Mini Tummy Tuck + MR..revision went great on my right side,loving my new bod!!!

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So in about 3 weeks im going in for a mini tummy...

So in about 3 weeks im going in for a mini tummy tuck, I work out everyday for a hour or more I am down to 140 pounds at 5'9, size 3, i posted up close photos but I'm very tiny, all my friends tell me if I loose any more weight I will fly away, I have one kid, gained so much weight having her, now I'm going to have a mini tummy tuck, I'm not nervous
More excited to get I call my sad face off my lower abdominal area, I have paid trainers over a year, and it's still there, I got breast augmentation done last February
Now I'm doing this I'm really excited not nervous, I will keep updates and pictures along my journey for everyone, I did have one surgeon in wayzata Minnesota who did my breast tell me I needed a full TT, now I'm down 20 extra pounds before then and I don't want the long scar around my waist, I'd rather work with what is below my belly button and take it from there, I will have my muscles tightened with no lipo needed my surgeon said she will pull it as tight as she can all the way down and I will look great, sooooo on my journey I go, I know these weeks will fly by I will be excited for the after results and to finally get in the gym, the pictures I will post now I'm kinda bloated, that time I will post more before so u can actually see the structure of my abdominal area...

6 more days at 6am I will be having my mini tummy...

6 more days at 6am I will be having my mini tummy tuck with muscle ready, perfect timing for summer bikini

2 days to go anxiety is driving me crazy I'm so...

2 days to go anxiety is driving me crazy I'm so excited and ready that I don't know what to do with myself, been training in the gym everyday still to keep myself busy, just did 2 extreme weight lifting classes , next few days ill be in there breaking all the machines :) as it will be a very long time before I see them again and I will miss them, leaving in 30 mins to finish a few lab tests needed for surgery that they missed, bags packs for my moms, got all my veggies fruits, vi shake mix, blender and frozen fruit ready for my meals, excited excited

One more night, and bye bye belly fat and lose...

One more night, and bye bye belly fat and lose skin, nerves nerves nerves.....emotions are nuts, I just want it to be done and over with so I can start my healing process and enjoy my new body !!!!!!

Tomorrow 5 am, it's going down, mini tummy tuck...

Tomorrow 5 am, it's going down, mini tummy tuck with muscle repair take me away, I have earned this day, I will take pics and let everyone know how it goes, tonight I just had my last hardcore workout before I have to say bye to the gym for awhile, I'm excited, can't wait to DO THIS HERE!!!!!! ....

Big day big day here we goooooo!!!, updates as...

Big day big day here we goooooo!!!, updates as soon as I am able to

Everything went well , home resting, very stiff...

Everything went well , home resting, very stiff and sore but tolerable, trying to shake the nausea and i will be ok, my surgeon went above and beyond, I'm happy , pics soon

Drained my first tube, went awesome, not as bad as...

Drained my first tube, went awesome, not as bad as I thought

Post op day 3, well things are starting to come...

Post op day 3, well things are starting to come along, patience is the key with any surgery, just took a half shower sat at the end of the tub shaved my legs and washed up using a cup covering my drain, did a good job with that, emotions I feel great, I also quit smoking before after 9 years of smoking so I feel great just a lot of coughing,one wacked me out of shape good last night had my belly in pain, still in pain a bit, check Tuesday so I will have her check it then and might get this tube out, yessssss hope so it no rush, I want to heal right, well ready to doze off again can't stay up much on these drugs, my back is on fire already from my sleeping positions
Anyone know a good position that wine hurt my back??????
Also anyone know. A trick to make me have a bowel movement ?????? Sounds gross but I been eating healthy, plus fiber, Metamucil fiber, nothing seems to work yet?????
Ay luck ladies with that??? I'm being patient, ,,
I'm very excited soooo all I can do is wait, I know it looks great down there, and everything went as planned, so no rush to heal, I want everything to go as planned,
I will post pictures again very soon , my surgeon wants me to leave it wrapped tight and keep it closed ...well I can go on and on, I'm vary happy!!!

Post op day 4! Is good up moving around, it isn't...

