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So far I have had answers to so many questions...

So far I have had answers to so many questions from wonderful doctors who has guide me. I am just about to get a Gastro Sleeve and wanted to know how much time should I wait before doing a TT & BBL. I am so happy with the support and learning ahead of time what to expect and how to do everything the right way. I will wait 3-6 months after having my gastro sleeve done to get a stable weight so see how much skin hangs afterwards. I do know I have to have enough fat to fill in my buttocks. So I will be asking again to these wonderful doctor when I am almost ready along with pictures! This is a great website love it!

Tomorrow Houston Tx Gastro Sleeve 01/04/2016

I am ready to do this procedure, yes I am scared nervous and I feel like its the beginning of a new me. I have done my diet liquid I have not lost much weight I retain much but anyways I am just waiting for the clock to tick so I can go to the hospital. I am taking everything step by step since this is not going to be my only surgery I'm looking to do more to myself. Hopefully this surgery is not going to frighten me out. I have a my meds and everything in place hopefully I recover fast to see results of weight lost in me.

Surgery went well ready to change my life

Hi today I am on my second day after surgery and I am ok, hardly any pain since I am on medication. People there is no fear of having surgery I have experience the best and I don't regret doing this surgery.

Feeling Bloated

Everything is fine so far I feel like I am recovering after 3 day Post-op I just have trouble with getting this gas out my belly is bloated and that's what really hurts. If you think its the pain of the small incisions the doctor makes you are wrong don't worry about that. I only feel bloated I am able to walk, lay, and sit down on my own. I am not feeling hungry at all I have to make myself have some liquids that have all the vitamins inside. The cool part of all this is I have lost 15 pds in these few days and its just been 3 days!!!! I was 235 when I went in for surgery and now I am 220 I am noticing this is becoming something amazing. I will keep you all informed about my transformation. I all by myself took out the ON-Q PAIN BUSTER at the hospital my nurse told me he was going to remove it and I told him, "No! I am paying for this medication to go home with me, I will take it out myself." The nurse was surprise how we are all educated, I was told by a nurse staff at my doctor's office to take it home for pain and I could take it out myself 2 days after and I did. It was not hard at all the wire is a bit long but no pain when taking it out.

Going on 6wks post-op GASTRO SLEEVE Houston Tx

At the beginning I had some depression which is normal since I was use to eating everything I wanted. But, now its like I feel good and I'm able to see my results I' am about 210 lbs or less I don't weight myself frequently since I learned that not everyone will see the weight numbers drop which is true. I can fit in more clothes, now I eat what my body needs not what I want. I do find myself always eating now what my stomach tolerates. I'm becoming on my own more aware of what is ok to eat and what's not ok. Its a leaning process that your new stomach teaches you day by day. I now have more discipline in what I can eat and what not to. I am honest if I did not have this surgery I would still be eating and craving sweets and other foods I use to love eating. If you are really tired of being fat and one as this is the surgery you need, I was tired and I was determine to change my life. I am so happy I did it, I don't miss eating anything since I don't feel the same hunger I use to. Bottom line here is....."This is the remedy for all those people who can not stop eating like I did at once. I also found out I have more money saved since I'm not into all that about going to Chinese Buffets and restaurant. Love this new life style!!!! Don't think twice do it!

Feeling Great!!!!! Looking forward to DR

My dream and next step after reaching my weight goal is to go to Dominican Republic for BBL and TT.

Gastro Sleeve is the Best!!!!!! Houston Tx

I have been so happy with my results I am already 200lbs after being 238 before surgery. Its only been 2 months since my surgery I fit in more cloth then before. My stomach rules not my mind anymore, when my stomach says NO MORE its NO MORE!!!! I feel very happy and more confidence in myself then ever. I just need to work on drinking more water, I can tell you I am not experiencing no more hunger depression I go to sleep without eating the big plates of BBQ, foods I use to love I just no longer desire. I feel disgusted when I think I can eat like before, I'm not able to put in whatever I use to eat. I only have 2 bites of anything and that's it no more I just have that sleeve working doing it for me. This is the best thing I have ever done in my life, my children ask if I ant hungry I forget to eat at some point. I know what my stomach enjoys and its more greens specially lettuce. I love the change and if your thinking about getting this done do it don't be scared to make a positive change in your life.

