My Liposuction Journey With Dr Jeremy Hunt - Wollongong, AU

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So far I have had the initial consult with Dr Hunt...

So far I have had the initial consult with Dr Hunt. He was super easy to talk to. He helped me understand a few misconceptions I had about the whole liposuction procedure, how fat is stored and behaves, and what reasonable results I should expect.
I was 85kg and 2 years ago I lost 20kg so ever since then I have hovered around the 65kg mark. I have some stubborn fat on my belly (abdomen) and sides (flanks) that I cannot get rid of unless I do drastic healthy eating and I want to enjoy my life so that's not happening!!
I am hopeful that this liposuction will help give me the slimmer look I desire, and with my continued acceptable (well I think they are) eating habits and my couple times a week gym sessions it is something I hopefully can maintain and never look back!
I have a pre op consultation next week, so I shall have more info to post then.
Till then wish me luck! :)

2 Weeks to go

I just had my last pre-op meeting with Dr Hunt.
It didn't have much new information, we just went over the areas he would be cutting into me and where the fat would come off and how this would alter my body shape. We also covered how the compression garment works and that I have to wear it for 3 days after surgery :(
And how my anaesthesia works and roughly how long I will be out of it lol. It is a little disconcerting to think that I will be knocked out (nude I guess?) then when I wake up some stranger would have dressed me in the compression garment. Haha funny the strange things I worry over.
Still I feel quite confident that I am making the right decision.
I am all paid up now, just the hospital fees to go, but apparently that gets fixed up on the day when I am discharged.
So now all I have to do is wait for a phone call from the hospital the day before, where they will brief me on my fasting times, what to bring and where to go.
To be continued....

4 Days Left

So nothing new to report right now. Had a 2min phone call from the hospital, telling me I need to call them the day before surgery to get a time frame.
Mainly I just wanted to get some pictures up here for my before shots.
I am 28years old, around 170cm tall, and weigh 65kg. I have not had children but I lost over 20kg a few years back.

The Surgery and 2 Days After

Sadly it turns out that I was booked into the hospital at the bright and cheery time of 6.30am. So that meant I had to be up and in the car by 4.30am to make it to Sydney on time. The benefit to this is that I didn't even notice the fasting time lol. Once we found the hospital and checked in I was passed along through several different nurses and assistants and such, but all of them were very nice and friendly, and I did see them more than just the one time. Just before I was knocked out Dr Hunt came in to have a quick word and draw on me a little. Then I literally remember nothing.
I woke up with lots of tremors, and a horrible taste in my mouth. But after a few hours, lots of water, and being made to eat by my nurse I was feeling much better, and I was ready to be discharged. On the drive home, apart from a massive bout of nausea that made the journey horrible, we stopped in at a pharmacy to pick up my prescribed antibiotics and painkillers.
Once home and laid out on the couch later that afternoon, I could then appreciate the massive amounts of swelling and bruising that were becoming all to apparent!
I must say no matter how many times Dr Hunt or the nurses warned me, until I saw it with my own eyes I could not believe how bad I looked (and felt)
Now it is 2 days after my surgery, the swelling has gone down a fair bit but I still feel like I have had my mid section trampled by a herd of cattle. I feel fine if I stay put, but once I want to move everything is all seized up and very resistant to change. It is also a terrible thing to cough or laugh. Still everything has been quite manageable so far and I hope the reward will be worth it.
I am going to put up a few pictures but honestly they don't do me any favours.

1 Week After Surgery

The swelling has gone down finally. All of my bruises are starting to turn green and itchy. My torso still has a horrible bruised muscle feeling, and to touch it hurts a fair bit. I went up to Sydney again for my post op meeting with Dr Hunt. A nurse explained to me how to look after the incisions, and how to minimize the scars. And also a little about massaging the treated areas to help with the healing.
I now don't see Dr Hunt again for several more weeks.
I have included some more progress pictures, but as of yet I don't see much change. Dr Hunt did say that he removed 2kg of fat.

2 Weeks After Surgery

It has now been 2 weeks and I no longer have to wear the compression garment 24hours a day. Now I wear it 12hours. All of the bruising is gone (yay) but all of the muscles and fascia are very tender still. I now have to start my regime for scar treatment, which involves a little tube of silicon gel and gentle massaging.
I have been worried about the massaging of myself to promote the healing process and to even out my stomach texture. So I decided to call a professional and I booked myself in to see a lymphatic specialist, who treats lots of persons with medical complications. Jan treated me for an hour, gently rubbing and kneading all of my sore areas, she also used a deep tissue laser which will also help minimise scars and helps unknot the little balls of tissue that I could feel on my belly. It was a relaxing and professional experience, and afterward I did feel much better, lots more movement in my torso and my scars felt flatter :) She then also gave me some pretty tape to wear (I have the pictures up) the tape is positioned to stimulate the lymph thingies so that they are working properly, and to aid in their circulation. All of this is helping my healing process. Apparently I just wear them for a few days until they start to come off. I feel pretty good about Jan and her work so I have booked in to see her again in a weeks time.
If anyone is interested her contact details are as follows:
Jan Hunter
Illawarra Lymphoedema Service
196 Mt Keira Rd, Mt Keira NSW 2500
ph: 02 42440208
For my one hour treatment with the lasers and the tape it cost me $105
As for my next post I am hopeful that I can sneak into the gym for some light cardio work and weights, because after paying all of this money for the liposuction and then spending the last 2 weeks at home eating and sleeping, I'm going a little crazy

Final Verdict

So it's been just over 2 years now I guess since the surgery. My incision scars are pretty much invisible and smooth (yes you need to work them quite firmly to reduce scar tissue) and I have to say I'm a pretty happy camper! I now weigh a fairly consistent 57kg which just amazes me, with a 2 days a week gym regime and by no means a healthy diet. My tummy has definitely flattened out and I have slight curviture on my waist now woo! You can't see it in these pictures but I always wear low cut shorts and jeans and I no longer have the dreaded muffin top. So I feel really good about everything now but also long term in like 20 years where I slow down and loose fitness I'm sure this little surgery will keep me looking super sexy.
All in all, yeah I'm glad I did it and I would recommend liposuction to anyone. Sometimes you just need a little boost to fall in love with yourself again.
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Dr Jeremy Hunt is a lovely man, he is easy to talk to and no matter how silly or ignorant I think my questions are he always answered them in a professional, helpful and easy to understand manner. So far the only problem I have had is with the paperwork/phone calls in getting all of this organised. I had not realised that my quote would need to be split up and paid to 3 separate parties. And there is a lot of information to assimilate in such a short space of time I am feeling anxious that there are questions or scenarios that I have overlooked.

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