am quite excited about it! So this leaves me to today... this last 90 challenge will end on April 25th and my body is in great shape (and continues to progress) and my boobs are fading right along with it!!! LOL!!! My decision has been made, My husband and I went to my first consultation (which happens to be a doctor I had researched about 17 years ago who then and still now is know as one of the best boob doctors in NY) and I booked my procedure date!!! My procedure is scheduled for April 27 at 7AM. Just like that! I think I am still in shock...

My story cintinues

Hi ladies! Since I'm new to this website I guess my initial posting was so long that I had to come back to finish my story! (Sorry !) I didn't mention that my height is 5'2" and I'm 127 lbs. I'm pretty active so I tend to have a muscular frame. When I met with my doctor, Dr. Stephen Greenberg, I mentioned what size I was looking for in numbers and he said that he doesn't go by numbers but by sizes. So I told him that my desire is to be a full C, with silicone implants under the sub -muscle. We were agreement on that - actually on everything! His technique is the 24-48 hour rapid repair using mini incisions under the breast line (I forget the technical term) then under the pec muscle stretching the muscle in a certain way to help with the pain level which reduces the amount of downtime most patients would endure during the normal procedure. He said that not all patients are candidates for this procedure but - thank God- I am. Funny enough, even though I never had a chest someone had once told me to always wear an underwire bra so I wouldn't sag. I have to say...listening to this person really helped me because I never sagged!!! So my doctor said the procedure will be an easy one -123. He performs about 15 a week and he stocks over 400 implants in various shapes and sizes so he can adjust to see fullness and most natural look for me. I just had my mamo today and then I need to get my blood work done. I haven't had a chance to send pics yet but I will either today or tomorrow. I dont want my husband thinking that I strange taking pics of myself!!! I'm usually the one taking pics always forgetting that I can take selfies!!! Lol

Pre surgery photo

29 Days to go...

Hi ladies, I finally loaded my pre surgery photo. I can't believe that my procedure is less than a month away!!! I went for my mamo last week and I am scheduled to see my doctor and have blood work done for clearance this week. I feel like I am having an outer body experience because I feel numb - like my mind cant fully comprehend that this is going to happen! LOL Thank you ladies who have responded to my questions - they have been so helpful and I'm sure I will have more!!! I will check in again soon. Have a great day ladies!!!

Almost there...

Hi ladies, sorry I haven't updated in awhile but I had a bit of a scare preparing for my pre-op. I went for my blood work and mammography and my mammography came back with abnormal results in my right breast. So I was asked to come back to take more pictures of that breast. Then the surgeon called me and asked me to see a breast specialist to see how we should proceed with my surgery... So its needless to say that I was scared shitless!!! I don't have any symptoms, no lumps, pain - nothing in my right breast so I couldn't understand how there could be problem! I was able to get an appointment with the specialist the next day and he took a sonogram of my breasts to see anything - nothing. I know that sonograms cannot show cancer but it also ruled out other things. The specialist explained to me that since I am over 50, I have dense breasts, and what looks like calcifications I could be and probably one of the 85% of women whose results come back this way and then after further testing it really is nothing. So he gave me a referral for another sonogram and a biopsy of the area so that the tissue in the area of concern could be tested as well as be removed so there would not be any reason for concern if the tissue turned out to be cancerous. (Sorry for the long story!!!) The great news is that the biopsy was negative and now I as well as the doctors are aware of how my breasts are for the future. My husband did ask if having a BA would not be a good idea and the doctor said that actually it would be better for me since the implants will be behind the muscle and I will be checked yearly - Yeah!!! So I went for my pre-op that following Monday after my biopsy and met with the doctor and one of his assistants. They sized me and it seems that I will be going with a full C. (My doctor doesn't believe in #'s rather how the implants look themselves and obviously I trust him! I am now 10 days away from my surgery and I am like "holy shit this is really happening!!!!" I am starting to wonder if I am asking for a size that might make me look too big and fake!!! ugh - I have read all of your stories ladies and now I know how you feel! I think I'm going to call on Monday to see if I can talk to one of his assistance just to make sure that I will be able to go over (once again) my desires and wishes before he begins. LOL this sounds so crazy but I'm glad that I'm not the only one who is going through this or went through this before!!! I also purchased the Arnica oil and then realized that I am allergic to the ingredients in the oil so I think I might try the new Palmer's cocoa butter, coconut oil lotion that just came out. If any of you have any other suggestions please share! That's it for now ladies. Thank you for being the greatest support system I have ever needed. XOXOXO

12 Hours Away...

Hi ladies, I am only 12 hours away from having one of my biggest dreams come true and I still can't believe it!!! I have all the things I need, I just spoke to the Anesthesiologist to go over what to expect on my part and if I had any questions for him. I didn't so we are good to go. My procedure is scheduled for 6am. I am going to try to sleep - which I know is going to be so difficult due to the excitement!!!! Please wish me luck ladies!!!

