Lipo & Mini Tummy Tuck, 3kids, 125lbs - Woodbury, MN

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So I decided to write and document my surgery...

So I decided to write and document my surgery because I see their is not many reviews regarding thinner women in my height and weight range. In 4 days I will be having a mini tummy tuck and lipo on my abdomen,hips,flank, back and inner and outer thighs. I'm 37, 5'6 and currently weigh 124lbs. I have had three kids and my youngest just turned 2. As you can see I have a lot of loose skin and some fat as well. After my first child I got back down to 115lb which was my normal weight but pretty much looked the same as I do know, just a bit of a smaller version. I became obsessed with working after my first child and no matter what I did, the flab would not go. I would eat more to build muscle then get frustrated and drop my calories to lose the fat. Then of course I would just lose all the muscle I put on. I have been dealing with this for 10 years and I have had it. I had know idea no matter how hard I worked at the gym I would never have the body that was in my mind. Genes can suck and I am now a firm believer of them! I like many others have not told my family or anyone that I am getting this done because I don't need negative feedback. Only one of my friends know and he is taking me down and back. So we will see if I can pull it off:) So here are some before pics. I will keep in touch!

It's show time!

Well it's 6:30am, about one hour before my surgery! Still not nervous, more excited then anything. I just keep thinking about... No more spending an hour trying to find something to wear in my closet to hide my muffin top, I will be able feel confident in a bikini, I won't hate my 3 best friends anymore:) won't have to wear spanks all the time, and most of all... I will now be able to achieve my fitness goals and hopefully have a rocken body!!!! If I'm able, I will post some post op pics today.

1day post-op, feeling good:)

So I forgot to inform you that 2 days before my surgery I started taking a probiotic and natural supplement bromIelain and vitamin c a week before. can't believe I want nervousness all! Everything went good. They had a hard time waking my up. I didn't want to leave. I just kept telling them to give me 10 more min:) So I stayed awake on the way back to my hotel room from the sugery center, which was a 15 min drive. They had a wheelchair ready for me so that was nice. Got up to my room and laid down ate some saltine crackers, yogurt and 7up. Took you my probiotic and antibiotic. Then a little later took some pain Meds? Then I took a nap. I starting writing this post yesterday by fell asleep! I felt good yesterday, you just need to make sure you stay in your pain Meds and you will be fine but a little sore in ab muscles and incision area. So it honestly not that bad at all so far. I would do it again of I had too. I also do have one drain I'm me. It's not to bad, you just have to pay attention and drain it. So we will see how I'm doing the next day. I have not had a chance to look at my self either, so I can't can't wait?! I'm at the doctors right now for my next day check up so hopefully I will get to see what o look like!

3rd day post up.

Still feeling the same. Not in to much pain or anything. Just want to sleep all the time. I showered last night and took off my garment and I was hoping my stomach area looked a little better. It it kinda got my hopes down. I'm Sure it will be fine after a few weeks, it just kinda looks the same as before right now. I can defiantly tell a difference in my legs though! Hopefully I will get a little more improvement there too:) I tried to take some pictures by myself but they turned out really bad, maybe I can post a couple of them. I don't know it's saying my pic format is to big? Which the same I took the other ones? I will have to figure it out.

Day 4 post op. Still feeling good:)

Day 4 still feeling pretty good. Today I'm going of the Percocet and just going to try taking 1 Vicodin every four hours. The Percocet just makes me way to out of it! So other then that I'm feeling pretty good. Except I'm a little worried in my stomach area. I think he missed a little:( I know it's way to soon but that's just how I feel. Here are some pics of I can get them to upload!

5 days post op and not happy!!!

So I in initially went into my doctors office to have lipo on my stomach. Because I really wanted to have abs again. Then eventually we talked a little more and I said yeah it would be nice to have lipo on my inner and outer thighs as well lower back area. What the hell why not?? Then he informed me that I would probably have to have a mini tummy tuck to get the results I wanted. I agreed with him. So morning of surgery we went over everything, took a black marker and drew all over me and explained any concerns I may have. Everything went great. Then..... a couple days ago I started noticing my belly button and above were not numb really or swollen and I could actually pinch a good amount of skin, fat, fluid or whatever it is. Once I started feeling better I put my bra on and noticed I have the same fat roll as I did before surgery and could even grab more fat. So I'm not throwing him under the bus just yet. Here are pics I took tonight, I also have not had any bruising on my stomach at all, just a bit of swelling where my insision is. All I wanted is my stomach to have abs again:(

1 week post op, here are some new pics!

Well, Here are some 1 week post op pics. I'm feeling really good for the most part, today was my worst day I think. I couldn't sleep at all last night I was itchy all night. I had to get up at 4am to take a hot hot shower to stop the itching! Then tried to go back to sleep and nausea set in. I tried eating a banana and 2 pieces of toast. Did not help! I then had eaten more at around 8 and I still could not get up until about 12 today. I felt not to good all day and I tried to take it easy, but its hard when you have a 2 and 4 year old! I then pulled something and couldn't even bend over. I'm hopeing it wasnt a muscle! Its right underneath my pelvic bone, almost feels like a ovary pain. But I'm sure its due to the surgery incision down there. So I realize now I need to take it easy! I go see my doc tomorrow, so I get my drain out!! And I will get to ask him all my questions and worries! I did call him a couple days ago cause I was worried he didn't do lipo above my belly button area but he said he did lipo all over my stomach area up to my bra area. I feel very tender still all over in there so I know something was done! I'm just scared cause I thought I would be more bloated looking, but its more loose soft skin. Yes I know it takes time so I'm hoping for the best!!! I'm a little worried under my bra area though!