Post op day 4! Is good up moving around, it isn't that bad, taking pain meds on time, drain doing really well hoping its out Monday, swelling going down some, especially after my wicked BM, thought I lost 10 pounds for sure, but that felt good,, peaked at my line very very low no more pooch :) can't wait to take pics , but I have to keep it covered until Tuesdy

Post OP DAY 5.... I'm alive lol, ok my back is in...

Post OP DAY 5.... I'm alive lol, ok my back is in serious pain, been giving myself a back rub from what I can reach, my hips and my ass and back is on fire, my pain pills are giving me migraines I don't know if it's from laying down to much, but when I get up I'm ok, I have been moving around since surgery because I am such and active person sitting down makes me go nuts!!! My fluid is good draining about 10cc or less sooooo I am excited for that, but don't want drainage in my belly so I don't want to rush anything, my mom changed my dressing I almost passed out and cried because I have not seen my abdominal area look that good since I had my child, my mom told me to relax I wanted to show the world lol, I love my surgeon, ok, so I am on a strict diet, don't want to loose anymore weight because I'm already so tiny , but I also don't want to gain so I'm doing my BODY BY VI SHAKE mix, gives me something to do during the day, but im very happy again very excited, took me a long time to find my surgeon , had my BA last February but i am picky when it come to my body,

I wanted a fine line, straight line, very low, which I got, sooo me a happy camper....
My nerves were bad before surgery but its only because of excitement ,i could not believe this day was coming ,
My journey was, I worked out 2 hours a day, I had a strict eating habit, I did everything to get the belly to go bye bye, I paid trainers, did classes nothing worked, I got to my smallest weight ever since my early early 20's, I got BA done thinking that would make it less noticeable , not, even though I was a A cup so I was excited about that getting done also, but every time I got naked , I was like gross, I'd pull the loose skin down and say to myself 'only if it would go away I'd be almost perfect' I had a 6 pack under there, I was a size 3 and because of the loose skin I always thought I had more to loose or I was over weight,

Now my dream has came true, I can train for the body fitness competition, and be a HOT MOMMY, I have never had low self esteem always been confident, but I needed the extra touch, something nobody noticed but me, something everyone said was fine, but bothered me, and now I see the transformation and it just gets me excited, I hope all you ladies do what makes you happy, you have one life one body, make the change that you want, I always thought waiting and thinking would help but only made it worse now I feel 100% me, and my incision is so low, I can actually wear a itty bitty bikini, I enjoy following all you ladies , I wake up every day and see how your day was on the day I am on, and it helps, team work

Post op day 5 snuck in the bathroom to take quick...

Post op day 5 snuck in the bathroom to take quick pictures still very swollen , lipo areas hard swollen, I'm in looooove with my core !!!!!

Post op day 6, I swear if I cough again I will...

Post op day 6, I swear if I cough again I will roll over and cry, feels like bullets rolling through my poor tummy, woooooweeeee sorry my shit was on fire, I was told to take a deep breath before coughing I did and held my tummy did NOT work , anyone know better way to help it not hurt so much, thought for sure I tore open had to check, poor muscles ,

Happy Easter great day! Feeling great!

Happy Easter great day! Feeling great!

Post op day 8!!!!!!!! Ok good thing I weighed...

Post op day 8!!!!!!!! Ok good thing I weighed myself fully clothed, with drain late last night, I have not gained any weight!!!!! Good for me...
I'm on a strict diet drinking tons of water I live in the bathroom , I watch movies a work on light weights on my arms, nothing to effect my core, my goal in my 6 week period is to loose another 5 pounds, not that I need to, but gives me something to do, I'm not in any pain,
Everyday I have to tighten my surgical binder because it gets big, gooood thing....swelling going down well healing perfect , I got see my surgeon tomorrow might get tubes out on Day 8 draining under 7cc 4 times in 24 hours, everything is good but my sneezing, OMG talking about pain, first coughing now sneezing, allergies, got my nose stuffed so I don't smell anything to set off any sneezing ....
I'm off my pain pills, I do take my muscle relaxers due to my respiratory issues that Kill my abdominal area, hope I don't ruin anything, but I was told when they tightened my muscles that they use double stitches so I will check tomorrow but I was told sneezing and coughing is ok, but stressful on the abdominal area,
I also put my belly ring back in looks totally different, not all lop sided with a bunch of skin hanging out around it, now time to shop for new belly rings , looks good, 8 days and I'm in heaven ,
Never thought a mini tummy tuck would take away that much and look that good but I think the muscle repair helped a lot and lipo, I will take more pictures later today when I change my padding, I have like no bleeding I just like clean padding daily I'm a clean freak, now I hope maybe end of this week I can do light walking on the treadmill at the gym :)

Post OP DAY 8 WOOT WOOT!!!!! Pictures are up very...

