Petite 32A to 325cc high profile! It's done!

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Can't believe I'm finally doing it. I think the...

Can't believe I'm finally doing it.

I think the first time I thought about getting a boob job was back in middle school (I know, what has society come to) but now after serious and long consideration, my appointment is booked with Dr. Thao in Woodbury, MN. I've heard great things, liked the before and after pictures and he is recognized as one of MN's best plastic surgeons for women!

I'm a small person. 5'4", 100lbs., each chest wall measures to about 10.5 cm is what I'm told. No kids. I'm also Asian and I think that might be an important factor to note due to scarring and perhaps implant size decision. Another thing I want to note is that my right nipple is inverted, it's always been that way. It's not a big deal but it isn't flattering either. Not sure if insurance could cover this since it would be a problem one day if I have a baby and baby can't latch for breast feeding...but then I have my left nipple I suppose. I've heard piercings can fix inverted nipples. The surgery costs about an additional $2k.

We are going with 280cc allergan high profile silicone. I thought 300 might be better because I still want them to be noticeable (since I'm spending thousands of dollars $$$) but doc was concerned since my frame is small, my breasts would be too wide & past the sides.

Here's a timeline of what I've done/will do:

SUMMER of 2013: first consultation
FEB. 20, 2014: second consultation, $500 initial payment paid, appointment booked
APRIL 4: pre-op, final sizing etc.
Sometime between APRIL 7 - APRIL 20: must get updated physical from my family dr. & fax it over to dr. Thao
APRIL 21: surgery day!!! (.)(.)

The main reason is for me. I know I'll be more confident in how I carry myself and I want to be happy with who I am and how I look.

I'm tired of wearing expensive, uncomfortable add-3-cups bras which I stuff with gelly pushups AND am constantly adjusting throughout the day.

I want to know what it's like to wear a strapless dress and not worry about the bra strap showing. I want to wear a beautiful wedding dress someday when I get married... possibly strapless...and the last thing I'll think of is 'how am I going to find a big padded bra to hold my gellys that will stay hidden in this dress?'

My boyfriend is super supportive, although he says I'm beautiful just the way I am. My friends are excited too. My parents...well, they'd have a heart attack if they found out I was "ruining God's creation." This will also be a struggle for me. I feel like going under the knife is not something God would totally approve of but it's something I want while I'm alive and kicking in this world. Anyone else struggle with that?

In the mean time, I'm so excited. I'll post some candid pics of me and my boobspiration.

Boobspiration & some Q's

I know it's all about preference, but I'm straddling the line of whether I want to look very natural and go on the smaller side or slightly "pornstar" and go a little bigger where the boobs go slightly outside my sides. Eek...idk! Surgery is 46 DAYS AWAY!

Again, I'm 32A, 100 lbs, 5'4", 10.5 cm on each chest wall. Doc wants 280cc high profile silicone under muscle. But my bf who performed breast augmentations during his residency says that's really small and he's never had any patient go that size, but he also never had a patient as petite as me.

Also, does anyone know what kind of bras I should get for post op? I need ones that'll not show with clothes on since I'll be back at work within five days.

Can I carry 15lbs. of camera equipment and tripod by one week? A little worried about that.

And ooo I just remembered, my family decided to book a cruise on June 9. That gives me 49 days to heal before putting Ina swimsuit and going in the ocean. Is that enough time to heal and look more natural?

Thanks for your support and all your reviews! It's been so helpful reading and visually seeing your journeys!!!

30 more days!! Can time go any slower?

30 more days, ladies!! Can't hardly wait. I swear I'm on real self every day and day dreaming while looking at everyone's results haha.

I'm hoping no one at work will notice. There's this clause in my contract that talks about not changing the way you look if it affects your work quality without permission from the managers, but gosh they are all dudes and I don't want to put myself in that uncomfortable situation. There's a chance I won't be able to carry my camera equipment but I'm going it'll be okay. I wear one of those add two cup sizes bras plus this chicken fillets so hopefully in the eyes of my co-workers, my boobs look pretty much the same pre vs. post.

