33yrs 5'4" 130lb mother of 4

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Lt 495cc Rt 465cc. One week post-op very swelling...

Lt 495cc Rt 465cc. One week post-op very swelling and tender. Not feeling to bad but keeping in top of my meds. The implants are very high n tight. I am very skeptical about the end results. This is my one and only shot to improve my chest. I know nothing of pockets, dropping or fluffing. Any assurance?

33yrs 4 children 34A looking for a 34D

Day 5: Feeling more like myself still a little sore and nauseous from my meds. Been taking the antibiotics a prescribed. The pain in minimal now and I still have the compression band on. The skin is tight and I'm quite drowsy on my meds. I am still unsure of my results, the implants are sitting quite high and I worry I should have gone bigger. I have heard of the drop and fluff effect yet I found some have said this deceases the size of their results. I really don't want to get any smaller then they are right now. I guess only time will tell. I have an appointment with Dr. Hoffman Thursday afternoon and I am hoping to express my concerns at that time. My husbands says they are much bigger then before however he was ok with what god gave me. I was barely a a cup before I had children. So I will continue to have a open mind and review my results weekly if not daily.

33yr Mother of 4 wanting my breast to match my young spirit.

One day pre-op I was very excited and nervous. I took the sleeping pills provided so I could get some sleep. We live 1 1/2hr away with a 7:30 appt. so we where up early and ready to go. Dr. Hoffman got caught in traffic and we waited for a bit but it was good because it helped me to process the full extent of my decision. I was getting excited. The nurses were very nice aside from the older lady who put in my IV. I went in for surgery and it felt like no time had gone by at all. Recovery was fairly short and painless as I was on many pain meds. I feel the staff treated me with respect and informed my husband of all the details for after care. When I went in for my 24hr appt to have my surgical bra removed I felt like I was rushed and was given no time to ask the questions I had planned. I think I will give this another attempt at my 7day check-up for my stitch removal.

33yr Mother of 4 looking to enhance

I had been wanting to get my breast enlarged for a while. I was waiting until my husband and I were finished having children. So once we got news we were having the little girl we longed for I started to research Dr. I found Dr. Hoffman through a dear friend. I must say that even though I have waited what seems like a life time for this procedure I was very nervous the night before. I had all my meds ready bag packed and a pep talk fro my husband who swears hes hapy with whatever I choose. As a woman I want curves and with 4 children I had curve in all the wrong places. I work hardd to stay fit and I wanted my chest to also reflect my hard work. After trying on the implants above my skin with a bra we decided to go with a 450-475 of greater.

1day post op through 5days post op

Day 4 post op

Swelling is still great n implants are high set. This worries me but I have read they will drop n fluff. However I have heard of dropping n fluffing while losing volume, I don't want to lose volume. I want them this size I love this size. Anyone have experience with this?

7day check up stitches removal

I got my stitches removed today, Dr. Hoffman and his nurse were Amazing. He answered all my questions and eased my concerns. He went over the massages with me and assured my that my breast Will turn out great n not lose fullness. I really like the work he did and I love that he took the time to ease my nerves.
Still very swollen but ain is minimal and results so far so good.

12days post-op

They hurt not as bad started my massages and they have dropped Alil. Anyone know how long you wear the compression band?

21 days post-op

They are getting better pain is gone mostly only sore when I do a lot of lifting. Still high as you can see waiting for the drop n fluff. As of now I'm starting to live them already. I believe all in all its worth the recovery and pain wasn't quite as bad as I had thought it to be.

Popping sound

I was doing my Massages today n heard a click n popping noise first the left later in the day my right. Freaked me out I'm almost 5 weeks out. Internet says it's normal my 6wk check up is next Thursday. I Will be asking about it then. I have dropped a bit but I also use my Band still every day at work. I work in a kitchen so lots of movement I don't want to disturb the process so I wear it. I think this has helped with the dropping. Also I wear no support sports bras. Literally feels like only fabric to help cover em. They are starting to feel like a part of me Finally... Hubby loves em even though he said he loved the way I was before. He's surprised that he likes them so much now. We both are happy with the girls so far.

6 weeks post-op

6wk check up went well. Hoffman gave me silicone compression strips to help with scarring. I've been doing the massages and they have been dropping as you can see. Hoffman gave me a new set of massages to incorporate into the mix. The girls have been sore ever since I started the new massages. I have noticed a few stretch marks though even with the coco butter n oils. ???? I'm sure they will be minimal once they drop more n fluff. Looking n feeling better though

Loving these but right is higher still

Well 8wks post op Swelling is mostly gone. Still I'm sore a lot some days and my right is higher/ smaller than my left. This is frustrating because it is very noticeable. As of now I wish I had gone bigger. I still will wait and see. All is good otherwise no more pops or noise. They feel Alil hard still anyone else have this feel at 8wks do they soften and do I look as those they have lost volume? The doctor says I shouldn't l lose any but think I have. My scars have stayed bright red however the compression strips have helped flatten the roughness and they feel smoother.

Bottoming out and not happy

My left side appears to be bottoming out and I can see the vast difference between the two. They look horrible no other way to discribe these at this point. I have contacted my surgeon and will be seeing him hopefully soon. Will post afterwards

Revision of Left Breast finally...

I was told I had to wait a year for revisions so that I could heal and scar tissue form. After many calls and bothering the desk staff , I finally got an appointment with my surgeon. He did the work free of charge. I only had to pay for the surgical room anesthesiologist $1400 Was the cost. So far not nearly as painful as the initial surgery. But still painful to move and don't want to pull on it. We will see what happens
I will take the bandages off today to shower. Dr. Hoffman called last to check in on me at 10pm that was nice. He really is a good doctor. I will update later still alil groggy.

Revision of left Inframammary fold.

Day 3 and the pain is alot better, spent the better part of the day sleeping. But the rest of day looking for the reason my left fold is now higher than the right. Well after several hours of no luck I found a video that explained it perfectly. https://www.realself.com/video/how-to-fix-bottoming-out-of-breast-implants I thought I'd post for ladies also looking for an explanation. So this is to allow room for your skin to stretch and settle in with the right. My nipples are pretty even as they appear now. So for that I am hopeful.. Time will tell.. I will keep you updated as I have not seen many revision stories on here.

Starting to look more alike..

Pain is minimal, I can move around with ease, doing daily tasks. As long as I take my Valium to ease the stiffness. I have taken my Pain meds at the end of a work day as it gets pretty crazy at work. I am liking where these girls are headed.
Dr. Jim Hoffman

He was very nice and informative. The front desk staff n ladies were wonderful. I sent photos of what I wanted n I think that was helpful for us to be on the same page. I felt my 24hr appointment was rushed. I didn't have time to ask my questions. Other than that I am so far satisfied with the care I received. I feel time will tell I have another appointment on Thursday for my stitches to be removed. I hope to get my questions answered then. Update::::: follow up was great all questions answered and made me feel better. The girls Nica especially are Wonderful ladies. Nurses super nice n are so helpful I love these guys..

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