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I am 33yo, 5ft, 96#, and scheduled for my BA on...

I am 33yo, 5ft, 96#, and scheduled for my BA on the 23rd. I am not filling a 32A and have always been pretty flat chested unless pregnant or nursing. I had 8 children in 10 years and nursed them all anywhere from 3 months to 14 months each. I knew that someday I would love a BA and having children and seeing myself when nursing made it even more clear for me. I have always been incredibly self conscious and being smaller had a terrible time finding clothes to fit and feel womanly at the same time. I am extremely excited and cannot wait, yet am quite nervous! I was scheduled for a BA 9 years ago but at the pre-op found out I was pg! Went on to have my baby and 4 more after. Now we are done having children and am ready once again to do this, it's bothered me since I was 13 so it's been 20 long years!!

I've been reading many stories which has helped to ease some of my anxiety. I am a bit more worried about recovery with having such a busy household but my hubby is fantastic and since it is a long holiday weekend he is home with me and taking a few extra days. I will have 100% help for 6 days. Once he goes back to work I will only have 3 children home, the rest will be in school during the day. My PS said after 3 days I can lift my child in and out of the crib as needed and that at 2 weeks I could do things like bench pressing (which I don't do, lol....) I plan on doing nothing the entire time hubby is home to aid in healing and he is taking over as soon as he is home from work.

I have my pre-op on the 13th, already tried on sizers at my consult. My PS had been in practice for 15yrs, does hundreds of BA's a year, has not had any women w/ capsular contracture, I am going with silicone since I am small framed, not much breast tissue, and having it placed under the muscle. I am pretty sure I am going with 371 cc's, hoping for a full c in the end but I will try on sizers again at my pre-op to double check. I think that's all for now!

My pre-op is later this morning, I am so excited!!

My pre-op is later this morning, I am so excited!!

I had my pre-op yesterday and it went fantastic!...

I had my pre-op yesterday and it went fantastic! She measured me at a bandwidth of 28". I finalized, silicone gel, under the muscle, under breast incision, 371cc's. My PS asked me if they looked a little big, I said yes and she said that is how I know they are the correct size since I will lose a little under the muscle. I got my Rx for Percocet and asked for an anxiety pill for the night before and she gave me another to take in the morning if I feel I need it. I will have the bandages and ace wrap on for 2 days. Saturday I can take it off and shower, then after I have to put on the surgical bra that she gave me yesterday. I wear that until my first pre-op appt which will be 5 days after surgery. (It is a holiday weekend) After that I can wear any sports bra I think she said for the next 2 weeks after that? I need to double check... I have to pick up a special soap from the pharmacy that is over the counter to scrub with during my shower the night before then again with it during a shower the morning of. Right now I am doing a steri-strip test. I have very sensitive skin to adhesives-if I wear a band-aid for a few minutes to an hour, I will get a rash for a few months and when I take it off it will rip off the first layer of skin. If this steri-strip test fails and I react she said there is something else she can put on-I think Dermabond? I'm nervous about the strips seeing as I will have to leave them on for 2 weeks.

I'm also a bit nervous about having the tube down my throat-was it just sore or painful when you woke? Any input?

She told me not to ice, (I can ice the sides and tops if really needed) but she mentioned that I won't be able to really get at them anyhow during the times you would normally ice to keep swelling down, also she said if you ice that large of an area, it lowers your body temperature and opens you up more to the risk of getting an infection, so she does not recommend it. She doesn't recommend massaging until the 2 week appt. In her 15yrs she has only had 1 capsular contracture case and only 1 infection, I am feeling quite confident in her record to follow her orders for recovery. She said I should not have any bruising since she cauterizes any "bleeders" as she goes. She uses an instrument that has a camera on it as she does the surgery so she can see any spots that bleed and she cauterizes them asap.

I have to admit I am a bit nervous about doing this in this lovely weather, I am praying they drop fast (here's to hoping the 8 children and nursing them all helps to drop them faster!) with weather being nice, and since we own a pool I will be in a swim suit!

How long did it take for your breasts to not looked squished and square? PS said also at 2 week appt is when she talks about the band to push them down if needed.

How long did you have to sleep upright? She mentioned a week would be great but I should listen to my body. She doesn't think I will be able to sleep on my side for quiet a while, which will be difficult since I am a side sleeper big time and roll often. I have one of those pillows w/ the back and arm rests on it, I hope that helps! 9 days to go, I am SO EXCITED!!!