Post OP DAY 8 WOOT WOOT!!!!! Pictures are up very swollen and wrinkled belly from the wrap and even lost weight all smiles

Wow POST DAY NUMBER 9, time flays when your are...

Wow POST DAY NUMBER 9, time flays when your are having fun lol, well I cannot be any happier, appointment at 12, bless my soul if I get this annoying drain out, also going to ask if I can start walking on the treadmill, down another pound, I'm feeling special, knowing I have not gained weight, didn't want to loose anymore, but wouldn't mind if I did, following my new lifestyle change (diet) same one I have been using for years, so decided to go for it and drop some more for fun, anyways I have my leggings and tank on Nd the definition in my shape is amazing, and when I have my clothes off it doesn't make me want to throw up looking at my belly, very well done work,
My mother will be 60 years old soon and she told my surgeon in her whole life of meeting doctors or surgeons she has never met anyone more concerned about there patients, and giving of time without rushing, and knowing what's good,
When I got dressed today I almost cried, nobody knows the feeling of trying to be someone where and wanting it so bad, unless you have done it, I had my daughter sept 2006, I have been in the gym everyday, at least 2 hours a day working out, I have tried every diet pill, I have had trainers who i paid thousands to then gave up on them, working out is my daily coffee, it gives me my daily boost and energy, I have joined weight watchers since 2004, I have met my goal and lifetime member, I have learned and now live that lifestyle of knowing what to and what not to eat, new lifestyle , I also do BODY BY VI SHAKES, working miracles and is super good,
Over all the best thing I have ever done for my health is I quit smoking, I have smoked for 9 years, very very proud proud of that, I told myself when I get this tummy done I'm done with that....but anyways
I hope ingest this drain out today, I am excited to continue my career and see how far I get now that I have this work done, I have worked my ass off and I deserve this moment in my life, I can't wait to hit the gym And finish what I started without having something like body fat and loose skin in my way, also I am going to post some pics after this post, I am still very swollen , above my belly button and around it where they did lipo and my lower belly, but I'm ok with it does not bother me, ya don't heal over night or over weeks and I know that with my BA because its been a year and a month since I got that done and I still can't do a chest press without them feeling like there going to pop out the side, so I don't do chest presses I leave my baby's alone,
I know in my 6 weeks when I see my surgeon I'm going to cry, she has no idea how she changed my life and others, I do not have the same surgeon who did my BA, I looked elsewhere even though he did a awesome job on my BA , tummy tuck, ummmmmm negative, but now let me send pics , good luck to all, and don't be nervous or scared, it's alright

Tubes out today, tape off one word AMAZING !!!!! I...

Tubes out today, tape off one word AMAZING !!!!! I feel like running around naked , still swollen , but my surgeon told me to wait for a few weeks after the lipo and all the other swelling goes down and then I will cry, because it looks amazing now, pictures on a screen has nothing on up close and personal

Post day 10!!!! Feeling great ready to hit the gym...

Post day 10!!!! Feeling great ready to hit the gym ,, body is saying no mind is saying yes, off all meds, painted my bathroom today , went shopping did a little home decorating, hoping I get the ok to go workout on next weeks checkup

POST OP DAY 11!!!!! WOW, I think days have went by...

POST OP DAY 11!!!!! WOW, I think days have went by faster now than ever because everyday I'm closer to healing, nothing new swelling, going shopping and getting a pedicure shortly, loving the new me, taking it day by day ! Well post more pics soon

POST DAY 12? Feeling great feeling good cha cha!

POST DAY 12? Feeling great feeling good cha cha!

13 days POST OP woot woot!!!!! Time flays when...

