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I've been wanting a tummy tuck for over a decade....

I've been wanting a tummy tuck for over a decade. After having my 12 year old my body has never been the same. 2.5 years ago I had my son and now we are finished having children. At my smallest (before kids) I was 140. The decade between my kids my weight fluctuated between 185-195. Then in 2009 my mother passed away unexpectedly and I had an ectopic pregnancy. Between those I ended the year at 205. Then I got pregnant with my youngest. I was 235 back in November 2012. I've joined a gym and have worked towards releasing more weight. I'm now at 218. My hope is to lose another 10 before my TT. My TT is scheduled for May 6, 2013 (6 wks away).

About my body type, I'm 5' 4". 218 lbs. I'm a strong girl, I build muscle easy. I have an umbilical hernia, I had surgery on it a few years ago and then it came back while doing pilates. So I plan on having that fixed as well.

I am 99%, 1% nervous. I can hardly imagine having a waistline, I don't even hardly remember having one in my life.

I have been working out more and more, refinding my fitness routine after being done having kids. I don't have hardly any stomach strength. I can't even hardly suck in my abs unless I have on either my belly bandit or tupler band. I think those help put my abs back in the correct position and then I'm able to tighten them.

My husband is super supportive, I'm excited to finally want to wear lingerie and cute feminine clothes again. My daily outfit is black yoga pants and a black old navy t-shirt. (I have about a dozen of each all in black). I'm lucky that I work from home so I'm not too worried about the work thing, more the kids and the 2.5 jumping on my, etc. I did have my gallbladder removed last year though so I feel like that was a prep for this. Only I didn't get to plan ahead on that surgery.

Had my consult last week so it's official!!! I...

Had my consult last week so it's official!!! I will also be having lipo in the flanks and mons area in addition to the tt. Feeling so excited as I start to imagine this new possible body. Yah! I was really glad to hear my Dr. on the same page as me, I am not a size 2, I am 218 yet muscular and pretty healthy. I don't expect to walk out of surgery a little skinny thing just not have a large flap of skin and not look pregnant. Anything beyond that is a super bonus. Plus I have no doubt that not having an umbilical hernia anymore will greatly increase my workouts and general activity level. Love seeing everyones results and journeys on here, thanks so much to you all for sharing. Cheers to being brave and going for our best selves!!

Next Monday I have my surgery scheduled. I have...

Next Monday I have my surgery scheduled. I have my preop tomorrow on Wed. Today I picked up my prescriptions, supplies, etc. Working on getting ahead w/ work and grocery shopping, sitters booked, etc. I am so excited though. I also visited the library today and loaded up on a bunch of movies. (Made sure not to get any that are too funny since I don't want to laught and ones that aren't super sad since I want to make sure I don't get myself all depressed laying around. Will post again on the other side!!!

8.8 lbs of skin taken off! Plus 4 liters through...

8.8 lbs of skin taken off! Plus 4 liters through the lipo. In pain, hating the coughing! Lipo on the flanks and mons, my back is probably the most sore except when I cough then it feels like all the stiches are ripping. Otherwise as you can see by the pictures the results are amazing!

Post Op Day 3. Taking it easy, resting lots....

Post Op Day 3. Taking it easy, resting lots. Actually less painful than I expected. Just kinda wierd feeling how it's numb in certain places, swollen in others. My inscision in front is so low, I love it. Overall just going w/ the flow. I had stocked up on books and movies, daycare for the kids and my hubby ended up taking 1 more day off w/ me today. He's been the best, it's amazing how things like this can even make you closer. Feeling blissfully exhausted.

PO Day 4 today. A little leakage around where my...

PO Day 4 today. A little leakage around where my drains come out. I had 2 BM's yesterday with no problem at all. I will share what I did and maybe it'll help anyone else. The morning before my TT I gave myself an enema. That really helped me start at ground zero on surgery day. Then I took the Senecot-S tablets like advised but I also took a couple doses of high quality aloe and yesterday had 3 or 4 prunes. I was so nervous about this because of so many of the reviews I had read but I think doing all those things (and having plenty of water) really helped. Another thing I did was something I read on here. The day after my surgery I had my daughter make me a cucumber smoothie. It was one peeled cucumber, cut into chuncks. 1 ice cube and a pinch of stevia all blended well together. It was refreshing and I'm pretty sure it helped with swelling. My other favorite has been: a handful of spinach, some pineapple, a chopped apple and some orange juice w/ a couple ice cubes. So good. I don't have much of an appetite at all though. I'm amazed at how exhausting even just getting up to go to the bathroom is. I've really been taking it easy and I'm sure this will help in the long run. My younger sis is a nurse and I"m at her house today while she watches my kids and helps me. It was such a fun surprise when my drain leaked a bit she offered me some of her clothes. These would have never fit before but today they went on w/o a problem. Amazing!

Day 5 today, feeling good. Weighed myself and down...