2 more days!

Getting quite excited but calm if that makes sense?! I am getting my Rx's filled today, and going to finalize prepping the home, lowering shampoos, getting out a bar soap instead of worrying about whether or not I can push the soap pump to wash my hands, moving toilet paper since it is quite a reach, lol. I grocery shop tomorrow for my typical 2 weeks. I've already prepped/gathered some items for recovery. For now I put them in a laundry basket so it is easy to get at such as, lotion, lip balm, tissues, bendy straws, heating pad, extension cord for plugging in my laptop and heating pad, etc.

I seem to have come down with a cold, I am wondering if my runny nose will be an issue for surgery especially w/ being put under and a tube down my throat...anyone know?

Done and home!

The night before I did my 2 week grocery shopping and scrubbed myself with the instructed Hibiclens. Did the same in the morning as well. I arrived at the hospital at 10:45am as instructed, waited in the waiting room for about 10minutes and was called back to my recovery room. There I changed into a gown (that was pretty had holes that they hook up a tube to that will heat up the gown to keep you warm in surgery since it is so cold there. I was hooked up to an IV bag of saline as well and took a urine sample (pg test.) I was supposed to go to the holding area which was a little triage type room around 12:15pm however my PS was running behind. My nurses said she is a perfectionate so I was not bothered in waiting. I'd rather she take her time because I know she was going to do the same for me. My surgery was pushed back to 2pm from the original 12:45 pm. they sent in a small bouquet of flowers as an 'I'm sorry you were delayed" gift. It was very sweet and had me in tears!

At 1:30pm I was taken back to holding where I met my nurse for surgery, the anesthesiologist, and my PS. They went through the scheduled process, risks, and concerns. Leg wraps that hooked up to air tubes were put on my legs to keep circulation going, and then they had me kiss my hubby good bye and inserted my "happy juice" as they called it. They were only administering part of it until they got me to the OR. Well I made it being wheeled to the hallway on my way and that is the last thing I remember. I was asleep before they even got me to the room, lol!

Next thing I recall is waking on an off w/ blurry images of people in an open triage type area. I woke up HOT! I started taking off the blankets and apparently part of my gown because I vaguely remember a nurse coming by a couple of times to recover me back up and saying that I need to keep my covers on, lol. They gave me a cold washcloth for my head and turned on the cold air to my gown to help. I was still quite hot and sweaty. I asked the nurse how long I had been out of surgery and she said 1 hour. I don't remember a ton there at all, just in and out of sleep. At some point I was wheeled back to my recovery room, because when I woke next I was in it with my nurse. I felt pretty good, just pressure like when you are engorged with milk. (Before surgery they anesthiesiologist gave me a patch bedind my ear to curb nausea, some of the nausea meds in my IV, and more during surgery.) Anyhow, when I woke I was still hot again and they kepy the cool fan blowing on my face from the gown, and more wet washcloths. (I was really nervous about waking up cold-I hate being cold-little did I know I'd wake up the opposite, lol!) I started to feel nauseated and phoned my nurse, she got there just in time to hand me a bowl to vomit in. Since there was not eating and drinking I threw up very little clear fluids. After a bit I was given juice and graham crackers. I had a hard time swallowing the crackers due to the dry mouth from the tube down my throat. I drank an entire cup of apple juice very slowly, but still vomitted it back up again. OUCH on vomiting after breast surgery! I then got hiccps for a few minutes.My doc and nurse called hubby to let him know I was out and ok. (He had to go get the little kids from my in-laws and then pick my big kids from the bus stop, so he left when I got wheeled back to surgery.) I was finally released at 7:30pm and got home about 8pm.

