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A year ago, I had my outer thighs and love handles...

A year ago, I had my outer thighs and love handles done. I also had my lower abdomen but I really didn't need it. The doctor said it would tighten up the skin that was left after having two kids (btw it did no tightening whatsoever); so whatever, I wasn't going to complain.

During the procedure it was the weirdest sensation. Like I was there but not. It went by in a flash although I was there from 8 am and left at 1 pm. I was able to drive home when I left but I was loopy while I was there- probably could have been pulled over for a dui. It didn't hurt though. Felt kind of like a tugging. But that's not to say I liked the feeling because I didn't! It felt like a bad dream that I couldn't get awake from...

Anyway, 6 hr. after, the pain caught up to me. Of course I bought everything you are supposed to buy beforehand. I was cursing myself.

The next morning I couldn't believe how much it hurt. Maybe I read about it but I read only what I wanted and ignored any pain aspect. I had breast implants and this pain was much worse. I read later that the outer thighs are painful. If it was just my stomach, I probably could have handled it. And I have high tolerance for pain. Both kids, no epidural (not my choosing but that is how fast they came!).

Every day got better with pain and within a week, voila, the pain was gone. However, the swelling didn't. And the reason I had this was to get thinner not fatter. Different people swell at different rates but I had no clue I had to wear my fat sizes for one month rather than just "that time of month". I did all the fat suits to keep swelling down and nothing helped. That was something I never read about and did not expect.

Ok so you might think, was I fat or thin to begin with... well, I was 41 at the time of the procedure and it was the first time in my life that I reached above 130. I am 5'8" and a size 4. As I approached my 40th, my weight no longer was reliable and at the time I had my procedure, I weighed 140. that not only alarmed me but it scared me. I still fit in size 4 but tightly and with a fat roll that doubled over my pants.

So I even got bigger after the procedure. Huh? I kept record too considering I am a fanatic at keeping my size, I documented my size before and after and the tape measure only started receding 6 weeks after the procedure.

3 months later I saw so no results. I was back to my former self prior to surgery/or procedure. I would say the pain was not worth it. Spend the money on pilates or a professional trainer. I see friends that get way better results.

In case anyone is in my same boat... getting older and feeling like your getting fatter and everything you do is not working like it used to. Think about this: 4 months after getting smart lipo I went to see a new obgyn because mine retired (thank god) and found I had hypothyroidism. I've been on meds and lost the weight effortlessly and now I am actually embarrassed to be in a bathing suit because my left leg looks deformed.

My husband laughs about the things I put myself through so I am here to say it was not worth it. I tell anyone now that if you want a tummy tuck get it. I have friends that I see with amazing results and this procedure hurts so you still go through pain and get very, very minimal results. Don't kid yourself. Go for the real thing.

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