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After reading everyone else's stories I've decided...

After reading everyone else's stories I've decided to finally share my own. To make a long story short: I had my BA in June 2012. I have 375 Saline Moderates filled to 400ccs under the muscle. I developed CC by August. I had a revision on Nov. 21st for CC in my right and implant repositioning in my left. They were perfect. For 11 days. The CC redeveloped in my right only 11 days post op.

Saw my PS today for my post op. He gave me three options. He would do a casulectomy (my revision was a capsulotomy) and insert a new implant, explant and replace with new implants in 6 months, or just explant. I just fell apart in his office and really couldn't discuss much as I couldn't keep myself together. (embarassing) What I got out of it was he wouldn't charge me anything, and he would explant without removing the capsules. And, he wouldn't use drains unless he saw a need. He did use drains with my capsulotomy. I don't know if I'm comfortable with leaving in the capsules and would love the hear from those who have left the capsules in. Especially since I have CC on my right side. 

I am considering a second opinion, but that is also 4 hours away and will cost me a lot more money. Any advice? Do I stick this out with my original PS and pray for the best? Thanks, in advance for your support Ladies!

I have made 2 more appointments for consults on...

I have made 2 more appointments for consults on explantation. The first is a week from today and the other is in January. Hoping that I find a Dr. that I am comfortable with and who is understanding and empathetic. Both are with women Dr.s. I have started dreaming about my boobs again. I cannot wait to have them out, but I am scared and nervous about the whole process and recovery. Unfortunately, I will need to wait until March to get an explant. In the meantime, I have started a new workout and plan on being in tip top shape when I go in for explant in March.

It's been awhile since I've updated. I've had 2...

It's been awhile since I've updated. I've had 2 consultations with a PS. She was not my original PS, and felt I needed to give it some time due to my emotions. Though, initially upset over this, I now think it was a good idea to give it some time and let my emotions settle. However, I have not changed my mind, and in fact, feel more strongly that explanting is what I need to do. On Monday, I will go back to my original PS to see what he has to say. The reasons for me going back to him is financial. The last time I saw him was after my revision post op, where I was very upset over my results. At that time, he said he would explant for nothing. The other PS quoted me at $4800. So, I'm hoping the original PS is still good for his word and will explant for nothing. This would be my 3rd surgery in one year with him. I do have questions for him though. Mostly about the capsule of my right breast that has CC. He had no plans to do a capsulectomy or drains where as my other PS was going to do both of those things.

Either way, I won't be having surgery until beginning of June as that is when my summer break begins and I won't have to worry about my job or taking days off. I'm hoping that I'll have a date by Monday. I'll keep you updated.

I just want to thank everyone for posting their stories. It really is so helpful to those of us in the wings!

I had a consult with my original PS this morning...

I had a consult with my original PS this morning and scheduled surgery for June 12th! I'm relieved to have taken this step to being my real and natural self. I wish I could have scheduled it sooner but i'm unable to make it work with my job.

My PS is only charging me for the cost of anesthecist which is $850. We talked about procedure and he plans to leave in capsules but won't really know until he gets in there. He may also do some internal work if there is a need due to a lowered crease in right breast.

I'm feeling positive and relieved and nervous! Thank you to all the ladies that have shared their stories and photos! You have truly helped so many on their journeys to explanting!


2 Weeks Until Explant!

Well, two more weeks until I get explanted! Things have been so busy and hectic that I really haven't had much time to think about it. I'm ready. June 6th will be one year of having implants and 6 days later they'll be gone! I can't wait. I've been working out a lot and feel like I'm in great shape, so now all I need to do is get rid of these big bags. They have never looked right even from day one, so I'm definitely anxious to get them removed. I'm mostly over the regret and shame that I've felt for the past year. Life is too short to continue feeling that way. I'm going to fix my mistake, be honest with my 3 daughters (haven't told them yet), and get on with my life. I'm considering adding photos, as I know how helpful everyone else's photos have been in my journey. I have another really busy week and a half, then a few days off, then surgery, then recover and summer!

Just want to add another thanks to all the ladies out there who have shared their stories. Truly they are so inspirational and helpful for those of us there who are just beginning their journeys!

1 week to explant

One more week. Uploaded photos. Ugh. So you can see I have CC in right breast (shows as left) and left is bottomed out? It was like this from day 1. Got CC 3 months out. Had revision at 5 months and CC returned 11 days post op. tomorrow will be my 1 year anniversary and I'll be removing them on the 12th. Can't wait! I'm nervous about the creases as you can see they are very uneven.


Hmmm. Won't let me upload photos from my phone. May have to try later.

Pre - op photos.

Finally...uploading photos. Ugh. Really unhappy with the results I have from implants. I'm very worried about the lowered crease and how this will look after explant. I've only had the implants for one year so hoping things will bounce back fairly quickly. I was a 34 B before and a 32DDD after with Victoria's Secret bras. Dr. may do some internal work if needed, may or may not use drains. Getting nervous but anxious to feel thin again.

Pre BA photo

Found one pre BA photo from one year ago.

2 Days Until Explant!

Okay, so 2 more days. Feeling nervous when I think about it, so staying busy painting bedrooms and cleaning the house. Got my wedge pillow today in the mail. I'm hoping this helps as the worst part of the BA was trying to sleep. I had such backaches. I hope this helps. I have some smaller bras coming and I'm still not sure what I'll be wearing home, if I'll have ace bandages or drains. Dr. said it depends what he finds when he's in surgery. Any last minute advice?

