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I'm 47 year old mother of 4 (ages 13,15,21,23). I...

I'm 47 year old mother of 4 (ages 13,15,21,23). I had one case toon and the rest vbacs. My first one ruined my body and the rest just added insult to injury. I'm getting a full tummy tuck with minimal lipo along the upper abdominal area. I quit smoking for this surgery, my true goal was to quit and this is the reward! Quitting in the past always gave me an awesome baby at the end. I need the motivation to quit. This has been great motivation. When I have had a craving I look up necrosis and it passes.
Stats about me: 5'8", 155 lbs. I e weighed 220 at the end of preg, 120 when I went over board after pregnancy. I like myself best at 140...my body prefers 150ish.
My mind is reeling over the quickness of this surgery. Will 3 weeks of not smoking be long enough to heal well? The dr said 3 weeks, but I know others require much longer.
My husband will be going out of town the day after I'm released from surgery center, I have to stay there one night. My mom and my 21 year old daughter will be coming to help me. I plan on boarding my dogs until drains are out; less for my mom to do and one is a 65 lb puppy who thinks she's a lap dog. I'll rest better knowing I don't have to worry about them.
I've done nothing to prepare yet. I have pre op the 13th, hoping he gives me a list.
I'll add pictures later: I'm not use to
doing anything on here but reading other reviews, which I've gotta say WOW they've helped
So very much.
Warm regards

Quitting blows

Quitting smoking, keep in mind I'm in day 3 withdrawals, blows. I've trupled my water intake, eaten lollipops, avoided my kids when I'm on edge, and talked myself down when needed.
This site has given me such inspiration and comfort! I'm so grateful for all the brave women to bear the scars we hide.
I originally wanted a tummy tuck, then got a tad greedy and thought the full make over would be awesome. But have backed down again to focus on the areas that truly make me cringe.
I'm a little foggy headed by all that needs to be done, but the lord willing I'll get there by the 21st.

Pictures askew

Recliner purchased

Took all the ladies advice and bought a new lazy boy recliner, will end up in the living room eventually so I needded good for post op and aesthetic for later. Think I found a winner!! So, onto the next thing.

Creepily calm

I don't have my pre
Op until 9 days before surgery, which concerns me a tad. My hubby is going out of town for four days two days after my surgery. My mom is coming
To stay with me. She's asked me not to clean and cook etc so she will have stuff to do while I sleep. So, that's nice. My kids will be staying at their dads house for the better part of the week so she won't have to worry about ferrying them around. So, that's good.
I bought some comfy clothes for after; yoga pants, leggings etc. new slippers (which I'm breaking in now because they are awesome).
Wish I knew how else to prepare but I guess I have to wait until the 13th for more info.
By the way, do not watch Board Walk Empire when quitting smoking!! 5 days!! And everyone I love is still alive! The old bat at the deli might be traumatized... But she might have had it coming! (Just kidding)

Two weeks

Very excited. Blood work done today, hopefully all is well in that arena. Glad to be smoke free for a week now. Just excited.

8 days

Had my pre op today. Anita, the nurse for Dr. Joseph is wonderful! Very informative, easy to talk to, down to earth. The photo ops were a little uncomfortable simply because I had to relax my abdominal muscles, no sucking in, I haven't not sucked in in 23 years. I'm oping to get more extensive lipo since I chose not to do BL. I'll hear back tomorrow if there's enough time in surgery suite and whether doc thinks it would enhance the look enough to be worth it. Paid in full today. Ive never paid in advance prior to work dissing done, weird concept.
I'm trying to stay distracted and busy. I think hubby is over hearing me yammer so much about tummy tucks.
Hope you all are well.

Life happens

I've been in the loca hospital with my daughter since Wednesday . No diagnosis, don't know when she's being released. My list of things for me before surgery in 3 days has dwindled. My hair won't get done, the pantry won't be stocked, and my anxiety will remain occupied on my girl. Life moves on...

8 hours holy hell

Mixed bag of emotions! I'd like about an entire bottle of wine about now. Really excited, hopeful, scared, antsy etc... My daughter was released from the hospital yesterday so I got a lot accomplished today. I'm as ready as I'm going to get.
Until next time! Good night!

Really real

Waiting to go back! Woot woot!

So far so good

So glad that's over. Let the healing begin. No idea how it looks. Post more later.

New day

I'm really sleepy, I hardly slept the night before surgery, although I slept a good part of the day yesterday. This isn't like a c section pain to me. That was isolated and this is more all over discomfort. Burnt kind of feeling. It hurts worse when I'm cold because I clench up all over. The walking pain is similar to c section but more tolerable. I walked around last night.if staying in the hospital is an option do it!! Just got the catheter out, I drank a lot of water last night which I may not have done if I was worried about having to get up too often. I'm doing okay. Dr is coming in this am and I'm due to go home about 7am.
Write more later. Can't wait to see under this binder!!


The pain sucks. The drains double suck. Not pooping sucks too. Pretty much a suck day. Still on pain meds 1 every four hours. Want to take way way more than that, but I'm trying to stop taking them...which is super easy until the pain hits. Praying to the poop gods to make it rain! Oh and don't have your funny as shit friend come visit because when you laugh it's like doing a 100 belly flops all at once. So, cranky cranky cranky!!!

New day!!

Feel pretty good today. Taking advil fo now but not trying to win any stoic contests. I can't get over the difference in my stomach, thank God for before pics!! So excite about the results. The pain has sucked, not gonna lie, but what Dr. Joseph did to improve my abdomen, it's beyond words wonderful!!
Have a great day!!

Miss. Independence

Great day so far. Broke down last night and took a pain pill, had a coughing fit, choking on a chip (horrible), decided I shouldn't suffer unnecessarily. I've also taken a benadryl with every dose of pain meds, really really helped keeping itching to a minimum.
So, independence...drove son to school, took a shower by myself (standing up the whole time), shaved my legs (yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me!), redressed and cleaned drain sites, put binder on alone....just all kind of firsts.
Standing straighter. One big surprise, only those of you over 40 will get this, but my upper thighs to the crease in my hip is so awesomely tight!! I haven't felt this tucked up (literally) in 25 years!! How it's possible to feel even a tad sexy with two drains poking out your girly bits is beyond my comprehension, but there you have it.
Side bar ick: hemmeroid? Really?? Oh and my face is broken out like I'm 17. That part I can do without but I'm still not complaining. I mean the first poo was like passing rock candy. So there's that.
Otherwise life is good. So hoping to get drains removed tomorrow, don't care if it hurts! Just want them gone.

Thanks for reading!

Last time to update (4failed attempts)

Feel great. Scar healing nicely. Standing erect. Walking for exercise. Sitting around is boring me to tears. Had sex (wow!!). Laying flat. Just twinges of discomfort now and then. Drains out day 10. Starting massage this week. Love love love the look. Back in my jeans. Hate hate hate the binder. Not back 100% but getting there.

Wow!! Long time!!

Since my really long ago entry I've had much take place. I've decided to have eye surgery and maybe some Juvaderm done on my mouth. My stomach still makes me smile. Life has been crazy for a while. Quit smoking yesterday; God help me. Surgery is an awesome motivator.
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Joseph was very easy to talk to, listened well, gave good feedback and advice. I liked him and the staff right away. Working wit Anita at my pre-op was terrific. She is informative, open, candid, charming, and made me feel at ease, even during the "photo shoot".

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