8 days post op incision pic

I forgot to take pics of my incision. This is from tonight, I will take more next time.

2 weeks post op update

I had my drain removed today, so that was awesome. I don't have to much pain anymore, little touchy, but not bad. I have been messaging all my areas twice a day for 2,3 min in each spot. I'm not posting pics till I'm one month post op. I have change but not anything drastic. I already love my legs and my DR. told me today that they are still swollen, that's crazy! I have always kept measurements and the smallest my legs ever got was 21.25 inches at 115lb. Right now they are 20.5 inches. I was 124lbs and legs were 22.25 inches when I went in for surgery. Before I had my kids they were pretty slim. So Im excited about that! My waist is still 26 and I haven't measured anything else yet. So I can't wait to get back into the gym and start lifting again. My confidence is already back:) I will keep updating!!

2 weeks post op weight and measurements:)

This morning I measured and weighed myself, Holy Crap!!!! Lost 5.5lbs and 2.75 inches. So with losing that much weight, I'm assuming I'm very yet swollen or my inches would be more:) A little history......... pre pregnancy, before my last two little ones I was 115, and I was quite a bit smaller in inches.....hips,32, butt,35.25,waist,24.5,thighs,20.75 and stomach was 29 inches.My first child I had young, he is almost 18, 14 years later I had my other two by C- cection because they were both breech and that's what did the number on my body! I gained about 40,45lbs with each of my kids and they were smaller babies, their weight was 6lbs, 6.3lbs and 6.6lbs when delivered. So feeling very excited!!! I got a little nervous for a second there but I think and hoping I will be just fine with my final results and I can't wait!!!!

Pro op. Post op 2 weeks
Weight 124lbs. 119.5lbs
Waist 26. 25.5
Stomach 32. 31.5
(Right below belly button)
Hips 34.75 34
Butt 37 36.5
(Biggest part)
Thighs 22 20.5

3 weeks post op, feeling great!

I'm feeling pretty darn good:) Pretty tender in my back area yet. I can still tell I'm swollen. Weighed in at 119lbs today. Inches are pretty much the same. Lost a little in my waist and hips. I'm changing fast. I should take pics. But I'm waiting till 1 month post, so next week I will have a bunch of pics. My stomach above my belly button is getting a lot better and tighter. I'm hoping my inner and outer thighs get about a half inch to an inch smaller. Which I'm sure they will. My inner thighs are looking good and no problems with loose saggy skin....that seems to be an issue I guess? So I changed my status to "Worth it" cause even if I didn't progress much more (but I know I will) I already look 10 times better then I did. My recovery so far has been a breeze, I'm ready to get back into the gym, that's how good I feel. Although I know I shouldn't. I have been doing 20 min of really good stretching every night. I'm planning on going to the gym next week and just taking it very easy. But I will start with one day at a time. So we will see how the first day goes:)

One month post pics

So these photos were taken at one month post op. I have been so busy and have been trying to get on here and post them! So, everything is going well, I'm now 5 1/2 weeks post. Really no change since the one month pics. I'm starting to get worried that I probably should have had a full tt done. Belly button and upper stomache are starting to look worse, So I'm guessing selling is going down and I'm seeing more loose skin and a little fat pouch on both sides of my belly button, which I had before my lipo and minni tt... just less in that area, but still hangs over my jeans:( I'm praying that I just need time and I'm wrong. I'm also a perfectionist and I thought that I needed a full tt but my doctor steered me away. I asked him last week about it and he still stands his ground on his decision. Only time will tell:) So anyway, my area of concerns are still the same. Under the bra line and belly button area. I have continued to lose more inches ( will post tomorrow) and I weighed in at 117lbs at one month post. I'm 5'6 and really shouldnt lose any more weight. Its also extremely hard for me to put on muscle eating 1800cals a day. I'm planning on starting back at the gym this week. I did a little cardio and bodyweight exercises this week just to get me a loosened up so I'm not so sore when I go back. So

7 month update.

I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting pics!! I have been busy and lazy! I promise I will takes pics meet soon. Honestly not to much change from the pictures above, that's why I haven't posted. I still have a muffin top of lose skin. I
5,6 and my weight before was surgery 125 now I'm at 117. I would say I'm about 70% happy with my results. I look a lot better then I did, but in my mind was expecting better. I still won't be caught dead in a bikini. There's just to much loose skin for me. My doc still argues with me that I was not a candidate for a full TT, but I think I was, cause shits still jiggling. I feel like the lipo was amazing but the mini TT was a waste. I still have flab hanging over my jeans, pants and that is what bothered me the most, and it's still there! I will prob go in again to see of there are any other possibilities or something I can do. I will post pics soon I promise. Also, my advise is: DO NOT GET A MINI TT, YOU WILL NOT BE SATISFIED. ITS A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY. LIPO WAS 100% WORTH IT THOUGH. My DR. did a wonderful job and I believe he did what he thought was best and I would go back to him again over and over. I just think we know our bodies better than anyone, and we know our elasticity and skin type. Just do your research and look at all the pictures you can of mini TTs. If you are a perfectionist... You will not be satisfied. I will post pics soon!
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