7 weeks PO and shrinking belly button!

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I'm 54 and finally got off the couch about 3...

I'm 54 and finally got off the couch about 3 years ago. After raising two kids I had time for myself. I've learned to swim and scuba dive. I've competed in 3 sprint distance triathlons and 1 olympic distance. I'm in the gym 5-6 times per week, meeting with a personal trainer, spinning, running, stairmaster and lifting heavy things.

I had two pregnancies (1 was a vertical C-section). I'm happily married for 33 years and my husband loves me "just the way I am." The one thing I've always thought to change about me is my very flabby stomach. I like the rest of me, just hate the pooch and roll appearance I have no matter what I wear.

So I'm taking the plunge and getting some help fixing up the parts of me exercise can't tighten up. I hope to return to my current level of physical activity by spring so I can enjoy the next race season and lot's of swimming, biking and running. I also look forward to seeing pictures of me running and looking as fit as I feel.

Pre-tuck/lipo pictures soon.

I've been reading the Q&A's, as well as the posts...

I've been reading the Q&A's, as well as the posts in the December TTs group. Feeling that I had some unanswered questions, I called the doctor's office and set up another appointment. I'm really focused and decided on this, however I want to be sure I don't leave any unanswered questions on the table. My husband has been super and I'm looking forward to getting this done.

Thanksgiving feast yesterday and today I'm...

Thanksgiving feast yesterday and today I'm thinking it's all just fat. I had my husband take pictures to post and I am once again convinced that no amount of exercise will cure this skin issue. I'm making the right decision to have this done. December 27 is just around the corner. Looking forward to shifting my thinking from anticipation to positive thoughts about recovery.

Met with my internist today for pre-op EKG,...

Met with my internist today for pre-op EKG, required if you are over 50. I was really pleased at how supportive she was. She thought my choice to have a TT and flank lipo to be completely reasonable. She was the one person I was concerned about because she's been very blunt with me in the past. What a relief not to have to defend my decision.

Two weeks to go. I thought celebrating Christmas just prior to surgery would give me something else to think about, but I was wrong. My husband is still incredibly supportive and that makes this all the easier.

I'm meeting with the PS next Tuesday for some final questions. He'll be marking me the morning of surgery, so this was an unnecessary visit, but I think it will help me to fell fully at ease.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. I'll post again after the procedure on 12/27.

I went in to see the PS today. We talked through...

I went in to see the PS today. We talked through my final list of questions, most of which were generated by reading through the various posts and reviews -- so thanks to all of you.

He took the official "before" pictures. We talked about the procedure and post-op hospital stay. I'm really pleased with this doctor and his "must stay overnight" policy. I'll have a foley catheter, IV anti-biotics, anti-nausea meds, anti-embolism leg massage, dressing change, etc while in the hospital. The procedure is scheduled for 12/27 at 7:30am and he expects to discharge me by 1:00 the next day.

I also got my prescriptions which I will fill next Monday. I was given Percocet, Valium (for muscle spasm), Compazine (for nausea), and Keflex (anti-biotic).

All in all, I'm feeling really good about my decision to proceed and choice of doctor. I'll check in again, post-op.

I'll be checking into the hospital tomorrow...

I'll be checking into the hospital tomorrow morning at 5:30am for 7:30 procedure. My PS says he'll release me on Wednesday at about 1:00pm -- he requires an overnight stay.

Thanks to all who post on this forum and who have shared their experiences. It's been a huge help!

And feeling good. My PS requires an overnight...

And feeling good. My PS requires an overnight stay in the hospital post TT and lipo. I was initially surprised at this requirement, but now I am so glad I had to stay over. I had a foley catheter until 5:30 this morning which meant no middle of the night trips to the bathroom. The only time I had to get up was for two brief walks. I had the leg massager to prevent blood clots; IV anti-biotics and pain meds. Happily I had no nausea after anesthesia, only a small bout after food and morphine, which passed fairly quickly. The PS was very pleased about how well I'm feeling. I got a brief look at my tummy during the bandage change and, wow, it's awesome. Looking forward to being able to stand in front of a mirror! Now that I'm at home my husband is a great caregiver, keeping track of meds/times and making sure I'm comfortable. Sleeping seems to be what my body wants most right now, so I'm back to my comfy chair and quilt.

Saw the PS this morning and had the drains removed...

Saw the PS this morning and had the drains removed. He asked me to wait until tomorrow to take a shower so that the drain openings have a chance to close up. I'm also in a much more comfortable CG now. (The only thing I can "complain" about is the intense desire to scratch my abdomen and back! Yikes, I just itch!)

The PS is very pleased with my progress and mobility, said I was in the top 5-10% of patients in terms of postive recovery! I've been an absolute slug since discharge on Wednesday. I'm taking 1 Percocet 5-325mg every 4 hours now, just to make sure I stay ahead of any pain. I've been taking 1/2 a 5mg Valium at night, really just to help me sleep. Lots of naps during the day, very light foods (soups, egg, toast, pasta, fresh fruit) and catching up on my DVR programs.