Day One Post-Op

Hi ladies, I can't believe that I have boobs wooohooo!!! I had my procedure at 6am and was out after an hour. My chest was wrapped with gauze and then a wide band. I felt a mixture of things - muscle pulling, pain - not too bad, thirsty and hungry and very very tired. I was instructed to sleep sitting up with a pillow under my knees , don't cross my legs and take it easy. The only problem I really had was trying to sleep sitting up - I kept sliding down! I found that the muscle relaxers and Tylenol extra strength works best for me instead of the Percoset so I've been taking them as well as my antibiotics. I was instructed to keep taking my vitamin C and iron pills just to keep my immune system up.
I went for my post-op appointment today and it went well. The nurse took of the bandages and she helped me try on the new sports bras that I had purchased to make sure that they were supportive - they were. I got to see the girls today and, I know that I am swollen and sitting high but they look amazing!!! The nurse put the chest band on me and then instructed me to go braless for today and through the night until the following morning. Once I wake up I must keep the sports bra and chest band on 24/7 for the next 4 weeks. I go back to see the doctor on Tuesday and at that time he will show me how to massage my breasts. Oh and I also have to keep walking and rotating my feet to make sure my blood circulation is flowing properly. I will keep you posted ladies and thank you so much for all of your support. Without you I would not have been prepared mentally for what was expected of me or what was expected to happen!!! Thank you thank you!!!

Day 2 Post Op

Hi ladies, I had a decent night and this morning I was finally able to take a shower!!! I put the Badger's Vanilla Coconut body moisturizer on my breast because the skin feels tight above my nipples and I don't want to get stretch marks! Still haven't had a BM yet - I'm hoping today with a little help from Senokot that I took before bed last night. I find taking the muscle relaxer and Tylenol has been sufficient for me. I have a burning sensation at time in my left breast when I use the pec muscle but I stop the action right away to rest the muscle. I took photos this morning but for some reason they aren't loading so I will send them when I can. The left breast seems to be settling a little already and the right is ok with staying where it is right now so I look a bit lopsided! LOL. The only bruising I have is not from this procedure but from the biopsy I had a few weeks ago. I like where the doctor place the incisions for the implants - I was a little worried that they would be closer towards the armpit/ side which is what I didn't want. I put on my sports bra and band this morning and I'm up and about feeling pretty good! I have to say (and I'm sure those that work out a lot like myself) its a good thing that I am strong in the core and legs because that really helps me get up and out of bed. We have a high bed and I sleep on the right side of my bed so I literally place my right leg on the side of the bed like an anchor to help me get out of bed. Then I use my legs to get back into bed - its quite comical but useful!!!

Implant size

Oh ladies I forgot to mention that I have Sientra Gummy Bears 330 HP smooth round in both sides. Because of my frame being small that was the biggest he could put in without stretching my skin too much and having stretch marks - that was fine with me! So I think I will be a C but I'm not sure if it will be a full C or not. we will wait and see... LOL

Update 5 Days Post Op

Hi ladies,
So its 5 days since my surgery and I feel pretty good! I finally had my BM but am still bloated in the stomach area. I stopped taking the Percocet after the first day because I found that the Tylenol with the muscle relaxer was good for me. I finish my antibiotics tomorrow night too. My left breast has been busy doing most of the moving and the right is tailing along... To me the feeling of the breast moving reminds me of when I was breast-feeding and your milk would come down when my child was ready to feed. Its an interesting feeling. I have been trying to sleep on 3 pillows at night but I'm lucky if I can keep 2 under my head -LOL! I have no problem with the pillow under my knees though so that's a good thing! I went with my hubby to the city today and walking around my breasts were moving and it was a strange feeling since I haven't had anything there that could move since after I had my children and breast-fed them! The other weird feeling is when I clean or do the laundry I feel my pec muscles working over the implant and that is so strange to me. I can see how some of the ladies on this site waited a while longer to exercise using the pec muscles.
Tomorrow I have my visit with the doctor to go over the massages he wants me to begin doing. I posted pics of my breast after 5 days and you can see the incision location. You can also see that my left breast is lower than my right breast due to one settling. I still have that damn bruise from my biopsy which I cant wait to go away - ugh!!! That's all for now. Thank you ladies for sharing with me!!! XO

One Week Ago...