I am very stiff, my back hurt more than anything last night and hubby was sweet to rub my feet and back which helped a ton. I still just have that engorged feeling today and a couple pulling pains when I move my arms a certain way. I feel much better when up and moving. I am surprised that my new girls don't feel too hard, I can only feel the upper pole of the though since they are under ace bandages. I cannot wait to get a peek at them tomorrow when I can take it off and shower!! My sternum hurts pretty bad, like someone kept kicking me in it and a bruise type feel. I do not have any bruising from what i can see and my PS said I should not really have any w/ the techniques she uses. Tomorrow I can take the ace off, shower, and wear my surgical bra until the 28th (my birthday!) then I can wear a sports bra from there until 4 weeks. No massaging them until 2 weeks after that appt and then she will discuss the band to keep them pushed down so they drop nicely. I have free range of movement with my arms, just a bit sore. Pecs hurt like I did way too many push ups, but that's it. Sitting I feel great, standing I feel better, but that in between to stand or sit is quite uncomfy. My children were a bit concerned about me when the nurse wheeled me to my van but we reassured them I was ok. We had just told them I had a doctor appointment. Now the only info that they have is that I got stitches in my chest area and can't lift and need to rest. They were great last night and jumping at the chance to do things for me. :) SO SWEET! Hubby has been fantastic, he even had a bouquet of flowers waiting for me when I got home also! I think that is all right now, sorry for the novel but wanted to be as detailed as possible for anyone else thinking about it. I did get my 371cc of silicone under the muscle that we had previously decided on. Right now I am LOVNIG what I can see right now and they are softer than what I anticipated, I excepted these hard as rocks, lol. Although I am anticipating more swelling when the bandages come off tomorrow. I can't believe I finally had it done, I am just so happy and finally feel I look like the woman I feel like on the inside.

21 hrs post op picture

Just under 48hrs post op.

Just under 48hr pics and update. So far I am feeling pretty great. I have not taken any pain meds at all today, I just have the stiffness/soreness feeling like being engorged with milk. More of an annoyance rather than pain. Having nursed my kids this feeling makes me want to massage them to have "let down" lol. My PS doesn't start massages of the breasts until week 2 so there is really nothing for me to do, I do find myself squeezing them to see if they are softening up and so far they are little by little. I started having this itching all over my body last night that was insane. I called the pharmacist to see if I could take Benadryl and she said yes. I took 2 generic Walgreens ones and opted to take my shower early. Anyhow it really was only 1 1/2 hrs until it was Saturday and she said I could shower on Saturday. I think it was the soap that they used to wash me in surgery prep. It was an orange colored soap that they used, it was on my arms, abdomen, chest, etc. Once I unleased the girls...let me tell you I was scared and paused before taking off the last bandage...I was SO PLEASED. I LOVE THEM! I could not stop smiling!! They are a perfect size for my frame, today I am measuring a 32D but I look more like a full C. I am lucky that my implants never went super high under my collar bone like they do for so many women so I have a more natural look off the bat. They are still a bit flat from my muscles contracting over them,I am hoping they may drop sooner for me since I am having pretty decent results so early, yay for breastfeeding 8 kids! My incisions are still sore but manageable and I am now wearing a lovely surgical bra. My tummy is still incredibly bloated, I look about 4 months pregnant, I can't wait until that goes down so for now I am living in yoga pants. I can feel the air bubbles under my skin below my incisions and that is incredibly weird, I guess it takes a bit for your body to reabsorb that. It feels like fizzy soda bubbles when you touch it. I do still have numbness on the undersides of both breasts as well as my left nipple. I have been getting a few "zingers" which are the nerves re-attaching so that is a great sign. Otherwise everything else looks and feels great. I am incredibly pleased and so happy I did this! I am forcing myself to sit down because I feel so good like I can do almost anything-except reaching high or heavy things. I don't want to over do it. are pics from today! Oh, getting out of a sitting position is still a bit difficult, hubby has had to put his hands on my back and help push me up, today I am able to do it for myself for the most part.

Update and a few other random things....

Sorry beforehand for the novel but I am trying to be as detailed as possible...

Today is hubby's last day home with me. I am doing very well over all. My left side of my body is healing faster than my right, I think this is the case because I am right handed so my muscles are different on that side. I feel about 80% healed on my left side so I do most things w/ that side if needed, like washing the table (that downward pressure feels weird because I can feel my muscle in a different position since the implant is under it-just feels like a tight feeling and it if you were to tighten your pec muscles and push them outward, not sure if that makes sense or not, lol.) My right is still tender-bruise type feeling or pulled muscle feeling. Still tightness across my chest as my skin and muscles continue to stretch. I have trouble on my right side grasping/pinching, and pulling things from a position of my arm elevated above my neck. I get zinger type pains which are my nerves re-connecting. I have to release right away or it is painful. Like I cannot open my window blinds to pull them up yet. I was able to lift my 18mo into his crib this afternoon, I have to use my left side only and use my hip to place his weight on. It doesn't hurt but I feel the pressure on my incision.

