Laser Lipo/ Sonobello Woburn, MA - Waist ,Upper & Lower Abs - Woburn, MA

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Met with the folks at Sonobello in Woburn, MA for...

Met with the folks at Sonobello in Woburn, MA for a consultation for Laser Lipo for the waist, upper and lower Abs along with Hips on 10.2.2013 - after meeting with a sales person who did seem to have a lot of knowledge in the industry (looked me over), I met with the Dr. who just finished up a procedure and had some time. This isn't typical but I was happy so not to have to make two trips as I am driving 1 1/2 hours one way. Dr. was very nice and knowledgeable. He wasn't selling me and I felt as though if I wasn't a good candidate for the procedure he would have told me. I booked that day for October 23rd. They did have an opening the following week, would not work with my schedule. I received my prescriptions after paying a deposit, of course. I will be turning 38, this month and ready to start taking better care of me. I have two children both in their teens and pregnancy and "life" have done a number on my body. It seems resistant to exercise. I did remove the hips at this time as it wasn't in my budget. But if all goes well, which I am sure it will, I will be back for that. I will upload photos as it gets closer, so you can see before and after. Anyone with any feedback on Sonobello, please feel free to send feedback. :)

One week from today!

So, my procedure; laser lipo- upper and lower abs and waist is ONE WEEK AWAY... looking forward to the result but not the down time or the dreaded oozing I have been reading about. Any tips that someone can give me pre-one week prep would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday before the surgery!!!!

Procedure is this Wednesday, start my arnica tomorrow and antibiotic Tuesday... Getting excited and nervous. Have the first appt of the day. I will update as soon as I can this week after, wish me luck!!!!! Posted photos, alittle dark, but I think you get the jist!!!

Had my procedure today! Wasn't so bad...

Was doing well till he moved near my ribs, can you say ouch!!!!!!! But he was good, did the right thing and numbed it up more... Staff was nice, they had an intern watch who was training out of the Orlando office. She was nice. My husband took me for a 10 minute walk after I woke up, wasn't too bad, after the pain med of course... Going to have something small to eat and back to bed... Will update with pics when I can.

Getting better everyday!!!

So recovery is going well. Saturday I was able to lose the white binder. It was terrible to clean and very very stiff. But I can see why they use it for the first two days. I do have a good amount of swelling and I have been finding it difficult to touch the skin in the shower, not because it hurts , but it feels REALLY strange. The only thing that I can compare it to is, right after you have a baby... I am going to start some light exercise tonight. Treadmill. No pain pills since the day of the procedure. I feel good. Need to do a better job with my water intake. Everything is going well. I do have my follow-up this Friday. I will update then. :) SO FAR, SO GOOD...
Dr. Walek, M.D.

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