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I'm 25 years old with no kids and I'm 5 days...

I'm 25 years old with no kids and I'm 5 days postop from breast reduction! I just wanted to share my experience for those who are unsure if they want to get this procedure done. It's only been 5 days, but I'm already thrilled with the results. Today was my first postop appt with my plastic surgeon. And holy cow, I can't believe I was able to get ready and drive myself there. My first 3 days postop were AWFUL. I was so sick (from anesthesia). And to top it off, I couldn't take my pain meds.. Only Tylenol. But honestly, each day has gotten a little better. Today was the first day I finally got to see them with the surgical bra off. They're better than I expected! I do have the expected bruising, little numbing to my left nipple, and itchiness from the stitches... So, nothing too major (at least so far). I just can't believe how different I feel already. I feel lighter, no back pain, no breast rashes, clothing fitting better, more confidence... And so much more. I highly recommend this procedure to those who have large breasts. I don't have children, so I imagine they'll change slightly with pregnancy. At this point though, it's been worth it. It's still pretty soon, but so far I'm loving it. I hope it continues on!

Breast Rash/irritation After Reduction - Help!

I'm 11 days postop from breast reduction. The past three days I've noticed an increase in the itchiness from healing. However, I'm concerned it's not the healing part that's causing this severe itch, but maybe an allergic reaction or rash. Nothing helps... Benadryl, Zyrtec, creams, etc. I'm going crazy!

I still have the steri tape over my incisions as I was directed to leave them on until 3 weeks postop (unless they fall off). Tonight after my shower, I removed one as it was extremely itchy underneath, very red, and warm to the touch. After removing it, I noticed a white welt/wheal that was underneath the tape. Very similar to what you'd see in an allergic reaction. I immediately felt relief though! I'm concerned now that I'm having some sort of allergic reaction to the tape? I'm still extremely itchy. I'm itchy all over my breast area, not just under/near the tape. It also helps to NOT have the surgical bra on. I tried a sports bra, but no bra on helps best. I contacted my plastic surgeons office... Just waiting to hear back from them. Anyone experience something like this??

Please help! I'm 12 days postop from BR and I'm...

Please help! I'm 12 days postop from BR and I'm suffering from a horrendous itch! It's an intense burning itch. I contacted my PS who advised me to remove the steri strips. They were green and smelled awful. I do feel better since removing them, but the itch is still crazy bad. I have an appt later this week with my PS, but should i be seen sooner?! Is there anything i can do in the meantime to relieve some of this itch?? I've tried benadryl, zyrtec, cortisone cream and benadryl cream. It takes the edge off for maybe an hour or two and then it's back :/


Itching Update

I'm 16 days postop and as I discussed in previous posts, I had a suspected allergic reaction to the steri strips. I was given a prescription strength cream to ease the itching and directed to take zyrtec in the AM and benadryl in the PM. The Rx cream works better than benadryl gel or cortizone cream, but i still feel itchy. It's not as intense tho. However, today I felt like my breasts were on fire again with the intense itch. I went without my surgical bra for a few days because it irritated my breasts horribly. I thought I'd put it on today since I appear to be getting breasts are extremely swollen and I know the compression would be helpful...... But holy cow was I wrong. 

I'm starting to think I'm allergic to the detergent I've been using on my surgical bras!? When I took the bra off my breasts were bright red and itched insanely bad. I was advised to hand wash the bras because they fall apart easily. And maybe that's causing it?? I don't know. I'm going braless today, but even my tshirt is irritating my breasts. I've never had any allergies to my detergent pre-surgery. I feel lost. 

I'm starting to feel really depressed about all of it. I loved the way I looked at 5-6 days postop and now that I'm 15-16 days postop i just wanna cry. They look huge again. The surgical bra was loose and now it's tight. I can't do anything and the itching is really getting to me. 

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