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One Week

It's been a week since surgery and I'm still experiencing the burning and swelling feeling. It hasn't subsided yet. I'm really hoping by next week to start seeing or feeling a small change!!? Praying for some progress here. At this rate I feel like it's going to take longer than 6 weeks.

8 Days Post Op

Today I wokeup with the burning hot/swollen feeling down there and immediately iced. My doctor recommends his patients to soak cotton balls in dark tea made from chamomile heads. I find that this helps the most when I'm feeling stingy there. I'm supposed to do this four times a day for 15 mins. I place the soaking wet cotton balls on and around the stitches and try to keep them there for 15 min. He also gave me a cream that I'll post a picture of that I should use sparingly twice a day minimum. I noticed my clit really seems to stick out and its worrying me. I hope its due to the temporary swelling of the procedure and its not something permanent that would call for a revision. Let me know if any of you guys experienced that and if it went away please. Thanks!!


Day 9

It's been almost 10 days since my surgery! It's almost midnight lol. I have literally nothing to do so I guess I'll update you all lol. Today I started my period. Not such an easy day, but that's okay because then it will be out of the way for awhile. Today I wokeup with a less severe burning sensation! Throughout the day the burning and pain seemed to be okay and not awful like it has been the past week. At first I thought this cream was causing the burning but it's not. I can already tell a difference since I started using it. I feel less swollen. Also would like to say I'm so glad I found this site because a lot of you have been helping me so much through this. Awesome. Thank you. :)

Day 12, still looking rough

So now that most of the pain has subsided I'm just waiting for these four weeks to go by. I'm thankful that I don't have school or work right now. I am healing slow think and I don't want to jeopardize my results.
Everything is looking okayyyy, but again theres the stubborn clitoris that's poking out. I looked around and it seems I may have a stitch or two in there!!?!!! I'll be happy when I get most of them out. But yes, the clitoris is nearly out from underneath my hood, which I did not want this so I hope this goes away by the 6 week mark. Please. I'm praying. It's concerning me. Very badly. As I read some people have to go through revisions to correct this because it does not go back....
My doctor made it clear he was not altering my clitoris or hood placement just removed the extra skin around it. It's called prepuce. So well soon find out I guess...
Other than that feeling super lazy and fat. I never skip a day at the gym. Do any of you ladies know when you started with a light workout? Or when you were able to wear leggings!? Dying to wear my leggings again. :) Hope all is well with everyone!

Day 15

It's been about two weeks and now I'm starting to get really nervous. My clitoris has not gone back in at all. I almost wish I would have never done this. So far it's been traumatizing.

22 Days

Thankfully all of my stitches have been taken out and I am not longer in real pain. I still have discomfort around my clitoris as it is still swollen where the labia ends. I hope this goes away in three weeks. I start school in a couple weeks so that would be great! I need to be able to wear yoga pants again!!!

One month post op

Finally shaved! My doctor didn't really want me to but I couldn't take it anymore. Having those wirey hairs poking into me! I feel decent. I am obviously not 100% and until those little "bumps" near my clitoral hood go away I will not be doing much of anything. It's still super irritating to wear undies or have anything touch me in general. I'm healing pretty well despite the sensitive and painful bumps! I know they generally say 6 weeks to heal from this procedure but I'm obviously proof that people will heal at different rates. It's been extremely difficult taking time away from my fitness life but I know one day I'll be happy I made the sacrifice. I did this for myself only because I could not stand living in discomfort. While researching this procedure I found lots of articles basically shaming women for wanting this procedure. It should not be a shame or labeled as something the porn industry started. Yes, I believe that today women are more aware of their bodies, but that is not to say that women are getting this done solely for the purpose of looks and cosmetic reasons. I know I needed this. I was told I was in fact not a minor case and I knew that this would dramtically effect my life and confidence. I know lots of you ladies can probably agree with me. ;)


I promised you guys before pics so here they are. Enjoy !!! ;) still cannot believe how much my life has changed because of labiaplasty!
Dr. Serrao

To say that I am satisfied with my labiaplasty results from Dr. Serrao would simply be an understatement. Dr. Serrao has changed my life. I would highly recommend him for anyone wanting to have this procedure done. For years I had to hide myself from embarrassment when changing in front of friends or family. I constantly had to readjust myself at the gym and I was always so ashamed of my naked body. I was ashamed that my labia bothered me and ashamed that I knew I wanted to do something about it. The care and bedside manner I received from both Dr. Serrao and his wife was great, as I always felt comfortable asking them questions. I knew I could call at any time if need be. Dr. Serrao is certainly busy, but always found the time to see me. He is a very compassionate doctor who is there to listen to you and understand you. Since the surgery I am extremely happy with myself and I feel so much weight lifted off of my shoulders. I can workout in leggings now without wondering if people notice anything. I can move any, which way without having labia tug and pull. I truly feel beautiful. Not because of the way I look, but because of how I feel. Thank you Dr. Serrao!

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