Reduction of Labia Minora Covered by insurance, 2 Vaginal Deliveries, 25 Years Old

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So, most of my life I've noticed and been...

So, most of my life I've noticed and been uncomfortable with the length of my labia minora. It gets very uncomfortable with exercise or just simply wearing a thong. I am constantly "tucking" it back so that the inside line of my underwear doesn't rub on it and cause irritation.
I go in for surgery in a week, my gyno is going to be doing the procedure. I'm a little worried because he is doing the de-epithelialization technique, which I haven't seen much reviews on from this page.
I have had two children born vaginally, I'm 25 and I am in shape.
So far, I just have up my before pictures! Soon, I will post my after ones :)

getting de epithelialization technique, anyone else have this done!?!?

I go in Monday, and I'm just interested in looking into other people who have had the de epithelialization technique done!
I haven't seen any reviews on it here and I'm worried it won't work good enough since not a lot of people get it done.

Day 1, 8 hours after surgery

This morning I went into the hospital, totally anxious and nervous about things. My gynecologist came in and asked how much I want taken off, what my ideal image of it is and then explained the procedure.
I asked for as much as possible to get close to the rim of my outer lips without any nerve damage. He decided to do the "Z" trimming. Almost, like two wedges on each minora then stitched together! Some stitching may show a little after healing but for the most part they shouldn't he said.
I went into the operating room (if you call it that) and they slapped some oxygen on me and three breaths in and I don't remember a thing. Lol (I got anesthetics) I remember waking up pretty froggy with pain and my gyno and nurse talking to me. I was definitely nauseous for a few hours but I believe it was because I had only slept 3 hours and was soooo tired I could hardly stay awake.
Gave me some ice packs for my lady, kinda like the ones I had after I gave birth. Soooo nice!! I highly suggest asking for them when you leave.
I haven't taken any pain meds since whatever they put in my IV Immediately afterwards, around 11pm.
So far the pain isn't actually bad but I'm sure tomorrow it'll kick in more!

I keep trying to upload my photos and it won't work. :/

photos day 1

Day 2

My first nights sleep at home after the procedure was actually pretty good. I slept with a pillow between my legs and didn't take any pain medication.
Today, different story. The pain was there shortly after I woke up so I decided to take some of the pain medication they prescribed me.
Oddly enough, I think my throat/neck hurt just as much as my pussy does! That breathing tube really did me in I guess.
My swelling is still about the same, but my bruising has started, along with a little bit of bleeding going on still.

Day 5

The first 3 days it hurt pretty bad. The start of day 4 I noticed I was starting to itch where my stitches are, and now today it is very annoying! It itches! Lol but the swelling has gone down, not all the way yet but most of it. My bleeding finally stopped too!
I do think my gyno didn't cut off enough, but we will see. It's still swollen, so maybe that's why.
Has anyone ever not had enough removed and had to go back in? What happens?
I think I'll probably just leave it for nerve damage purposes..not sure.

10 days post op

So my bruising is almost completely gone. I still have scabs and my stitches are still in place. The pain is gone also! The only thing I really feel is the stitches rubbing on my panties.
When I feel from underneath, I feel nothing hanging anymore! It feels amazing!
I get my stitches out at the end of this week! So, I will post more photos once everything is out and complete!! Yay!!
Hoping it shrinks a littttle more still though! The front area closest to my clit hangs a little yet. Hoping that part won't bother me with my undies rubbing on it still, but as long as all my sensation is still there, then idc! Lol

how long!?

Does anyone else remember how long it took to be comfortable wearing a thong? Or tighter pants?!?
I'm going insane lol. Its getting close to two weeks post op and I still feel uncomfortable wearing a thong, and my bottoms.
I have jeggings and since the crotch part is tucked right there by my lady parts, it rubs and I cant even wear them.
How long does it usually take. I dont have a lot of loose fitting pants/shorts.

Over a year!

It's been well over a year since the surgery and I still love it! It looks completely normal, still has "my" look to it, not a fake looking one. Which I'm totally happy with! Oh, and no more pain either! Glad I had this fixed.
doctor m

My Gyno

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