Breast Fat Transfer Procedure. Winter Park, FL

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I have yet to go into the procedure yet. I have...

I have yet to go into the procedure yet. I have been wearing the brava for a couple weeks now and have my appointment on Thursday. I am very nervous as this is my first time every getting something like this done. I will post pics and tell you about my journey and how it goes over the next couple of days. So far everyone in his office his very kind and comforting. Especially Karen! I am very nervous about Thursday, I have a blog in orlando as well I want to post about my experience. I am excited! I hope it turns out how I think!!!

1 more day until Surgery!!!

One more day until surgery!!!! I am nervous and excited at the same time!! I had to buy new Brava Domes because the others stopped sticking and were caving in. It sucks to have to spend another $300, but I want new ones for after the surgery. If anyone has any questions about the process so far, let me know. Will post pictures soon!

24 hours after surgery

I am in a lot of pain today. I need help getting up and back into bed. I take my pain meds but they don't help that much. The surgery went well and the office staff was really nice, didn't see much of The Dr except to me drawn on, didn't see him even before I went under. Made me a bit nervous. But I'm not sure how it works with these kinds of things. He is a really nice guy. My boobs are really bruised right now and I am suppose to take a shower today but a little nervous to take the garment off. I have to wear it for 2 weeks and I tried putting clothes over it today and nothing worked over it, so I have just been relaxing in bed and watching movies yesterday and today. Most of the time I sleep lol. I just hope the pain goes away a little soon. Let me know if you have questions.

Day 3 after surgery!

It's day 3 and I have to take a pain pill about every 4-5 hours to not feel like crap. I get up and walk around as often as I can, went out to lunch for the first time today. Otherwise been eating inside the house. I got all the garments and stuff off and have some bruising, but that's expected. I had to call the doctor office to ask about wearing the brava 2 days after surgery. Gonna try it tonight as they hurt to much yesterday. Heard of people getting calls from the office checking up on them after the surgery, I have not heard from anyone yet, but I go into the office again on Tuesday. I didn't see Karen on the day of my surgery and she is great, would have made me feel more comfortable to have said hey to her.

Post Op

went in to see Dr.Hartog for Post op today. He said everything looks good and I will be going in tomorrow for a massage for after lipo. I also got 12 sessions of endermologie so I hope those work out well!!

2 weeks after surgery

Hello All!
2 weeks after surgery and I am feeling much better. I am worried about starting to work out soon and losing the fat as that would really suck. Any tips, let me know. I am doing the endermologie so I hope that helps lose cellulite and fat so I can lightly work out. I just can't imagine spending this much and losing my fat transer to working out. We shall see

About 4 weeks after surgery

My breasts still look full just not like they were. I guess the swelling went down, but I expected them to stay somewhat bigger than they are now. I know they weren't going to be large D but I looked at the 3D imaging the other day when I went in for my one month, and I didn't see that much of a difference now between before I got it done. I'm not very rich and wanted this to lift up my boobs and maybe get a full cup bigger especially after the money and the weeks wearing the brava before hand and after. I did everything I could to make it so the fat lives. Idk I'm gonna wait a couple more weeks to see how it goes. I also wanted to do this again closer to Christmas time but idk now as I can't afford a full treatment again ???? especially if I am not getting the results I wanted. But like I said I hope it improves

Very Disappointed

It's to much work for what I ended up with. I waited to write this to see if my scars would go away and they haven't. There are about 6 incisions on each breast that are VERY visible.

I asked if they would go away and he said they would. It's not happening. I had to wear that BRAVA for a long time and it did work a bit but with wearing 10-12 hours a day with a kid in the house that's not mine, I was pretty much stuck in the bedroom for weeks. It sucked but I figured with how much I was paying I would suck it up.

Then they have you switch to the high powered sucking this and in for sure will cave in your Brava system leading you to have to buy a new one so you have one when surgery is over so you can again wear the brava after surgery. It's just a big discomfort and change of lifestyle for about 4 months.

So then I go in for surgery and at a consultation incisions of this amount were not mentioned. I read in Miami they have the fat injections through needles.

I am also pretty much the size I was before with a little extra. Its just for $11,000 (this is the cost after the surgery, brava, having to buy new domes for brava, doctor to check for breast cancer and then never seeing the results for myself even after calling, and $500 for a Lipo firming thing that would help with tightening the skin after surgery) it didn't do anything at all, I didn't even bother to continue with the rest because I had to drive 45 min for it, and nothing was happening, but the office ladies are the sweetest ever!! I also got very little Lipo taken out of anywhere because my stomach was the same size 2 weeks later, he didn't let me pick where to take it from. I said my arms or legs and stomach, he said my stomach area would be enough and some out of my back, which also wasn't noticeable. I wonder why? When I feel like not much of anything was gone. To me I feel like they tell you "it's like getting bigger boobs and Lipo at the same time" ugh...nope.

I am just sadly disappointed in the whole thing, and now I have to pay money and save up for laser treatment to remove scars from the surgery under my breasts, one of my favorite places is my dimples above my butt and there is a huge scar between them now because of this surger, and also down right on my bikini line, all worst and show able places to be.

So would I get this surgery again, possibly by a different doctor like the one in Miami who I hear is amazing, but I even thought I didn't finish the $500 after didn't get any calls asking for me to come back or check to see if I was.

Not Worth It. I'm So Disappointed a Year Later

It is a year later and I am not happy with the breast fat transfer. I have scars still and even bought scar stuff to try and help. Nope.

My breasts aren't what I thought they would be, only when they were swollen did they look a decent size. I didn't expect a whole 2 cups bigger, but at least 1 or even almost one.

It sucks. I wore the brava which is horrible. For longer than they even asked me too. I wanted to make sure. Wearing that thing is terrible and itchy. I've seen others unhappy from this procedure at this place, but man. I don't have much money and saved up for this. Ugh. It sucks.

Orlando Plastic Surgeon

He was nice. We didn't talk much. The ladies is his office are all incredible and wonderful. I didn't really expect to be unhappy with the size, but they aren't even perky like at least.

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