April 4 is my preop. I still have SO many questions about what size. I know I'm getting hp silicone. 280cc or 300cc?

In the meantime, I'm hitting up the gym more than ever. Afraid I won't be able to keep up with my usual 3x a week gym routine post surgery.

More boobspiration

These are fantastic examples of how much of a width and projection I want! Showing these to my ps on my preop day. :)

25 more days...

Can someone make time go faster? I'm getting a little jealous of all the ladies here in Real Self who are posting postop photos, they look so good!! Hehe.

Im working out my chest a little more at the gym. Since I'm going sub muscular, I figure having more muscle would make things look bigger. Not sure how that works

So I bought my first bralette today, 2pk. Size is large to xl which looks ridiculous on me right now. I'm practically swimming in it with room for a lifeguard. But I figure when I'm swollen, I'll be glad I got a bigger size.

I also added a photo of me on my favorite add two cup sizes bra. I typically wear this with gelly pushup inserts which adds way more oomph...but obviously without them, I barely fill them out.

Hope everyone's recovery is going well. I'm learning a lot and appreciate the candidness of your updates!! Seriously giving me good preparation before April 21!!

Pre-op completed! We're going 320cc!

I finally had my preop today with my doc. Signed the papers, made a huge chunk of my payment and got sized for the last time!

I tried on the Allergan 280cc hp and it was just too small I thought. He said it would be most natural though. We tried 300cc and it still felt small to me. I think I'm so used to the size I am with my padded bra plus the gellies that I want that same size, except I wouldn't have to wear the paddings anymore. So we tried 325 cc and they were just right!! 4.6cm projection and a little over 11cm in diameter. It's past my bwd 10.5cm but he said it would still fit into my breast pocket....whew!!! I swear, last time he said different but hey I'll take it!

They have me my prescriptions to pick up. Keflex, phenergan and vicodin. Got a bunch of information on taking care of myself before and after surgery and info on the surgery center. The nurses there will give me a call with the final details.

I also received this scar fading gel from my doc caked NewGel+E. Apparently it was included in my payment so I already paid for it. Whatevs, I was going to have to buy one anyway.

I've posted some photos too with my sizer.

Next week is my preop physical with my primary care doc.

Almost there!!! I can feel my tatas already!!

Edit title

Oops the title for my last post should've said 325cc not 320cc

A few things I would like to wear when I have boobs...

I can't stop looking at bikinis and cute dresses lol. Anyone in the same boat? I'm going on a cruise trip to the Bahamas in June, a little more than a month after my surgery. Here are some I found on Pinterest and We Heart It.

One more week...

Hello ladies!!

Hope life is going well for everyone and you're either healing beautifully or counting down the days like I am!

By this time next week, I'll be blessed in the chest :) with the help of my ps. The anxiety is killing me - I just want to get it done and over with and move on with the rest of my life!

Sooo... I had my pre-op exam the other day, did a hemoglobin, pregnancy and physical. I think I got the green light since I haven't heard from the doctor's office?? They would've already faxed the info over to my ps by now too.

I'm not taking any multivitamins or any supplements right now. I know some people choose to do that - but I eat healthy & get the nutrition I need already I think.

My bf and I went grocery shopping tonight and stocked up on a few goodies: protein powder, smoothie ingredients, veggies & fruits, fiber one bars, fiber supplements, etc.

On Friday I'm going to do some major cleaning & organizing around the apt. so I don't have to worry about that during my recovery week. Also need to get some more pillows, ice & heat packs, maybe some straws. I feel like I'm forgetting something!!

By this time next week, I'll be sitting on the couch playing GTA on my bf's Xbox lol...or watching plenty of Hulu and Netflix! I'll have five days to heal which my doc says is plenty of time. I'll be back on the anchor desk by then - hopefully I can wear a suit coat or something that covers up any evidence of a surgery or boob job hehe.