Yesterday the anesthesiologist called to check up on me and was very pleased to hear I had no real bouts of nausea since leaving the hospital. I was expecting a much more difficult time of things and am very happy with how I'm feeling. After today I'm going to back off on the Percocet, down to 1/2 a dose every 3-4 hours and see how that goes.

Overall, this has been a very positive experience. I'm adding my day 3 post-op pictures so you can all take a look and I'll check in again soon.

I've been feeling so wonderful that yesterday my...

I've been feeling so wonderful that yesterday my husband and I went for a short trip to the mall. Just a bit of shopping at the book store and a department store. Felt great to get out of the house. Today, I felt like I had been hit by a truck! Exhausted, headache, backache. Wow. Been sitting around all day today, just trying to regroup. A bit of a surprise, and I'll definitely take things a bit more slowly.

Just came back from a visit with the PS. He...

Just came back from a visit with the PS. He removed the tape and a few stitches from my BB. He's super pleased with my progress and energy level. He showed me pictures of the flesh removed (wow, 4 lbs and 17 inches across) as well as the volume of fat removed from lipo. I declined a copy of both having lived with it for so long. I can't imagine whipping out those pictures at a family gathering ;)

Recommended I start walking at no more than 2.5/no incline on the treadmill starting at 10 mins and adding as tolerated. Better still, he recommends walking outside and taking advantage of our unseasonably warm and dry January. I'm really excited to get moving again.

I have some fluid retention, but nothing to worry about (my drains came out at 3-days PO). I have switched over to a Flexee garment and it feels so much better than the CG -- a much more even compression. And the best news? My pre-TT jeans fit! I feel like a human being again, not some slug pretending that sweats weren't the daytime substitute for pajamas.

I've added two new pictures. My husband just keeps marveling at the difference.

Best to everyone else and stay on the path, it's worth it!

Well, I've increased the amount of physical...

Well, I've increased the amount of physical activity I'm doing, just a bit. I've gone for a few walks outside, actually had a nice dinner out with my husband and am starting to take down the holiday decorations. I find that my tummy feels really tight. I can stand up straight, no problem, but there are moments when I just feel so "full" -- I expect it's fluid. I understand the swelling, but I think it's the one thing I'm going to be a bit impatient about. Trying to moderate my activity because I do understand that it can lead to more swelling. Luckily I have 1 more week at home before I go back to work, because that afternoon nap feels soooo good!

Now 17 days PO and saw the PS today. My BB has...

Now 17 days PO and saw the PS today. My BB has been "weeping" and on examination he thought I might have some fluid buildup that my body was unable to absord. He tapped off almost 100ccs and wow. Everything feels softer and more natural. I also look flatter and feel better. Because the BB looked a bit irritated he put me on some antibiotics. I'm going back next week Tuesday to get the last of the BB stitches out, confirm no more fluid buildup and have a small cyst removed from my breast. So happy with the overall results and once that small breast lump is removed I think the alterations will be complete!

21 days post-op and saw the PS today. He tapped...

21 days post-op and saw the PS today. He tapped another 35cc of fluid from my abdomen, but said all good. I had a small cyst removed from my right breast in the office. Easily done and happy to have it gone -- I was conscious of it every time I showed a bit of clevage. I can't say enough great things about my doctor, he's absolutely great. Next visit in three weeks.

Also, first day back at work and managed to make it through the day just fine. So happy to have had the TT/lipo and the results are wonderful.

Hi all. I haven't updated in a while and thought...

Hi all. I haven't updated in a while and thought I'd check in before heading out for the evening. Next Tuesday I'll be six-weeks post op. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone and how good I feel. Wearing a Flexee's CG everyday and using NewGel+ for scar reduction. Pre-surgery jeans fit at two weeks and I've lost 10 pounds.

I'm back to the gym 5 days a week, 3.5 walk on treadmill and cardio on the eliptical. Waiting for my 2/14 appointment for clearance on weightlifting and swimming.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I feel very lucky to have found a great PS who helped guide a great recovery. My husband has been super supportive and so happy with the result. And I'm just thrilled with the results.

If you are thinking about a TT do lots of research, find a great doctor, line up your support system and make sure you are mentally and physically ready for the recovery journey.

Best to everyone for speedy recoveries and fun summers in cute swimsuits! New picture attached.

Saw the doctor yesterday at 7 weeks post-op. ...

Saw the doctor yesterday at 7 weeks post-op. Everything looks great and doctor said I was a "perfect procedure, perfect recovery". Except for the belly button that has gotten a bit small. He recommended taping in a marble to keep it from shrinking and creating a nice round shape. My wonderful husband found a marble, boiled it and I was ready to go. Expect that the marble was too big for the space and I couldn't effectively get it in place. I must have pushed to hard and it slipped into my BB and stuck. Next thing I knew, my BB was bleeding and I couldn't get the marble out. Mild freakout, but covered it with gauze and tape and off to bed. By morning it was working it's way out and I was able to remove it. Picked up some ear plugs instead and hoping that works. It sounds like it would be way more comfortable. We'll see. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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Dr. Bock is very thorough, caring and conservative. He insists on an overnight stay, well worth the $300 hospital fee. He gave me his cell phone number for a daily check-in. The office was very helpful in scheduling the procedure around my work schedule and I've never had a moment of doubt that I picked the right doctor.

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