Explant Tomorrow! 6/12

Tomorrow is the day. I've been waiting since December to get this done and there were times I didn't think I could wait and make it through. But, I did and I really hope and pray that everything goes well and my outcome is as good as some I've seen on this site! I've been working around the house all day today and I'm just sitting down now. It's helped to keep my mind off of tomorrow. We will get up at at 3:00 in the morning to drive 3.5 hours for my 7:30 appt. and then drive home. Thank God my hubby has been so good about all of this. I hope to update tomorrow or the next day. Thank you for all the kind words and support!

On The Other Side

They are gone! Everything went well. No drains, wrapped up and heading back home. Planning on sleeping the 3.5 hours it takes to get home. No internal work needed i think he left capsules in but will ask when he calls tonight. Really groggy now. No pain right now. Nervous to unwrap but will update when I do. Maybe tomorrow.

Day of Photo

I'm home resting. No pain at the moment. I slept almost the entire ride home which was nice. Now I'm watching some TV and taking it easy. I'm wrapped up in ace bandages. He said I only have to wear the ace bandage for 24 hours, but I'm considering keeping it on for a few more days. Advice? Pretty flat in the bandage. I saw my pre op pics. I would say ugh, but I guess i'm hoping I can look like that again (or better...would be better!) The only uncomfortable symptom I'm dealing with is mild backache and restless legs which I assume are from inactivity. Since I'm so far away he put in dissolvable stitches so I don't need to return for 3 weeks. Yay. I hope it all goes smoothly.


Well, thank God for all of you ladies sharing your photos and stories. I had realistic expectations and look forward to healing and improving with each day.

Question about Ace bandage. compression?

My Dr. called last night to see how I was doing. He said I could take the compression bandage off today and shower if I wanted. I'm thinking about leaving compression bandage on for awhile. Or would a compression bra be sufficient? What did you ladies do for compression?

2 Days Post Op

I'm amazed at how great I feel! I've had zero pain and only a little burning at the incision sight, but not even what I would call uncomfortable. I feel like I can do anything I did before, though I am trying to take it easy. I ditched the ace bandage and have been trying different bras. I took my bandages off and showered today. I also rubbed some coconut oil on the girls. I'm so happy to be myself again. I definitely have lost some volume and feel very "loose" but I hope this improves some. I have no regrets and I'm glad this journey has come full circle!

Post Op Day 4

Feeling great! Went for a 3 mile walk this morning! Can't wait to start running and lifting again. I'm going to wait for the 1 week mark and might try running then. I don't want to overdo it but I feel back to normal! I do feel just a bit of weakness on the right side chest muscle if I overdo it. Might start back with the chest exercises using just the bar. I guess I'll just see how it feels. PS didn't give any restrictions, just said take it easy through the weekend.

Updated photos.

1 Week Post Op

Feeling back to normal! My Dr. never gave me any restrictions as far as exercise. He said listen to your body. I had a simple removal. No drains, no internal work. I only had my implants for 1 year and 6 days. I've had zero pain from this surgery. So....I tried running today. I wore 2 of my tightest compression sports bras. I ran my 3 miles with absolutely NO problems. Felt just like it did when I ran last Tuesday (the day before my explant)! Tomorrow I may try my Pump workout with light weights and just listen to my body.

I took off my steri strips yesterday as my incisions were starting to itch. Scars look good so far. I've been massaging with coconut oil since Day 3. I haven't seen much change since my last update, but I'm not concerned. I just feel so great! My sister in law (who knows I had implants) told me yesterday that I looked really thin. I"m sure she noticed the boobs, but she didn't ask. lol.

I used Linda's Online Bra Sizing Calculator to see what it said about my new bra size. I wore a 34B (Victoria's Secret) before implant and a 32DDD (VS) after. According to the calculator I'm a 30E/32D!!!! WHAT??! So, I order a Natori Feather Bra from Nordstrom's in 32D...and I'm skeptical. Came in the mail yesterday. Fits perfect! I also ordered a 32B from Victoria's Secret. So we will see.

I'll try to update again in a week.

2 Week Update

It's been 2 weeks today that I've been back to my true self! Couldn't be any happier! It is such a relief to not have to think about implants anymore! I don't see much change in pictures, but they are losing that "floppy" feeling. They are definitely not "twins"! But, they weren't to start with. I don't know which one is more like the "original". The left sits lower and that's where I bottomed out with implants. The right is high and seems to have a dent on the bottom side. This is the side that I developed CC twice.

I've been massaging 2x a day. I'm also back to working out as I was before explant. Running does not bother me at all. I highly recommend the Shock Absorber bra for anyone who wants the girls to stay put during high impact workouts! I'm also doing my weight lifting program. I am using very light weights for my chest workouts without a problem. Everything else is back to feeling fine. I'm happy!! I'm so glad I didn't wait longer, and actually wish I could have had this done in December when I originally looked into it!

The only thing I'm working on now is the scars. They actually are looking pretty good. The left scar seems to have more scar tissue from my revision scar on the left that quickly developed CC. The quick development of CC (just 11 days post op) seems to have also affected the healing of that scar. I have Scar Away strips that I will be using, along with a few other things.


1 month post op!

One more

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