Side note: My bf did part of his residency in orthopedics so he has been in the operating room before. He said not to take a lot of fiber/Metamucil/laxative type supplements before the surgery because when you're intubated and under anesthesia, your muscles completely relax and you know what can happen then: code BROWN. Seriously, they call it code brown. How embarrassing would that be??!

Haha - anyway. Can't wait for Monday!



I'll be put under in just 10 hours! Wish me luck!!

Just a QUICK update, but YES I now have boobs

Hey ladies,

Thank you for the well wishes! Realself people are the best!!

I'm a little zonked out so just a quick update for you. Surgery went so well this morning. It was quick and painless. It's a little achey right now but not bad at all. Everyone was so surprised I was ready to walk around and leave within 30 minutes of the surgery being over.

As far as how it looks right now -- uber small. It's very flat, but outward. Hoping once it drops, it'll look more full!! Fingers crossed because I really liked the way it looked in the silicone sizers I tried. Anyone else petite with 325 high profile or any size high profile experience that right away? Super flat looking, definitely bigger than before though.

Alright, off to recovery land on the couch.


A first look at the tatas...

Hope everyone's having a good Monday night!!

I finally took off the surgical bra they gave me after the surgery and so far so good!

It feels tight and squished. Hopefully this muscle relaxant will ease some of that and let the implants settle asap. I'm not too nauseated or sick feeling, but I'm definitely sore. The pain meds are totally helpful tonight. Oh and one doc on realself said my inverted nipple could POSSIBLY be fixed after the implant, but it is still inverted lol. That's okay - least of my concerns.

Can't wait until they look normal! I'm already browsing the internet for swimsuits/bralettes, just looking though ;) no buying.

So far so good...

So it's been three days since my BA and I think they're looking better each day.

I've been so out of it because of the pain meds - I feel so unproductive! But I think I need to take them a little while longer, the sides of my boobs ache the most.

My only concern is my left breast -- it's much bigger than the right side, but then again even before surgery there was a tiny size difference. I've been icing it to make the swelling go down. Also there was some weird bruising on the left side too. We first thought it was minor hematosis but after texting my dr. some pics, he said they looked "awesome" and it was just bruising that will go away

Anyway, we might try to leave the apartment today and go out to eat to snap me out of this boobcoma.

Nothing new, just pics

Nothing has really changed since my last update...maybe my left breast seems more swollen. But other than that, I've been happy with my new body! :)


Hello ladies!

I'm sorry I haven't been able to update you all or reply any sooner! I've been meaning to for the last several days but time has slipped away from me. Not a very good RealSelf friend I must admit. But I LOVE MY BOOBIES! I cannot believe I have these round balls of boobage on my chest. After NEVER having ANYTHING there but skin and maybe a little muscle I'm in disbelief. I keep on having to GRAB them at random times of the day to verify they are FO REAL. And I'm so happy to say that they are for real, they are there and they are staying there for good. :D :D :D!!!

Okay, let me catch you up on how recovery has been:

DAY OF SURGERY - I was high on anesthesia and pain meds so honestly, it's a blur but I remember it wasn't that painful at all. Just a little bit on the car ride home.

DAY 1 - It was tough! I must admit getting up and filling up my ice pack with more ice was difficult and getting off the couch and situating myself back on it was a big ouch. Sleeping situation was basically a ton of pillows at a 45ish degree angle. Oh and I had some weird bruising that I was able to text to my doc but he said it looked fine and it would go away.

DAY 2 - Doc was right! Bruising went away after some heavy icing. The hydrocodone and muscle relaxer really got to me. My bf said I was not fun to be around because I wasn't really able to talk without slurring or looking like I had no idea what was going on LOL - I would've laughed my butt off at myself had I known what was what.