13 days POST OP woot woot!!!!! Time flays when your having fun, man I have been itching sooo bad, it feels like my whole abdominal area has been stretched out, so m going to go find a good cream to put on that, also I have always had a baby skin private area, and my incision is right in there with hair growing out, makes me feel not so clean because I'm so used of being hair free, most defiantly getting laser hair removal, swelling ok, gets worse towards night time, I know I'm 13 days out, I am going to ask my surgeon next week if I can start working out, I feel okay, I am able to do normal activitys, but i limit them and post my feet up alot just in case it's all in my head,

My abdominal area is super tight, no rolls what so ever, sore but tolerable, I wear a spanx which is a full one with the button area on the crotch, so I don't look lumpy in clothing, but open bra area so I can wear my bras, and I also wear my garment too, so I'm super tight , and it's shaping me out very well, I been working on my triceps but I'm ready for the elliptical,,but I will see, doc says no then it's no, not risking my health for a run,

But been shopping alot, bought all new matching Victoria secret matching bra and panties, trashed all my old stuff, besides my bras because I do have new cha chas so I had new VS bras, so I'm bringing my sexy back, so I hope all you ladies are doing well I know some of you have surgeries coming up I wish you the best, nothing to be nervous about, once you go under u wake up and it's done, new lifestyle, dreams do come true, but I will update pictures next week, bye for now lovely ladies,

Here is my Sunday smack bammmm got swollen,...

Here is my Sunday smack bammmm got swollen, painful swelling even my lower pubic area up to my chest, holy Mother Earth guess my feet are up and movies are on, think or I know it's been too much salt ...not only that took my daughter skating sat straight up for overb3 hours with no back rest there on a hard chair, could have been that too, who knows, POST OP DAY 17!!!! Wow time flys by quicker when your trying to heal rather than waiting to get it done, ill beak though

POST OP DAY 18!!!!! Very swollen abdominal area is...

POST OP DAY 18!!!!! Very swollen abdominal area is kinda painful, I think because I'm not having normal BM, I know too much info but, also depressed stepped on the scale went up 2 pounds since my surgery, but 2 pounds in 18 days is not bad,, so now I bite it I write it, back to my weight watchers until I get back in this gym, but im going to post some pictures today

I was trying to put a old picture next to a new one so everyone can see the difference ummm can't do it but ill try , if anyone knows can they let me know, but I'm resting, swollen , where lipo was done very swollen, pooch gone, I keep my self double strapped down tight all day to shape my body, so photos looked kinda crinkled in my abdominal are, but I am very happy with my results :)

7 am feeling better, crotch ok today, I think I'm...

7 am feeling better, crotch ok today, I think I'm paranoid because reality is setting in, so I feel like they stretched my pubic area out, put my feet p and most defiantly can see a big difference in myself, thinkninwas over doing things and doing way too much, well off to drop the kid off to school, then going to pick up a few lamps, good day to all!!!

CG back on nice washed and clean, I'm so anal...

CG back on nice washed and clean, I'm so anal about everything being sanitary and clean, healing is overwhelming, but it's ok, pedicure and manicure tomorrow , then going off to get my hair done sometime next week, feeling really good, god my teeth whitening today, so much to do with sooooo much time, ohhh picked up some Arnica today, everyone was talking about it so I took it for a spin, didn't use it on my incision but around and my tummy area because it itched so bad from my skin being stretched amazing felt good, lol, I have bought so much stuff, now it's time to limit to what I do and don't need,

Okay yessss check up today, everything went well,...

Okay yessss check up today, everything went well, she thought I had some seroma going no so , she went to poke me and do what ever they do to remove it a few words, holy shit that hurt!!!!! Burned I don't know what she was doing, she said there was none, so she wants me to soak in the tub for 15 mins a day, I'm healing great, still swollen, she gave me the yes to workout, no ab workouts, but my bags are packed and I am ready to goooooo!!!!! I am so excited I was so bored loosing my mind, missing my daily routine, so back in the gym I am today, next checkup in 4 weeks, I am loving my new me, been kinda depressed but that might be from all the stress over the weeks and from sitting in the house, and not seeing any sunshine outside, but I'm good ill post pics later, surprise suprise

New pics week 3 still very swollen, doing my list...