Day 5 today, feeling good. Weighed myself and down 12 lbs. Hardly have an appetite and actually know it's not really accurate at all but kinda fun to get some idea. I am actually amazed at how gerat it's all going. I have been keeping it very simple, only walking a bit when needed. Sitting out on the deck now, making sure to breath deep, make slow deliberate moves. It's about what I expected or less though. As long as I'm keeping up on my pain meds I hardly notice the incision, it's more the lipo areas still and around the drain areas. Still have both drains, lots coming out so I'm in no hurry to get them out, they are definitely doing their jobs. Feeling pretty good after my hubby washed my hair in the kitchen sink last night and sponged the other vital areas. What a difference. SOOOOOO glad I took the leap and did this for myself. I feel like my proportions are actually somewhat normal now, it's amazing mentally how much of a difference I can already tell.

I finally felt like I turned a corner today. I...

I finally felt like I turned a corner today. I slept in my bed last night for the first time. Was able to walk around a bit more, even went out to a Mother's Day dinner. Lots of ice packs on my back still. Only taking pain meds now a couple times a day. I am so pleased. I feel SOOOO incredibly proud of myself for going for this and doing this for myself. I finally feel like my proportions are "normal". Boobs, waist, hips. Feminine, curvy. I am really looking at this as just the start of me really honoring my body again and getting the rest of it as good as it can get. I'm finding myself with hardly an appetite yet when I do eat really trying to gets lots of good nutrition.

11 days po. mind over matter not to get stir crazy

I have to admit, being forced to lay around for a few weeks after the TT/lipo sounded like such a gift. It is but it's getting a bit hard now. I'm feeling so much better that I often forget to take my pain meds. Still having both my drains in though quickly reminds me though that I'm recovering. I've been getting tons of work done, read a few books, rented a ton of movies. I'm loving it but it's also hard. I see that the kitchen floor needs sweeping, the rugs aren't straight, it's time to do all the fun yard work and I'm not able to do any of it. My family has been so amazing in helping. My preteen has gotton the 2 year old dressed and ready each day. Made him breakfast before she goes to middle school. My hubby has been washing my hair for me in the sink, working long hours and still coming home and taking care of everything. I have been able to pay bills, and now drive my son to daycare each day. that helps. I had no idea how much this surgery would mentally be such a gift. I look back at my before pictures with almost a sense of sadness for that woman. How I settled to have that flap hanging. I so don't feel like it fits with who I am on the inside. For the first time in years I am actually excited to get to shopping soon.

Day 11 Post op continued - 4 new pics

3.5 weeks PO - drains both out. LOVING my tummy.

I can hardly put into words how different life feels on the other side of this journey. I am an incredibly happy person and even before the surgery loved my life and felt pretty at peace about my body, just a dissatisfaction with my tummy after kids. I can notice such a different already in how I feel about getting dressed each day, it's a new start. I actually where many of the same shirts as before but now I notice that they are a little loose around the belly (even with the binder on and swelling.)
At the 2 wk mark I had my first drain removed and then this past Tuesday I had the 2nd removed. Really please with the healing, it's going great. Feeling better each day. We went camping this past weekend for Memorial day, we used an air matress in our tent, that helped but it was still a bit tough with the 2nd drain still in at that point.
Last night I actually was able to sleep on my back and then each side throughout the night. I can't wait to sleep on my stomach again.

4 weeks Post Op. Lovingy!!

Some new 1 month pics. Loving. Feel swollen but finally able to lay a few different ways at night, sat on the floor yesterday for the first time to change my sons diaper. Feel SO happy about doing this for myself. Even walking to the mailbox I feel like a new person.

5 1/2 wks. Loving this.

Swelling each day seems to be my biggest issue. I knew it was coming and it's not that bad, just each night I find myself saying, "I can't believe how swollen I feel" then each morning it's normal. I got the go ahead yesterday to start working out again. No ab work but aerobic, some light arms and legs, etc. I cannot recommend this surgery highly enough to anyone. It's been life changing. I'm noticing now though a bit of the mental part setting in that I knew to expect. Slight blues. Just the accumulation of not being 100% and my work feeling the effect of taking a month off. Normal and I know I'll be fine but for those entering into it I'd just say be away that the blue may hit. I've had a few surgeries and this one has by far been the best after though.

10 weeks post op update

I think I tell my hubby everyday, "I'm so grateful I did this. The tt has been life changing." I really can't even find a way to articulate how differently I feel about my body. I've always loved myself so this wasn't an outward thing to fix broken little me. No, it was step to help my outer body better represent how I feel on the inside. I still have swelling everyday. I didn't expect the pain to be worse in the lipo areas than the tt area. My hips/flanks are still numb and painful to touch. But it's worth it. I did treat myself to a massage last week. She focused on lympatic drainage massage. It was awesome. She also recommended to me on my right side near my scar there is some scar tissue under that is hard. She has told me to use Wheat Germ oil. I puncture a capsule and rub it on my scars and massage it now daily. Overall I feel great. I've let myself get a little too snacky lately though and now am ready to start working out again and reigning back in my eating. I'm going to start by just adding lots of healthier food to start cutting down the cravings, then go from there. I'm still down 10 lbs since my surgery but now I'm ready to kick this to the next gear. It's been so much fun to buy some new clothes though. Before I used to find anything that hid my stomach area, now yesterday when I went I realized how much I need to show that off since it's my best now. All smiles. :-)
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