27 yrs old, 5'5" 115 lbs. BA 32aa-400cc saline hp with inverted nipple repair

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I am 27 years old and I am finally getting a boob...

I am 27 years old and I am finally getting a boob job!! I have been looking forward to this for most of my adult life! My surgery date is June 13 and it cannot come soon enough!! I am currently a very small 32 AA and even while nursing in only got up to a small B, large A. I am really hoping for 375- 400 cc hp saline implants below the muscle. My PS said I could go as high as 415 but no higher. I would like to be on the bigger side of normal, but not crazy huge! I'm a relatively modest person and don't want to have gigantic boobs, but I would like to be a large C or small D. My upper body is very petite so I'm hoping the 375-400 won't be too large? I'm so ready for this!!!

375 cc sizers

These pics were from my consult and the bikini ones are of my size right now

Size starting out :(

This is the size I am now, pretty much nonexistent boobs, I don't even fill out a AA32. From what I've been researching Asgard as other women's sizes I want to go 375-400cc hp. Some of the women that I have seen with that size look amazing, I just really hope that I will have the same result or similar anyway. I realize all bodies are different but for the most part that size seems to be about perfect!!! Seriously, this waiting is killing me!!!!! June 13 cannot come soon enough! :D

Wish boobs

Is it ok to use other women's pics from on here or do I need permission from them first??

I got my boobs!! Day of surgery

I am a little bit late in posting my information from my surgery. I had surgery on June 13 so exactly a week ago today. I had bilateral breast augmentation as well as inverted nipple repair. Surgery itself went amazing, my plastic surgeon was able to fit 400 cc's in which I was extremely happy about! When I woke up from surgery I was in quite a bit of pain and it took a while to get the pain under control. I don't know if I just have a low pain tolerance or what exactly but I also had on a strap over my boobs and one of those surgical bras and I felt like that was really putting a lot of pressure on my new boobs which seemed to intensify the pain Maybe? She was initially was only going to repair one of my nipples because the degree of the inversion was worse on my right side versus my left side but in the end she ended up doing both of them and I am so glad that she did! That first day I took my meds on time around the clock very religiously, I was in quite a bit of pain, my husband had to help me sit up and pretty much do everything! I had horrible dry mouth as well, but I slept most of the day

Post op day 1

I had my surgery out of town so my husband and I had to spend the night in a hotel the day of surgery. When I woke up in the morning my husband help me get dressed and I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon at 11 am. We met with her and she went over my post care information, how to take care of my incisions, and what to do as far as massaging. She recommended that I wear a strap over my boobs that compresses them down for 2 to 4 weeks to help them to drop into place. She didn't say that I needed to wear a bra or any kind of compression bra just the strap. Which I was surprised about it seems like most women have to wear a compression bra for several weeks post op. Since I had inverted nipple repair I have to wear these plastic cups over my nipples for five weeks to keep them from going back in which is kind of a pain in the butt because they stick out quite far and they're hard to hide beneath clothing. Today was the first day that I saw my new boobs when she took off the bra and took off the nipple cups. I was so happy and excited I almost cried!!! they were so beautiful! I always hated my boobs so much and it was always an extremely big source of insecurity for me especially being so flat-chested and then being inverted on top of that and I couldn't believe that they look so good! Her instructions for me were to do no laundry dishes sweeping or any kind of arm repetitive movements for two weeks, Which is really hard because I have two little children at home! A few times a day she wants me to push down on my boobs for 30 seconds and then push them together for 30 seconds. I Was able to shower that night as well and get a better look at my boobs! Other than that we just drove home that day and I pretty much slept the rest of the day away.

Inverted nipple covers

These are what I have to wear for 5 weeks over my nipples :/ but it'll be worth it in the end. I also have feeling in both of them as well, which was a concern of mine because there was a chance that I might lose sensation. I will not be able to nurse if I have another child though

Post op day 3

I was still taking my oxycodone and my Valium around the clock for pain and I was still having quite a bit of pain on day three. Nothing very eventful just lots of sleeping. I didn't take any pics on day three

Post op day 4

Today I I quit taking my pain meds because they were making me too loopy and I was getting my children back today. I feel like Day 4 was definitely my turning point. my pain was considerably less, so much that I didn't feel like I needed to take my pain meds anymore. I was able to do things around the house better and I was able to walk around and do some my normal things which was very nice!

Post op day 5

Today was even better as far as pain goes. I was still off my pain meds although I did take a Valium right before bed to help me sleep but I didn't feel like I needed it for pain at all. Just some tightness during the day when I would do a little bit too much stuff but nothing unbearable by any means! I was able to take a few more pictures today to which was nice! I'm sooo happy with my new boobs!!!!

Post op day 6

I was a little more sore today because I think I might've overdid it yesterday with just doing too many things and lifting too many things and moving my arms around too much but I was able to go to church and be with my family for Father's Day! I'm finding it very hard to find clothing in my wardrobe to hide that strap because it comes up so high on my chest which is super annoying !

Hard and tight?

How long does it take for your boobs to soften and be moveable? Mine are so stiff I can hardly move them?!

Post op day 7

Here they are at day 7


With my old clothes!!! So much better!!


Having some fun trying on old bikinis! Definitely a big change!! ????

Two weeks post op

Left side is still higher than right, my right has dropped nicely. Saw my PS on the June 30th and she wants me to wear my strap for 1-2 more weeks along with the nipple covers so my nipples stay out. I asked my PS about the flat area on my left outer side and she said it should round out with time? I hope she's right?

Fun tank top!

Love it!

3 weeks post op

Not much change between week 2-3 I don't see anyway?

Comparison of each week

Comparing post op day 1-week 3

Non padded bra yay!!

Before and after

4 weeks PO

Here they are at 4 weeks, my left side is still high, my ps isn't worried she thinks it will drop with time! It's so irritating

5 weeks PO

No change really, still uneven. Staying positive and patient that they will even out!

Day 0-5 weeks

Post op day 1, pow 1, pow 2, pow 3, pow4, pow5

Almost 8 weeks po

10 weeks post op

I found out about Dr. Rocheford through the real self website. She was rated one of the top plastic surgeons in my area, and after looking at her website and reading all of the reviews, I was very impressed with her! I also wanted my plastic surgeon to be a woman, it wasn't an absolute requirement, but that's what I prefer. I scheduled my consultation and my husband and I went together and we were extremely impressed with Dr. Rocheford, her staff, and her clinic! I had some concerns going into the consult and we walked out of the appointment feeling completely at ease! Dr. Rocheford was absolutely wonderful! I couldn't have been more sure about my decision to do this or about her doing it! She answered all the questions that I had written down without me even having to ask her! She went over all of the information very thoroughly and made sure that we both understood everything and were comfortable with the decision. She spent a very large amount of time with us as well, which I was very pleased about! Overall my experience with her and her office staff was above and beyond what I could have expected! We booked the surgery that same day and I don't have any doubts that she will do an amazing job! I can't wait!

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