29yr Old, W/4 Kids! Finally Getting my BA/BL!! - Winter Park, FL

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Hey, So I've waited long enough & I can't be any...


So I've waited long enough & I can't be any happier to finally say I will getting my BA/BL done soon! So I've chosen Dr. Clark from Winter Park, FL. His staff has been so nice & understanding with me (So far LoL). I have a couple of nurse friends who've had BA & other surgeries with him. They have given me nothing but great reviews about him. I saw him last year for my consultation & went on a couple more. Then recently decided he was the one! I just had my pre op appointment on 3/2/16 I was able to try on some implants once again & talk about what I'm looking for. I received all my prescriptions & some vitamins from them. Everything has been paid so now I am just in count down mode!
We are stuck in between doing the Benelli or Lollipop lift. I want what will give me the best breasts!! Lol. I don't mind the extra cut for a prettier bust.
So I've decided on the Natrelle Inspira silicone high profile implants. 425cc on the left & 400cc on the right. As my right breast is bigger then my left. I am currently a 34B. Very small B at that. Lol. I am hoping for a a big C. Or as my hubby says a "little D". So let's see!!

Wish Pics!!

Just wanting to add some wish pics! Also, my surgery is for 3/18/16. So 14 more days to wait. But who is counting :)

Wish Pics!

They did not p

Let me try this again!!

So here are some wish pics!!

One Week To Go!

I can't believe it. I'm only one week away from my scheduled surgery. I'm so excited lol. I finally have all my medicines. Now I just need some button down pj's & some bralettes or front opened sports bras!

One Day Left!!!

I'm so nervous. Tomorrow is the big day!! Bye Bye itty bitties LOL. If anyone has any pointers, please comment below. I'll take any and all advise given :)
I am scheduled for 9:30am and the procedure can take anywhere from 3-5hrs. Yikes!! I live about 1hr away from the facility. Hopefully I don't get sick afterwards.
I've got all my meds, & I have a couple button pj's for afterward. I bought some bralettes, lounge bras. I went food shopping & tried my best to buy healthy food. I slipped in some granola bars & cookies, but there not to bad. LolLol.

Day of Surgery

Hey girls,
I made it home by 330pm. I still haven't eaten a thing. I've been sleeping since after surgery. Surgery was done my 1230 & we left by 2. I was knocked out the whole time so the nurses let me rest more!
I really don't remember much. But before the surgery my nurses were so nice & Dr.Clark came to speak with me & marked me all up. He's such a nice PS. He let me & hi by know every detail of what he would be doing.
I just got up & went to the bathroom. I was told to walk a bit at home. So I hope that counts. I'm back in the recliner. My recliner was made up by the time I came home. My 3 oldest kids had gotten it ready for me & have been such a big help. Love my babies!! Well that's s is the only picture I could take before I got really tired again!!

Have a great night girls!!

Post Op day 1

It's approximately 8 hrs after surgery! I'm still very sleepy. I have an ice pack that was given to me at the surgery center.

Post Op Day 2

Hi ladies,

I'm still taking my meds around the clock. Yesterday was a tough day. I was swollen like crazy & my breasts hurt so much. So far this morning I've been ok. I've been waking up a lot through these nights though.
Well here are this mornings pictures!!

Day 4

Today I had my first post op appointment. They took off the dressings from under my breasts & changed the dressings around my nipples. They gave me some bacitracin for the bottom of my breast. They said I look great & to keep putting on my strap. They said the strap will help with the dropping of the implants. The strap is not the best but if it helps, I will be doing it. I have another appointment for next week.
Today was my first day going without my pain meds. After my appointment at 1pm I went & ate lunch then went straight to class that started at 4pm. I took some Tylenol. But I will tell you I was in soooooo much pain. The Tylenol did little to nothing for me! I was so thankful when I heard our teacher say we will be leaving at 6pm as opposed to our 915p schedule. Once I got home I took my meds, ate some soup & knocked out till about 1am. Now I'm up :-/ but feeling much better!!
The pictures you see with the bralettes were taken on Sunday when I took my first shower. I just wanted to see if they actually fit. The last picture of my breast is to show you the scar under my breast. You can also still see the line where I was marked. They told me not to run. That it will come off little by little with every shower. I am from be with that!!

Happy 1 week Boobiversay!!

Finally, 1 week down! I'm still in pain though. I wake up ok, with little to no swelling. But as I start my day I end up with pain!! When do the pain & aches go away?
Anyways I've posted some pictures. I think my band is what helps me most. It pushes the implants down. My PS told me to wear as much as possible. I wear all day, except for in the shower!

2 Weeks!!

Finally, 2 weeks in. I had my bandages around my nipples changed on Wednesday & the ones under my breasts were removed. I don't need anything to cover those anymore. My left breast is healing well & going down slowly. My right breast is swollen & high. I was told to take ibuprofen around the clock till my visit next week. It has helped, I see the swelling going down l slowly, but much faster then before!
I still sleep propped up. I still use a bra 24/7 & I wear my band about 90% of the time. The band is uncomfortable at times. But I prefer it since it keeps my implants down. I hate the feeling of my implants so high. It feel so weird!!
My pain is so much more better. My right is still much more sensitive then my left. But I'm starting to feel better, so I'm happy with that!
Here are some pictures, take a look!