Lost 40lbs in 2 months Gastro Sleeve Houston Tx

I am know able to eat with more confidence at the beginning I was not enjoying food. My stomach loves more veggies and healthy food, it seem like a long process but it has not been. I can't believe I'm about to be 3 months post-op on the 4th of April. I am able to fit in more cloth I finally got to wear a sexy dress and look good in it. I feel normal and love the results, I can see I draw more attention from people when I go out then before. I have been taking my vitamins and drinking plenty of water to avoid hydration. I do forget to eat sometimes I have to remind myself to eat. I drink a protein shake in the morning and all day I'm good. I eat real light food nothing heavy since I feel real full with just anything. Here I have posted new pictures of myself hope you can see the difference.

My feet shrunk!!!!! After gastro sleeve my feet got small!!!

I am shocked I lost weight I am 200.4 lbs been almost going on 3 months tomorrow 4/3/2016 I am finally getting out of the 200 lbs I had done exercise in 2015 for more then 6 months and I only had dropped 20 lbs getting only to be 215lbs. I was never able to get out of the 200lbs and the problem was I could not stop eating that was my biggest battle. The more I would do exercise the more hungry I would get at night and the weight was just gaining more. I would go to weight doctor clinics and take pills that would be stop you from eating and but give you a huge headache and dry mouth. I thought doing this would help me lose weight but, this took me to having aggressive migraines more complications. If you are one that does this stop that will make you gain more weight once you stop the medication. You will double up the amount you lost with so much effort. This is what make me seek another option and this is why I decided to do this surgery. I knew my problem was the big plates of meal I was eating and I could not stop that on my own. I needed help and I got the help I needed. I eat but I can choice what to eat and I do not get to choice how much I can eat. That's the best part of all I have that feeling of being full with a few bites and I can exercise and lose the weight I want to lose with success or own its own without exercise. It goes slow when you do not exercise but, I don't want to lose to much weight since my next step is a tummy tuck and a butt lift. I am saving for that next procedure mean while I'm taking it slow since he's you need fat to do that surgery. Well I hope this helps any who is wanting to do this surgery. Another thing is my feet shrunk I was a size 7 and know I am a size 6 amazing the way my feet also feels the effect. My back does not hurt anymore like before and my knees don't shake. Feel good and better then before.

I just keep losing more weight love it!

I am worried I'm starting to eat more, I need to stop and choice well my meals. Yes I don't feel hungry but that old me still keeps trying to make me eat. I do feel a different way of hunger not like before, I am very happy with my results. I am now 194 lbs but this weekend I notice I was able to eat a little more. To keep losing I must know how to stop it and yes I can. I need to keep busy and do more exercise to reach my goal. I lost so much weight in my legs and my stomach is dropping. I am becoming more saggy from my skin so I have to lift weights.

Lost 70 Lbs After Gastro Sleeve SX

I am so happy with my results, I have done so well after sx. I lost 70 lbs in 8 months I am now adapted to my new way of eating, I eat small portions don't feel hungry at all like before. I use to always be hungry not able to control my appetite, I see how many people struggle with the that issue. Everything I use to love eating now does not no longer drive me nuts, I control what I put in my mouth. I can not mix drinking any liquid with eating that's a huge no no! If you think you will do that believe me your stomach will feel all blown. Do I do excerise I'm not going to lie rare, I will disappear faster! I asked my doctor about me looking all boney and ugly. Doctor told me not to worry my own body will stop on its own where it needs to stop. I take PRENATAL VITAMINS since Biatric vitamins are so expensive, all my lab work comes back great! I do take Vitamin D aslo but need to check with your doctor, everybody is different. I do have lose skin from the weight that I lost. I have not lost no hair, I feel great! I am now on my next step going to get TT, BBL, and Lipo. If you plan on getting this sx the sleeve don't think it twice do it! You will never regret it, I eat much of what I want but very small portions, frequently. But continue to drop weight as I go, I want to lose about 30 lbs more hope to get there soon. I'm going to start the gym more often to tone up!

I just had 8 doctors send me amazing feed back and information for what I should do, I am greatful to be part of this website realself.com makes me feel confident, secure, and have the knowledge I need to continue my journey in transforming my body!

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