45 Years Old, 2 Kids, Pouchy Tummy - Woburn, MA

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I have been struggling with my weight my whole...

I have been struggling with my weight my whole life, but have always been athletic.
My stomach was pouchy and I couldn't get rid of it.
I decided in a pretty short time that I wanted the procedure. I had the consult on Saturday and the surgery on Thursday!
I had lipo procedure of upper and lower abs, and both sides.
The operation was fine, I watched the fat being removed, and Dr Rae was so supportive and a great help. The nurses felt like long lost friends.
It hurt near my ribs, a few times but nothing drastic. Pinches and burning a few times. After the procedure the nurse put me in the CG- wow! She wheeled me to the car- I was happy about that.
Day 1 I was out - slept so much I don't remember anything after getting home. I got up a few times to go to the bathroom and felt really sick, and my ears were ringing.
I remember my husband trying to offer me food but I couldn't stay awake enough to eat. I had the procedure at 8 am, and don't remember that day or night except fir a few times of my husband snoring, which us kinda funny, that woke me up.
Day 2- that day was bad bad bad. My husband went to work, and I got up , bad news. I was lightheaded and couldn't function. I laid on the couch and called the doctors office. I spoke to the nurse who said that I wasn't drinking enough water. And the lynocaine anesthetic was too much, causing so much drowsiness and dizziness. I decided to call hubby and ask him to cone home at lunch.
He did so and I took took the suit off for washing and tried to take a shower.
The pads were full but the drainage seemed to be mostly done.
About 1 minute in the shower and the ringing started and sounds were getting very far away, I called for my husband but he didn't hear me.
I just climbed back in bed soaking wet- and then discovered - oh joy oh joy- I started my period!?"' Really?
Getting the suit back on was a major hardship. We did it wrong 2. At this point I am crying. After getting everything back in place I fell back asleep, I had taken a pain pill at 9:30. When I woke I decided that was the last I was taking any of those pills.

Oh- I had a few protein shakes - best thing in the world. Easy to get down and helps.
Got up at 2:30 and was in a very unhappy mood. I have 2 teenage boys who live like slobs. Dishes, clothes everywhere- again- REALLY!?! I unfortunately doled out lectures to all :)) ( kinda funny now) which resulted in both kids taking their video games to another part of the house.

I ate a normal lunch of a salad and turkey burger, and a normal dinner later - and had a big poo! Yeah !!

Went to bed around 10.
Results wise when I took off the CG on day 2 before shower- if was a big "wow" in a very good way. Very little bruising, no lumps, extra skin that I know I have to deal with.
I will load pics.
Today is day 3, I'm feeling a bit more human. Getting myself up and around, washing the garment, taking my vitamins and everything, takes a lot of time and effort.
I don't know how I'm going to go back to work, and I'm supposed to travel out of country thus upcoming week.
I think the biggest learning - recovery isn't just a snap- don't let the doc office tell you it is. I do feel skinnier, my waist is smaller and I can't wait to heal- it takes a lot of focus, consistency- it means putting yourself first and pushing yourself. When I read reviews about a 6 month recovery- that is something to pay attention to- ensure you are up to it.
I'll post pictures soon.

Day 4 - healing

Today is Day 4.
Things are better every day, but it takes a long time to get ready and around in the morning. Today is my last day off of work.
My incisions are starting to heal, and itch. I put Neosporin. I'm happy I did this, but it's not a quick fix and requires total focus to taking care of yourself. It feels good, to take care of myself and put myself first.
Yesterday I walked a mile- slowest walk ive ever taken, it took every ounce of energy I had. I feel very weak. :((
I can see the bruising start, and my stretch marks are red and purple. Most of my skin is still numb and it hurts to bend down or twist.
Today I'm going to walk again, a little faster, and eat more green veges.
I've decided I'm going to work from home tomorrow, and not travel, I want to focus on wellness, stay in my routine.

Pictures of day 4 evening

I feel like I'm swelling more?. I feel like every time I look I'm not sure if it's better, or worse. Does anyone have an opinion? My incisions are itching, I guess that is a good sign.
Walked 2 miles, ate only protein shake for dinner, salad for lunch, egg beaters for breakfast. I'm very determined.

Day 5- not happy

I went back to work today, went home 1/2 day, felt weak and lightheaded.
My stomach looks the worst yet- what happened to my day 2 flat stomach? Swelling and bruising, and the phase 1 CG- I am very sick of it. Phase 2 CG much more comfortable.

10 day Update pics

10 day picture

3 weeks update

Tomorrow is my 3 week mark. I still wear my CG, and I still have pain, when I drive my stomach feels the bumps, it's crazy.
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