New pics week 3 still very swollen, doing my list of to do things to get the swelling down, worked out yesterday, going in a few hours to do more cardio, just NOOOOO abdominal work at all...felt good yesterday but felt the pressure a few hours when I got home had to take a muscle relaxer and soak my body after my shower, I am very impressed with my results, makes me want to cry knowing I can bend over and I don't see my 'hello sad face' that's what I called my loose skin lol, but anyways good luck to all, its been rough but good I'm in my CG for 4 more weeks ughhh, she gave me new ones so that was good, but I'm excited

Loving my new body, I have been working out...

Loving my new body, I have been working out everyday, still very swollen , it's okay though, after swelling goes down might consider more lipo, not sure yet, still doing my 15 a min day soaks, working out on cardio and triceps, my legs are in serious need of work, I can tell I have been on a vacation within the body structure, isn't too tight, but ill fix that as time goes by, I've been watching what I eat and now that I can get in the gym makes things better, I am healing well, it insicion looks good, fading well , where the drain was at my hip, might have a slight problem where the drain was taking out, kinda a flap of skin, but I'm keeping that area tight with my silicone scar pads to see how that ends up over the weeks, if not is is fixable , trying to stay positive and out of the mirror as much as possible and off the scale...
Bought all new bras and sexy undergarments trashed all m old stuff, kinda made me feel better about the whole process and not be that down....
Considering i got my BA last year, so things are heading into the right direction for me...
Post op depression, mmmm is better, most people deny the fact that they go through it I went through it giving birth , with my BA and my tummy tuck, it's like you have the days when you feel like, do I look okay, why did I do this, is this wrong is that wrong , it a long healing process, I feel like a tummy tuck is a longer healing process and so much to look out for and be careful for compared to when I got my BA done, I posted like 4 new pics, not a big change still alot of swelling, and it's not seroma soooo we will see, if its still the way it is now , ill see how I do with a trainer in the gym if not, lipo is the way to go, I do have a few stretch marks some is from my binder I wear it 24/7 my life support lol, well that's it for now, have to wake up and go take my child to school, and head for my daily workout, excited excited......happy healing everyone as I still am also

4-18-13 25 DAYS POST OP!!!!!!! Not happy with my...

4-18-13 25 DAYS POST OP!!!!!!! Not happy with my right side which my surgeon did notice on my last checkup, I will pay to get it fixed unless she can fix it in office either way I want it done while I'm recovering I don't want problems down the line, so I want it fixed , makes me depressed and I keep looking at it so , due to the weather here , ice storm, I will be calling in tomorrow to set up a day, posted 4-18-13 pics with my silicone bandages off first time, but besides that im swollen and happy

Having a good day, have come to realize I can...

Having a good day, have come to realize I can compare myself to petite short tiny women, because I am very tall with long legs, that I love, and I am I small tall woman, so looking and short tiny women makes me look at my surgery different, but when I look at women in my height and weight range who got a mini tummy tuck I'm ok with my results I think every body is different in shape and size, I was just in the tub and I'm like wow I'm tiny, I think the only problem I am having is looking at my scar when it's covered I'm ok when it's out I'm like keep thinking I need more lipo and I pick at every area that I want more work on that I don't need, I've been working out everyday, I cut meat out my diet, working towards this Vegan lifestyle, it's going great, I've been trying to not be in the mirror so much, because I know I will end up getting more work done, but he'll one life, if your not happy with something fix it, but that's been my as blahhhh blahhh shopping working out, doing my mommy duties, not back to work yet soooooo that's kinda bringing me down , bored, but ill figure it out, might finish getting my sleeve worked on and finished for sure,
book some massages, then hair, nails, toes and back to work,I still get swollen so wen that subsides ill get this ass to work, excited , happy with my results, slit is looking better, so will cancel my appt to get that looked at, I was freaking out again looking in the mirror, too much, this is a long recovery woofty!!!! But worth it

South Beach Miami in 3 weeks!!!! Time to show off...

South Beach Miami in 3 weeks!!!! Time to show off this body!!!! Girls weekend # palm trees #relax time

6 weeks I'm doing great right side needs work when...