DAY 3 - Mucho better. The tatas softened up quite a bit! They were rounder and fuller already!!
( . ) ( . ) I started to love them after a couple of days of not knowing whether I would or not. I was able to move around more and I took no hydrocodone because I had trouble going #2 (TMI..sorry) -- and it paid off because I was able to go! :D I took a couple of tylenols and called it good. Pain was way more manageable and I finally got my butt out of the apartment. We went out to eat Mexican! YUM & very necessary. I gotta admit, I had a margarita...I know you're not supposed to have alcohol when you're taking antibiotics...oops! Sorry, not sorry.

DAY 4 - No drugs necessary. Just took the antibiotics! Boobs looking good so far.

DAY 5 - BACK TO WORK! Agh..I was so not ready for it. In fact, after having a busy morning running errands, I was really tired but got my booty into work anyway. I had to anchor the evening newscast, and boy it was tough. I had to put my happy face on and try not to show I was feeling weak. My hands and legs were actually SHAKY at one point, but all in all, it went fine I think. I wore a suit coat which helped cover the slightly swollen boobies.

DAY 6 - Anchored the evening newscast again. All went well that day thankfully. No drugs! Just antibiotics.

That brings us to today, DAY 7 - I had to lug heavy camera equipment around today. I'm going to guess it's about 15-20 lbs. and it was a little uncomfortable but definitely not painful. No one at work has noticed!! All those days of stuffing my triple padded bras with chicken fillets have paid off. I mean, my boobs NOW are FREAKIN AWESOME. They are definitely BIGGER than what my makeshift boobs looked like -- but still subtle.

I think I picked the perfect size. 325 cc was the way to go -- not too big, not too small. My bf thinks they're amaze-balls! I did this for me and me alone, but it is a definite perk that he loves them just as much as I do. He loved me the way I was before, and he loves me the same now - that's what matters :)

All I gotta say is, I should've done this sooner. I have a post-op with the doc on Friday! We;ll remove the steristrips then and I'll get a better look at the incision lines. Hopefully nothing crazy looking!

I hope they drop & fluff asap! I gotta go bra shopping soon! AND bikini shopping for summer vacay! :D :D :D

Until the next update...

A few more pics of tits

Hope all the ladies anticipating their surgery day next week are doing well!!! So very excited for you!! Can't believe I was in your shoes a little more than a week ago. :) You will be so happy, even when you're sore and tired and uncomfortable. No regrets!

Finally made it to Victoria's Secret to use my gift card I've been saving. 34C and 32D fit best. I've heard Vickys runs small so I think I'm actually a 32C. Idk...

I haven't gotten the ok yet to wear wired bras, nor do I want to wear them just yet. They're very tight and still doing the whole d and f thing. Sticking to the sports bras and cami type bralettes for now. I also have my 1 wk postop tomorrow...more like 10 day postop. Wondering if I'll get to see the incision!! Eeeek kinda grosses me out >_

Darnit, I've got the cords...

I really hate to self diagnose...but after comparing myself to other people who saw this, I have mondor's cords.

When I raise my arms above my head, you can see three vains that are inflamed by apparently a blood clot. I guess they're supposed to go away naturally though....Thank the Lord.

some anti inflammatory meds and warm massaging is what other docs on realself are calling for.

I'll share pics later. I'm still laying in bed right now after doing heavy research on these mondor's on my phone lol.

Damn, whoever you are Mr. Dick suck.

NEW pictures at week 3 1/2

Filling out clothes for the first time is a good feeling :) Now to get rid of these Mondor's.

Time is flying by, here are some pics

Hey ladies! It's been a while since I posted anything here. Summer had started and it's been busy! Lots of social events happening and you know how that goes. I just got back from a trip to the Caribbean and let me tell ya, I could wear swimsuits all day long!! Love this new found confidence and the fun suits Ican now fill out.

Everything is becoming squishier but also slightly smaller. I think with the swelling gone, I must've dropped a tiny bit of ccs, not noticeably but they definitely aren't as boooom in yo face.

I love them and wish I would have gotten my tatas sooner than later.
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