"PURPOSELY" Blistered/HORRIFIC burns/permanent scars w/ laser that can't Be Fixed - Winter Park, FL

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I had a mini neck lift left with very obvious...

11/09/12 Kristin Occhiogrosso, Dr. Rotatori. I had a mini neck lift left with very obvious scarring and Dr. Rotatori hesitantly did steriod injections.I went to 2 doctors that said scarring was unacceptable I needed to go back to surgeon and have laser. I did and he had his PA Kristin Occhiogrosso perform which she wasn't HAPPY ABOUT AND MADE SURE I KNEW IT WAS compliment OF her..not DR Rototari. I requested at MY expense to have some sunspots removed which she said $150. and make sure to schedule extra time at each visit (WHICH I DID). Each time Kristin was behind and had attitude and couldn't fit in extras. On 2nd visit she rudely did them...on 3rd visit she forgot and when i reminded her..she became NURSE HATCHER..NEVER put on PROTECTIVE GOGGLES on my eyes and AGGRESSIVELY WENT OVER MY FACE w/ laser..I could feel burning. (not in areas to be worked on. She said..oops..you are gonna have a black eye and handed me a baggy of water left from last patient. She abruptly left room and brought small eye ice pack. I left upset and Within 30 minutes I had a blister the size of a dime. I called immediately and they blew me off. I showed up in 2 days with black eye in am and 2 blisters they refunded money and said come back. to see Kristen....Kristen admitted she was having a bad day handed me scar cream and sent me on. I then went back to Dr Rotatori and he took a pic and didn't want to hear my story. THERE IS NO DOUBT this WAS on PURPOSE!!! SHE WAS MAD..ALMOST LIKE A TATOO ARTIST MAD AND PURPOSELY messes tattoo up. Unfortunately mine cant be fixed..there was nothing there to be lasered in that area and I have a huge pitted white scar that cant be covered in an obvious area. I sent net Dr. Rotatori a certified letter w/ pictures and NEVER GOT response. i am turning them both in to Medical Quality assurance. SHE SHOULD NOT be PRACTICING..SHE IS A TEACHER OF THS LASER. You will be shocked at picures. Here they are.

Updated picture of Laser Scar

Orlando Plastic Surgeon

WORST EXPERIENCE IVE EVER HAD...A PLASTIC SURGEON IS TO ENHANCE YOUR LOOKS. HE and Kristin WERE NEGLIGENT/CARELESS. HIS PA Kristin Intentionally and purposely BURNED me because was mad she was running behind and forgot to do some areas and burned me in areas that were NOT to be worked on. When I reminded her she became ANGRY and AGRESSIVE !! I've always FELT LIKE A NUMBER # in his office. They do the Procedure and then NO FOLLOW UP..NO INSTRUCTIONS ... I SENT HIM A CERTIFIED LETTER and PICTURES of my burns because he refused to listen to what Kristin Ochiogrosso his PA "INTENTIONALLY" did to me when I went to see him. He Authorized her to do laser for scarring and is ultimately responsible for his PA that works under him. She should not be practicing or teaching this laser. HE NEVER responded to letter. I am going to another doctor since the other 2 opinions said pigment is gone and going to keep getting whiter and worse.(its been a year) I am seeking a doctor that specializes in burns and scar revisions ( maybe able to tattoo color back in but highly unlikely as it cant be covered). I am filing formal complaint on negligence on both Pa and Surgeon and will utilize any other avenue I have to report Kristin. My sister used Dr Clark and when he or she wasn't happy with anything of her procedures he did whatever it took for the best results and is still tweaking her after over 2 years later..AT NO COST.. Thats how it should be...I should have learn from 1st bad experience with his poor judgement on his part w/ 2 other scars im living with that cant be corrected (and tried to revise)due to lack of skill and judgment. Surgeons and Doctors that have seen my pictures wouldn't have believed it until they saw pictures.

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