Hi ladies,

I can't believe a week has already gone by! Yesterday I went to see my Dr., Dr. Greenberg, and he said everything looks great! I can start massaging at least 3X or more a day and if the surgical tape under the breast does not fall off in about 10 more days I can take them off myself. He also recommended that I purchase a scar cream - BioCorneum Plus SPF30 - I have never heard of this product but he said that it was better than using the scar cream plus. I went home and found it on amazon so I went ahead and purchased it. I started massaging my breasts last night and I don't know if any of you had a hard time but it felt kina awkward... I massaged them again today and I think I'm doing it right... lol. I go back to see him again in 3 weeks. I hope to make progress on these girls by then!!! Thank you ladies for your support! XOXOXO

2 Weeks Already!

Hi ladies,
I can't believe that 2 weeks have already gone by. WOW! I feel amazing. I think I have been pretty lucky so far with my recovery. I do my normal routine everyday - I'm a stay at home mom so you know the daily chores we have!!! Anyway, I started doing some lower body exercises just to keep my body doing something! it's hard from going from working out 2-3 hours a day/ 6 days a week to NOTHING!!! My mind is going insane! So I came up with some things to keep my lower body busy until I can start working out altogether. I think my incisions are healing nicely - I don't feel any pain or sensitivity in that area at all. I do feel the implants trying to settle. As I mentioned before, it feels like milk letting down when you are ready to breastfeed. My left seems to be in a race to get into place first and the right is tailing behind! LOL I have been massaging for a week now and I have to say that that feels alittle uncomfortable at times. I feel like I might be moving them around to much because sometimes I do feel sharp pain in different areas on the left breast. I'm also left-handed so I guess I might be working that side more than the other. I do try to keep conscious of making such I don't use one arm more than the other to keep myself balanced. I too (like many of you) have one breast - my right side- slightly higher than my left which is also the side that is slower in settling. I try to massage that side more than the left. But overall I feel amazing!!! I am truly so happy with my results - thank you to my doctor, Dr. Greenberg! He is the best boob doc ever!!! LOL Thank you ladies for your support and good luck to those who are almost on their way. I will be in touch. XOXO

3 Weeks Post Op

Hi ladies,
I try to post as often as I can but it seems to be once a week right now... I have to say that I am in no pain. I feel amazing other than the tightness I feel under the breasts as the implants are trying to fall into place. The Badgers ointment as well as the massaging that I do is helping with that. I have been also doing lower body and ab workouts to keep my mind sane while I wait until my 4 week waiting period is up. Next week I'm good to go - woooooohooooooo!!! I'm still going to gradually move forward on the upper body though. I think I will stay away from push-ups and such. My scars seem to be heeling really well. The doctor had told me to use this scar cream that has been working really well. I am truly happy with my results and my healing process!!!! I can't thank you enough Dr. Greenberg!!!! You are the best!!! Happy healing everyone!

4 Weeks Post Op

Hi ladies,

I can't believe 4 weeks have gone by!!!! I feel amazing - no pain. I can start working out today doing total body exercises but I think I will stay away from pushups and the like for awhile... It feels strange using the pec muscle right now. The girls are getting softer everyday and they can move too! My scars are healing very nicely as well. They are dropping slowly and the left is side is starting to match the right side! whew!!! That's it for now. Happy healing ladies!!! XOXOXO

5 Weeks Post Op

Hi ladies,

Hope all are well. I am healing wonderfully!!! I am back to exercising and aerobics without any problems. My incisions are healing nicely - at times I feel the dissolving stitches pinching out from underneath the breast but the doctor said not to worry about it - it's perfectly normal. Both the girls and settling into place. The right one is finally catching up!!! lol My husband is no longer intimidated by the girls and is enjoying them almost as much as I am!!! I love getting on top now - so he gets really excited about that!!! LOL!!! The doctor told me that after 4 weeks I can wear any type of bra I would like but I haven't gotten resized yet because I really like walking around in my sports bras - I know I'm not alone.

I have seen other posts from all of the new BA ladies and the ones waiting. Congratulations to all of you and speedy recovery to those who just had theirs done!!! XOXOXO

Over 6 Weeks Post Op

Hi ladies,

I feeling pretty good. posted pictures of me 5 days post op vs. 6 weeks post op and what a difference. The girls are falling, moving and getting softer everyday. My scares are fading little by little. I go to see my doctor on Monday for my routine checkup and that's about it. Thank God no complaints or problems to talk about. Hope all of you ladies are healing well too! XOXOXO

3 Month Anniversary

Hi ladies,

I can't believe how time has gone by so quickly - seriously!!! I feel amazing everyday - no complaints. although I did have one - my right breast was taking a little bit longer to move downward like the left so I have been doing extra massages and went back to using the band for a while and it IS helping! And yes I did get my full C (although I measure a DD which is so confusing to me since I never had to worry about more than an A!!!) Congratulations to all of the newbies and all of my prayers to all who are waiting... XOXOXO

Dr. Stephen Greenberg is an amazing surgeon and -I am so happy with my results! I definitely put my self in the right surgeons hands!!!

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