6 weeks I'm doing great right side needs work when drain tube was inserted, still swollen, can't wait to do ab work, working on loosin 10-15 pounds, then weight lifting, excited all smiles

6 weeks post op PS visit, well looks like I'm...

6 weeks post op PS visit, well looks like I'm having scar revision done next month, didn't want to go through this again, but my right side will be pulled down tighter and it will look the way it should, so I'm excited, will only be out work for 2 weeks which mean I can't workout for 2 weeks after plus same drill before surgery, but at least it's being fixed, so all smiles, I'm working out every day loosing weight flat belly, no loose skin anymore, definition is at it's best I ever seen in 6 years before my daughter, so I'm happy all smiles....

Well best of all I will be in Florida next week in...

Well best of all I will be in Florida next week in a 2 piece living it up before the revision, got the hottest dresses I could find, and the tallest heals, 5'8 and I looove eye my 6-7 inch heals, yes baby

3 more days Florida here I come !!! south beach...

3 more days Florida here I come !!! south beach ready, then scar revision on my right side :( bummer, darn drain tube ruined it, but will be done and I will be happy!!!

Post op week 7 new pics!!!! Miami 2 days :).......

Post op week 7 new pics!!!! Miami 2 days :).... Then scar revision, enjoying my time before I can't again, but it's not major revision, just pulling down and extending the right side to match the left, again, damn drain tube

Miami post op vacation pics very confident

Went to Miami on vacation all I know is by the time I was done I was soooooo ready for my cover garment to be on the first thing I did was run home hugged it and put it on, got soooo swollen, don't know if it was from drinking or just not going without it, well it was worth it, not I have to have my scar revision, kinda sucked because my right side didn't let my bikini look so well the scar was too high and since the insicion split it was all crazy, just kept my scar pad on and said oh well, I came far and I was confident, I just still have alot of work to do it the gym to get me 100% of where I need to be right now, started doing ab work can't do too much or ill be running for a muscle relaxer thank god I have a whole bottle of that left, so they come in handy, might as well enjoy my gym time before I'm off for another 2 weeks but it all will be worth it at the end #all smiles, I'm very happy, insicion scar is almost gone, now I have to look forward to starting all over with the revision and getting that to where it should have been......recovery= great results, this has been a very long journey, my body has been through alot, and now I know it will take months maybe up to a year to fully recover, as my results with my BA finally got my results After a year, but I got my ore body back before having my child so I'm so ready....happy healing to all, going no post op week 8, will be starting from day 1 again shortly, will keep all my lovely ladies posted

Mini TT w/ muscle repair 10 weeks!!!!!

12 weeks pictures READY FOR MY REVISION ON MY RIGHT SIDE THURSDAY, excited to get it done and end the healing process, major setback!!!! So far I am happy with results, will get what I asked for once this is done, definition is defiantly showing


Got my revision , was awake just numbed, all I know is after the shits went away I was in some pain again, 3 days now, and no pain, feeling great, ready to hit the gym and finish what I started, my knot in my belly was fat tissue, thank god it had nothing to do with my muscle repair or hernia, my 2 worst things I didn't want to hear, so I will massage it out and workout, if it does not go away she said she will suck it out, but it's not loose skin just fat, I'm very happy I went with the MINI TUMMY TUCK, and not the full tummy tuck, I love my surgeon, she does what I want and ask for and what she thinks will be the best results, always there to listen, I recommend her to anyone, women absolutely knows what a woman wants, so now I go on my journey with training and serious body workouts, excited excited!!!!

Mini tummy tuck with muscle repair, + scar revision a week ago

Working out going well, scar revision went well, might have the incision pulled down some more so it will be even with the other side, fat tissue on right side still there, I massage it daily, if that does not go well I will have it sucked out, PS said it will be easy to do, my body is in the very best hands she did very good work on me, always there to listen, I know my new healthy lifestyle is what im going to need to continue with my results, I live a very healthy lifestyle always have, I'm just excited to get into training and get the muscle definition I have been waiting for , for years without the loose skin there anymore, ab definition is kicking in, still I have to take it very slow, but I'm excited

Mini tummy tuck W/muscle repair.....

