Scar Revision on Naval and Umbilical Cord Surgery..- Green Bay, WI

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I had my stomach pierced twice and the second time...

I had my stomach pierced twice and the second time it ripped out while I was watching tv. My naval split open and crazy me stitched it back myself. I know that was very naibe of me but I didnt know what to do about it. Now my scar is dark pigmented, indented on left and right side of keloid scar where I stoched it, and my belly button has a hernia I suppose. I damaged myself with a belly piercing.

I am hoping to find out if something can be properly done about these problems I have and find out how much it will cost. I was also wondering if a laser or a scar revision surgery, when the scar itself is removed and restitched, would be better for my naval keloid scarring. I would consider paying the extra buck for an experienced doctor near the Green Bay area who truly can rebuild my self esteem. I am done crying and hiding myself. I pray this site helps me understand these types of procedures and I meet the right surgeon because I am afraid to end up a horror story.

I am attaching a pic in my profile or in a next review of my stomach, since I am having a hard time attaching pic from my phone. I look forward to hearing from various surgeons about this matter who are actually located in Wisconsin for the purpose of me may wanting to hire you to do the job if I def feel what you suggest makes the most sense and based on your years of experience doing these type of surgeries. Also, I love honesty even if it is bluntly honest I prefer it. Thank you!

Navel and Umbilical Hernia Update

Great News! After much research, I decided to get the upper region (ridge in my umbilical) removed. It turns out that there was still enough skin underneath to cover the umbilical region. The next step I decided to do was to inject steroid shots (Kenalog 40) in the upper region of my umbilical area. After four continuous shots in 4 month's time, I am happy to say that the skin has deepened. Now it looks like the entire umbilical region is proportioned. It no longer looks like the upper skin on top is higher than my bottom half of my umbilical. I am giving it a year to heal before I even decide to do another steroid shot. I do realize the skin thins out when steroid shots are injected. This is why it is very important to minimize the amount of steroid shots injected in a particular region.

When it comes to my navel, I decided to go with dry needling. Dry needling is when a permanent makeup artist uses a tattoo gun with no makeup and goes over the dark spot of the skin to cause new melanin to form. In other words, the darkness should fade in time when the body produces new skin cells. So far, I completed one treatment. It cost me $200 for 5 treatments. The dark skin in the navel area has not fully gone away just yet but there is improvement. The scar tissue that felt rough to the touch is gone from the dry needle. I am very happy so far with the results. I am updating a picture of how my belly area looks now.

After a surgeon told me nothing can be done, I did not take no for an answer. Anything is truly possible. :)

Additional Note:

Also, I used a marble to widen the umbilical area. When the skin was removed it caused the umbilical region to become more narrow (small in size). I used a marble to widen the umbilical area. I had to put a big band-aid over the marble to keep the marble in place. Then, I wrapped a robe belt over the marble that went around my hips. I put Derma Derm, vaseline, and even Neosporin inside to moisturize the area. The robe belt was tied on tight and sometimes was very uncomfortable. However, in one week's time the umbilical area expanded. :)
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