Gift from my PS office!

So in yesterday's mail I received a letter from my PS office. They gave me a $50 gift card for a new bra! That's so sweet of them. But I'm only two weeks out. So I know I cannot get fitted yet. I love the gift, but now I'm so much more anxious. LOL, I can't wait to go bra shopping!!! Soon enough, I know :)

Stretch Marks

So I've had stretch marks on my breasts due to pregnancy. But only on the top. Now that my implants are stretching my lower skin. My skin is red & looks as if I may be getting some stretch marks. I'm not 100% sure since I'm only looking through pictures. So just to be sure, does anyone know what I can use to try to avoid any marks just in case?!?
Thank you in advance ;)

3 Weeks PO

So I am finally 3 weeks PO. I can't believe it!! I was feeling better as the days went by. But now that I have been massaging, my breasts kind of hurt more. I know it's from the massaging which will make my breasts look & feel better. So of course I continue to do as I was told. Lol.
They also gave me Biocornium scar supervision cream. I must it apply on my scars twice daily. My nipples are still bandaged. I had them changed out this week. They will take those off next week though.
I took a picture & will post. Hope everyone is healing well!!

4 weeks post op

Hello fellow RS friends!
So today I am now 4 weeks post op today. I had my 4th post op appointment this week. The bandages were removed from my areolas. I am now putting the Biocornium on all incisions. They gave me a second bottle just in case as well. No complaints with that of course.
I continue to wear my strap about 85-90% of the day. I have been doing my daily massages. In the morning my breast feel hard. Not to much since starting the massages. At night the feel very good, very soft & I love it. Probably because I massage throughout the day.
I was told I can get measured at 6 weeks since that is typically when the breast will be at the 15% swelling mark. Which will last for about 1 year post op. She said they look fine & are healing well. I do not have much swelling actually. But of course my implants have not fully dropped. They are really close though.
I can thank my strap for that. It keeps my implants low throughout the day. That is why they ask for me to wear most of the time. She actually said I can take it off at night when I'm home now. Since they've been dropping great. But I just want to wear it. lol. It keeps the implants down which I like. I never got used to the feeling of the implants on my upper chest.
Well, I hope everyone is healing great & slowly learning to love there new parts!!
I'll post some 4 week pictures with this post.

5 weeks Post Op


So I turned 5 weeks post op yesterday!! I've been having weekly fills up visits with my PS. Now I do not have to go back for another 6 weeks. My breasts are feeling so much better. They are getting so soft as the days go by. My right breast has dropped much more quicker then my left. I can't wait for my left breast to drop a bit more!
I feel so much more comfortable wearing bralettes & sports bras. After next week I can go bra sizing, per PS. So I cannot wait for that.

6 week

I turned 6 weeks on Friday. I cannot believe how long it's been. I've attached some pictures. My breast feel great & are getting softer by the day.

8 weeks post op & Nervous about my lefty!!


So I haven't updated in 2 weeks. I decided to wait a bit longer so I can actually see more of a difference.
Well, I am a bit concerned. My right breast has dropped lovely. I love everything about it. But, my left breast still seems a bit high on my upper pole, leaving me with a smaller lower breast. So my nipple is not as high as my right nipple. I know I won't have twins. But I would like my left breast to drop a bit more.
I can see it easily when I look in the mirror & even when I put on a bra/sports bra.

I see my PS in 2 weeks. So I will continue to do my daily massages which are helping them get so soft. Which is an obvious plus!! I will continue to wear my brace as much as possible to try & help my implant drop some more. At my appointment I will ask him about my breast if I'm still having the same issue. I'm hoping within these 2 weeks it will correct itself. I'll be 10wks by then.

What do you ladies think? I can use some input. I'm nervous of even thinking about a revision!!!
Please take a look at my pictures & help :)

12 weeks Post


So I'm 12 wks post op will be 13 wks this Friday! Things are getting better. I do not have twins, but they are better then pre op for sure. They not exactly what I wanted, but I'm still happy. I am massaging everyday & still haven't bought any bras with wires. Idk when I can, & also Idk if I'd be comfy in them. I've gotten used to the no wire & sports bra attire. LOL

16 weeks post op

Hey RS,

Hope all is well with everyone! I am finally at 16 weeks post op & feeling great. I am massaging everyday & I still apply scar cream on a daily basis. My breasts are very soft & jiggly!!
Sorry for the slanted pick! LOL I only took one since they seem the same to me. I'll post more next month.

6 Months Later


So I had my 6 month visit this week. I was given some steroid shots for the scars under my breasts. My PS did it on my 3 month visit as well. He said if it doesn't clear up by my 9th month visit he will start me on later therapy. This is all included in my overall price all well. Which is pretty nice of them.
My olive skin tone makes it difficult for my scars to heal. I knew that from previous childhood scars. No one seems them so I'm not so worried. But hey if he can make them go away, more power to him. Plus, it's free. So no complaining here!!
I was advised to continue my massages & a karate chop type of massage on my left breast to try to lower it a bit more. Since it still seems to be a little higher then my right breast. It's not contracted though. So I'll see how this goes I guess. I took one picture today. I need someone else to take a picture for me though. They look different when I look at them in the mirror as opposed to the pictures. I'll get my sister to do it when I visit her. LOL.
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