Went in for my scar revision checkup, now next Monday I am having lipo done on my abdominal area to remove fat tissue, then after that might have to have scar revision to re tighten my right side, my right side has been a pain in the ass!!!!! I can't wait to get this done And over with, so a week on pain pills, no gym Nd back to recovery, I don't know how bad lipo will be, but it will give me the confidence I needed on that side, there's way to much fat tissue, my sides are not even so can't wait to get it fixed and done, my life

Mini tummy tuck+muscle repair , ...had lipo today on abdominal today wow

Talking about pain, this was interesting, wishing I would have been put under, felt like I was in labor having contractions when I was done, pain pills and muscle relaxers are my best friends now, took alot of cc's out, will look very very good when healed, I'm impressed , I was awake, In my works felt like someone have a long tool with spikes/knifes out of it tearing my fat out, I asked to see the fat tissue after, wow gross, almost passed out, lol, but after all I'm resting for another 2 weeks then I'm good to go into the world and be free, I'm happy with the results, both tummy tuck and added lipo

Love my lipo that was added yesterday , very impressed

Lipo ouch

So much pain! All I do is sleep sleep

Mini tummy tuck w/ muscle repair and lipo

Till recovering from lipo taking it day by day, don't know the healing process on that, checkup this week on Thursday few questions, still confused by my right side as always, lol, incision still was never pulled down tight enough, lumping all over, plus I still have a hard knot above my incision next to my belly button on the right side that I can't shake off , surgeon said I'm still healing and it will go down in time, but never heard of other people with this problem , can't do my photo shoots or nothing yet for work and who knows what will need to be done again when I go in so I'm bummed a bit

About 5 months out from mini tummy tuck with muscle repair, added lipo to my ride side very swollen still,

Swollen still on my right side, had lipo on it a few weeks ago or so, not sure i know I'm not meant to be perfect I just wish the incision was even with the left side, put out alot of money went in for scar revision from my drain tube that split the incision open, lipo a few weeks ago, which was very painful lol might I add, I just wish instead of lipo there would have been a better option as of pulling the right side down tighter and making the incision even with the left, I get so jealous when I see other girls and there's are even, so this Thursday I will address my concerns, my same concerns for months and see if there is something to be done, if i have to come out of pocket might skip that part and start training with my trainer I'm sure that will be less pain and money, that way my ab definition will kick in and over power the lop sided part of my concern , well that's it just checking in....

Mini tummy tuck + muscle repair+ just added lipo 3 weeks ago

Things are going really well looking really good, very happy I added the lipo, now it's just healing time long process

Days go by things are getting better

Working out, eating clean, watching everything fall right in place day y day

Going great!

Turning out better as days go by, photos to come soon, happy healing to all

6 months at my best, very happy, mini TT w MR and added lipo

Loving my body, with proper eating and exercise the outcome is amazing! I still swell up from salt, so I try to avoid that, but as months go by I could not be any happier!


My bulge I have been complaining about or month is barely there anymore, going in extra hard on the ab work, definition is amazing , then I notice the other day wow, it's almost gone, for months I had a huge bulge above my incision , had lipo done thought that would help, nooooo, my surgeon told me she didn't muscle repair and alot of work there, so most definally when she said it will take a year to fully recover , might be true, so I go until next April for my year to be up to see full results, can't wait, but I loooove my mini tummy tuck!!!!!

Mini tummy tuck+MR added lipo

Wow almost 8 months I'm so impressed, healing takes time I just can't wait for a year to be here to see final results, working my butt of in the gym, working on my abdominal area is still taking patience, healing takes time for sure , been eating clean, don't want to ruin a good thing for sure, all my lumpy worry spots are now all gone, looked at my before pics last night almost cried , can I say 'a moment like this ' never thought I would have my pre body back before I had my only child and gained over 100 reckless pounds lol , happy healing to all, healing takes patience and a lot of time

Mini tummy tuck +MR added lipo

9 months later, I am doing really well, definition is amazing, just wanted to stop in, April will be my year, and I might retire this page, since they say final results happen in a year, I have been adapting to my new lifestyle of good eating habits so I don't ruin my added lipo, plus my surgery as well, don't want a good thing to go to a waste, I have been working out alot, trying to do as many sit-ups as I can, things are going well, I'm very happy I went for the mini tummy tuck and not the full, big change, so whoever says mini tummy tucks are not worth it, they are!!! Happy healing to all...

