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Dr Joseph is absolutely amazing! He has tons of...

Dr Joseph is absolutely amazing! He has tons of experience and a good eye for sculpting. I had Vaser lipo on: back/flanks,lower & upper abdominal & banana roll. After your consultation the investment total includes EVERYTHING no hidden charges,Including your garments. He is very meticulous before,during and after your surgery. Plastic surgery is an ART of its own kind and Dr Joseph is an surgical body artist. Highly recommend him

2 weeks post op

So today is exactly 2 weeks post op-

To start let me give a little run down of my last two weeks.

The first day of surgery I was pretty groggy until that evening but was able to get up and walk around slowly and I did this every two hours! I was so afraid of blood clots it was my personal mission! I slept in two hour increments for what ever reason that's what body wanted. I would walk an use the restroom every time through out the night. My garment was pretty wet the whole time from fluid leaking and I had to change my clothes a few times. Strangely I felt skinny LOL
Day 2:
The next day I have to say I had pain but not crippling pain! Just burning where I had the procedure done but the worst pain was my lower back! Again changing my clothes because the fluid would get through the garment making me feel a little damp.

Day 3:
Again I spent no more then two hours laying and would get up and walk at least 20 mins and it felt so good! After 20 I was worn out and would need to either sit or lay back down at least an 45 min. Sitting "normal" didn't work so I would sit but more in a laid position. This was my last day on my pain pills Because I didn't feel I was in that type of pain... It was uncomfortable in areas but manageable. I did take it about 30 min before my shower but I had my mom around to make sure I didn't fall. I washed my garment while in shower to. It felt good to have the garment off YET a part of me felt relieved to get it back on. This day I did a lot more moving then day one or two. As for my body physically looking I was VERY swollen when that garment came off! Like woooow! Bruising; I hardly had any! I had some but so little.

Day 4:
Was rough! I think I over did it the days before, idk. I can say I was so swollen!!! And my back burned!! I pretty much laid in bed all day!!


Same thing! I just felt tired and only moved when I needed to. I actually could feel the swelling under my garment! I was numb and swollen.
I took another shower that evening and didn't notice any bad bruising but again swollen ( mainly my lower back).

Day 6-7

I felt so much better again! Walking around much more frequent. No crazy pain just uncomfortable. Swelling is still there. I did see my PS for my 1 week post op- stitches came out no problem. He did I looked like I was doing well and my swelling in my back was normal.

Day 7:
Lymphatic Massages which came with my investment!! Love that my PS included everything you need. I was nervous but it went very well, even felt GOOD!! It's like a feather massage lol. I will admit about 45 min after I swoll up frim the massage which is actually to be expected. I drank tons an tons of water before and after it. I actually was drinking 1/2-1 gallon a water a DAY since the day after surgery. Trust it's the best thing you can do.

Let's jump to.....
Day 14:

Today was my second massage again draining but not as swollen after this one. I can say I haven't struggled or felt much pain! I'm moving totally like normal. My whole body is less swollen but make no mistake I'm still swollen IF that makes sense. It's just gone down. My back is the most numb and swollen. My lower ab & under butt area don't hurt at all. The swelling in my lower ab area has gone down SOOOO much already. I'm shocked. I have to say a few things make this up/ helped:
First a PS who knew what he was doing, instead of reaching for my fat areas he did more smaller incision and got right in. I think this help me to have less trauma to my body.
Drinking TONS of water!!!
Eating very well, TONS of pineapple which is great for swelling. I ate it daily!! Along with lean protein, lots of greens!
I took Arnica 3x a day
Plus wearing my garment non stop NO crying about it!!! It really helps push that skin to the tissue. I only take it off for showering and washing. That's it!!
Lymphatic Massage once a week-
So far I feel like I'm only getting results no issues! Though I was very aware by my PS of what could an will happen before I did the vaser lipo.

So I personally recommend:
Wearing your garment 24:7 unless showing or washing it for as long as you can!! I'm wearing mine 7 weeks
Eat lots of healing foods! Pineapple is so good for this. There is many more foods after the first week you can use to help.
And the massages DO work!!
I bought a pee cup thing they use in hospitals so pee doesn't get on the garment!!! I use it all the time even though I wish I could sit like a lady lol ( buy at a drug store)
And wet flushable wipes make you feel even cleaner if used along with toilet paper!

Hope this all helps! Here is my before ???? And two week post op pics

Belly before an after 3 weeks post op

Here is the belly front before- as I gained weight I got this little fat pocket between my belly and pubic area! Ugggg so gross lol! I lost weight after gaining and that wouldn't go away. I had never had a fat belly before. I actually use to be VERY fit before I got a thyroid issue an just gave UP and gained weight! Losing MOST of what I did gain still left me with these areas I had vaser done on. So here is an ugly before an after! Sorry I don't have an app to put a sticker over my area ????

3 wk post op abdominal

Sorry the "Heart" doesn't let you see the difference in after pic so didn't add one
Anyhow you can see the change at 3 weeks! Will do more update images soon
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