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I have had Restylane injected many times over the...

I have had Restylane injected many times over the past 4 years. I started in mouth to nose lines and corners of my mouth and moved to my lips. The problem is that it did not last very long...four months at the most. I switched this year to Radiesse in those areas and have greater success in the lasting time (additional 2-3 months). I still use Restylane in my upper lip but it goes away quickly. I have been told that in the areas of your face that move a lot (mouth and corners of mouth) you can expect it to go away faster. It is quite expensive, fairly painful(I hate needles but I seem to tolerate this), and I think it is worth it. I have been treated by at least 5 different plastic surgeons in Dallas, Texas and Virgina Beach in search of better results. The P.S. I go to now is really a master at injecting fillers. He knows how to inject correctly and what amounts to use for the best result. The other Dr.'s or nurses either put too much or too little in the wrong places. I think it depends on who is administering the product. Also, it depends on the Dr. whether you have bruising and lumps from injection sites. I have had no problems with Botox, Restylane or Radiesse over the course of treatment with the Dr. I use now and I have fine, light, sensitive skin. I am very specific with instructions on injecting my upper lip. I don't want that bow-shaped look so I ask that he fill the sides more than the middle of my lip. True, you can look swollen and occasionally bruised on your lip for a week or so but it helps stop the "caved-in" upper lip look as I age (50). With Restylane, I used to just have the injections without a novocain block but the Radiesse is so thick that I need the block now for pain. Honestly, I just wish it lasted longer because administered correctly, it makes you look much younger.
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