As for my incision, I have 3 layers of "stitching" she stitched the fat layer w/ ones that dissolve as well as the muscle, and my outer skin is held together w/ steri strips and I am assuming some type of glue-dermabond possibly? I have to leave the steri strips on for a total of 3 weeks. I had my first post-op appointment yesterday and it was to check for any hematoma's. Everything looks great, I go back in 2 weeks to get the steri strips off and then we start scar care. She also said that at that appt they do the strap-which is worn above your breasts on your chest wall to help push the girl's down. However mine have never been high (like under the collar bone high) and I really like their placement so we will more than likely not have to use it. YAY! I had my self set for them being square, squished, and flat for several weeks and they are anything but. They look fantastic and I am SO PLEASED! They are still firm, but softening up daily. Left is a bit softer since the right has more healing to do. I still have numbness on the underside of my breasts (in a pie shape from nipple down to the crease) from nerves being cut during surgery, but great news is that I am getting that tingling feeling (like your foot falling asleep) which means things are reconnecting and feeling will be coming back in the next few weeks about.

I have only had to take pain meds for the first 24 hours for pain. I have taken IB Profin/Tylenol a couple times at night to help w/ "zingers" which are from nerves re-connecting on my right side. I have a burning pain from the zingers but I only had to take it at night to sleep.

Sleeping, I am still upright in bed and have an entire concoction of pillows to keep me comfy. Last night I was able to sleep a bit on my side but still elevated, I position 2 pillows in an "x" shape over my belly and I put my arms on top of them-this keeps the weight of my arms off my chest and away from my sides. (For the first time I have some "side boob.")

I have been able to fully shower since a day after as well as wash my hair. 2 days after I was able to blow dry my own hair-before the weight above my head was uncomfy) I have been able to shave my armpits and legs since day 1....Day 2 I was able to get on and off shirts w/out the front opening, stretchy cami's a bit more easily since day 4....

I still have surgery bloating, when I went to a rummage this weekend the lady there directed me to the maternity clothes telling me she had some that would fit me...YIKES! But it is slowly going down. Still have a decreased appetite from surgery/anesthesia, but it is getting better. I ate a full meal today for lunch and feel good...although more bloated now I never had that trouble breathing that some speak of, always was able to take full breaths. (day 6)

Waking up from anesthesia was a trip....I have never had general anesthesia. Strangely, I was quite worried about waking up cold. I REALLY, REALLY dislike being cold. I get super cranky. I woke up HOT. I guess it is not common even though they had me in this gown that hooked up to a tube that circulates heated air through it to keep your body warm since the surgery room is so cold. I vaguely remember waking up for mere seconds here and there in recovery and I guess I kept trying to take off my gown because the nurse kept coming back in and pulling it up. I had my chest wrapped in the ace bandages and undies under my gown, but i think it was like an open triage type room w/ other patients. I remember waking up again for a few seconds and I must have taken it down again (all while still in bed) because the nurse said, "it's ok's just us girls now." (BLUSH!!) I have no memory of being taken to my hospital room, I do recall waking up feeling HOT again. I asked for a cold towel and the nurse was so confused because I was hot. She was so sweet and got a cold washcloth to put on my head and kept washing my forehead. (hubby was home w/ the kids) She got me apple juice and graham crackers, I remember trying to eat a cracker but I could not swallow it for the life of me, my mouth was SO DRY from the tube and air down my throat. I had to take a sip of juice, swish it and then swallow the cracker. Yuk! I was nauseated and threw up 3 times (just juice because that was all that was in me) and I felt so terrible for the nurse to have to watch me throw up in a pan while in my bed. But she was fantastic. They called hubby when it was time for him to pick me up, I also texted him. I have no memory of getting dressed, getting into the wheel chair, but I do remember being wheeled to my van and getting in it and all the kids were worried about me. I was coherent from then on and doing well.

I've iced as needed, but my PS didn't really want me icing the "face" of my breasts because she said that icing such a large portion of your body lowers your temp and increases your chances of infection. Also since i had the ace bandages on I couldn't really get at them anyhow, I had 3 layers of gauze and 2 thick, wide ace bandages wrapped around me. I could ice the tops and sides though. The fizzy "soda pop" bubbles are gone now, today is the first day I have not noticed them, it's day 6.