Scar 9 months

Here is everyones scar photos they wanted..Scar is looking okay, might go in for a few touch ups, still have a long way to go, and alot of hours in the gym to get to where I really want to be, so far so happy, way better than before

Mini tummy tuck+MR added lipo after

Me and my puppy taking a few pics before my hardcore much needed after the ice age -50 below weather workout,

Mini tummy tuck with MR added Lipo

Decided to take a photo before my killer workout today, and also wanted to share with everyone the cream I switched to, my sister works at Nordstrom's and she's so high maintenance she told me to try a different scar cream so I am, scar is looking good trying not to miss a day of any scar cream, staying faithful to it

Mini tummy tuck +muscle repair added lipo

Random photos from after my workout

Mini tummy tuck with MR added muscle repair

NEW PHOTOS with wacky hair, I have noticed if I don't keep up in the gym, fatty tissue does start to appear where I had lipo removed, so eating clean and regular excercise is a must, got my Jillian Micheals AB DVD, let me tell you once a week doing that, shows results, I'd do it more than once a week, but my muscles are so sore that's all I can handle, happy headings to all you beautiful women

Mini tummy tuck with MR added lipo

Well looks like my year is almost here since I got my mini tummy tuck, I am down a lot of weight,down to my lowest weight as of yet, there are a few minor thing I still want done to my abdominal area, I'm still using my scar cream faithfully , I eat clean,I noticed it I don't eat clean that area where work was done starts to look a little abnormal, so I stay eating clean, I have been working out, looking for a personal trainer now, things are going good, and things are starting to fall in place, just like I imagined, check out my year photos, still healing still a body in work!!!! Happy healing to all.... I will keep updated photos,

Mini tummy tuck with MR added lipo

LOOOOOOOVEEEEEE my mini tummy tuck, my surgeon is awesome, most defiantly gave me my life back, I adore her

1year Anniversary March 25th results are in mini TT+MR+added lipo

This has been a very long journey and even after a year, I'm still healing, healing takes a lot of time and patience, I can still feel the burn the fire when I workout on my core area, I have learned to NOT look at my scar even though it healed very well, if I look at it I always think something is wrong, I eat healthy, I workout as much I can, being a year out I can't wait for the next 6 months to finally see my final results considering the down time I had this past year with the surgery, I'm very happy I did the mini tummy tuck, results are amazing, I want to thank my surgeon, by far the best surgeon , I Am very happy I did not do the full tummy tuck, so whoever says a mini tummy tuck has no results, they do, they just have a smaller scar, lower scar and less down time, do research , I am very happy and when I see results I will post them, everyone have happy healing and most of all patience, thanks to everyone who followed my journey and those who are still following my journey!!!!!! Almost forgot to post my year results until I saw my email so sorry for the wait, not much change in my body over the past months just maintaining and building muscle, but again thanks!!!

Mini tummy tuck with MR added lipo

Still going great, down to my lowest weight ever, excited every month that passes gets better, it's been a year 2 months and I feel I'm still healing and slowly getting feeling back in my abdominal, I say ill see final results in 2 years, the scar looks amazing ill have to send a photo of that out soon, happy healing lady's!!

Mini tummy tuck +MR + added lipo

Doing alright, Happy Healing to all!!!

Mini tummy tuck with MR added Lipo

2 years now and I can't complain ????Looking and feeling at my best, had the best surgeon ever work on me, and the after results are amazing and im still working on better results?? Hard work and motivation pays off and healing takes a lot of time and patience, im 34 and I have to say I look and feel better than any of my days in my 20's , happy healing to everyone????

Mini tummy tuck with MR added lipo

Photos for todays update

Mini tummy tuck with MR added lipo

Photos and motivation throught out my last 6 months , work still in progress????????????????????

Mini tummy tuck

Years and I'm still loving my mini tummy tuck, best thing I've done for myself, best surgeon ever, love what she has done for me
Dr R


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