I am to wear a light support sports bra (so gravity can still do it's thing) until my 3 week post op appt. from there I can wear a regular bra, but she suggests not shopping for one until 4-6 weeks since they will still change. At about 6 weeks I can wear underwire if I want, and go braless at the next appt as well. I have been doing that for a couple hrs a day just to let them breathe, but in a supportive cami.

I was given the go ahead to sleep anyway I want as long as I am comfy, to do whatever I want as long as I listen to my body. At my next appt, which is in 2 weeks (will be 3 weeks post op) I will start breast massages-she doesn't recommend them before because it can cause bleeding if done sooner.

One week post-op

Well today is one week and a day technically. :) Last night was the first night I got to sleep on my side-I used a body pillow to keep my arms off my chest which helped a ton. I had a terrible day yesterday as it was my first day w/out any help and of course my son forgot his school lunch that he had to take on a field trip. I found it early but only had 15min to get it to him at school since the field trip was to leave 30min after school started! I had to carry my 18mo to the van, get him buckled in (he is still rear facing) so that was a struggle, get my 3 and 4yo in the van and buckle as well all quickly, drive to school, realize there is no parking close so I had to park at the back of the lot. If that wasn't trouble enough I realized I could not lift the stroller out of the van so I had to carry my 18mo into the school w/ the other's tagging along. I made it but not without some pain. I am getting more feeling back and while that is GREAT, it is also quite painful. My breasts and especially nipples are super sensitive-not in a good way, in a raw way. I took IB profin yesterday to help.

Since I was able to comfortably sleep on my side last night, I got a great night's sleep! I woke this morning feeling so much better. I can now open blinds, wash the table, I picked up the house, and did a couple loads of laundry. I am done for the day as far as chores. Hubby told me not to over do it and I agree. I am looking forward to him being home again another 2 days due to the weekend to help w/ all the kiddos. Overall feeling great on day 8! They are getting more soft and I am loving it!

TIP: Get those nipple covers, they saved me yesterday when I was feeling so raw. It helped to not have bra or clothing brushing on them. SO GLAD I purchased these before my BA. Also will be great for going braless!! The ones I got are from Amazon and called Nippies Skin. (adhesive ones) I do have an adhesive sensitivity but have not reacted from them, yay!

1 day shy of 2 weeks post op

Feeling pretty great! I have a ton more movement, still the achy feeling of my skin but ok. I get my steri strips off on Monday and will be taught massage technique. They are softening up daily and I am loving them! I went to the mall to pick up a few items of clothes and for kicks I went to Victoria's and got measured....boy was I shocked....she measured me a 32DDD/E!! She had me try on sizer bras to confirm her measurements and she was correct! I know I will probably drop in size....maybe....I am not swollen at all anymore so maybe this is it. I'd be very happy with the size if they stayed. I surprisingly look quite proportionate. :)

2 mo post op

I am 1 day shy of 2mo post op and feeling great! I am feeling 99% with only missing that 1% because I can't hold my body weight as long as I previously could like on monkey bars, etc. :) I had my 2 mo appointment today and all is going great! My scars are looking great, flattening out-they are flush w/ my skin but I can still feel them if that makes sense. I got new scar strips from my PS today-mine were literally falling apart! I am supposed to wear them 6hrs or more if possible a day, i wear them at night or anytime I know I will not be too hot because sweat can break them down. I am to continue to massage (squish them together) like making more cleavage to continue to soften them up. To me they feel great, squishy, soft, move nicely-they do stiffen/not move as much when my arms are above my head, I am sure that is the muscle though. I had that burning pain on one spot up until about 2 weeks ago, now I have no pain/discomfort at all. YAY! I was given the ok to wear push up bras now as well. I have been able to wear regular bras for a few weeks-about a month now. It is so nice to wear a bra w/ NO PADDING! Still measuring a 32DDD/E per Victoria's Secret. I've gone back 3 times to shop wound up getting measured and all have been consistent for well over a month! I think they are staying this size!!I love my look and am SO PLEASED! Can I mention how wonderful it is to wear a bra and have it fit and stay in place?! Before I'd lift my arms and it would ride up because there was nothing to hold the bra in place. Stats...32DDD/E, weight is 96-99# on average depending on month time. 5 foot tall.
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