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I'm a mommy of one 3 yo boy. I've been thinking...

I'm a mommy of one 3 yo boy. I've been thinking about and researching getting breast augmentation for 2 years. Ever since I breast fed and had beautiful big breasts I've wanted them back. I've lost all the baby weight and found the perfect surgeon. Now my surgery is tomorrow and I'm scared stiff! Can't wait to get it over with!

Just sitting here being nervous/excited. I'm...

Just sitting here being nervous/excited. I'm nervous about having surgery and bad results. But I know my surgeon is top notch. So I'm excited to get it over with and see the new me. I really don't know what I will do when I can fit into clothes so differently.
So far I have bought a wedge pillow and we just recently bought a recliner. Both for my post op. I got a bunch of new hoodies and pajama pants. I also got some soup and crackers and bottled water. I even got a new water bottle that has a straw already inside. Lol. I'm really trying to prepare well for this. I don't want my husband to have to try and find random things I need while I'm at home in pain or whatever.
Today is my last day being able to pick up my son. And then I won't be able to for a month. :(
My mind is racing. And I feel so anxious. I hate my mind sometimes. Naturally because I'm a nurse of course I think of the worst stuff that could happen. Man, I can't wait to be past the surgery and on the road to recovery.
7am tomorrow !

Yesterday was really rough. I don't really...

Yesterday was really rough. I don't really remember much from being at the surgical center. I fell asleep on the table and woke up in recovery trying to look at my new girls. Lol. At first I was prescribed Percocet and they just made me so sick. Even with eating. I was so nauseous. When I went back today they showed me how to massage and they called in a prescription for Vicodin. Now they just make me pass out. Lol. But I'm moving around by myself way better. I even had a few hours where I tried just Tylenol and I was fine. My sleep schedule is all screwed up. But I work nightshift so ill be fine. So far they are just huge but I know once the swelling goes down I'm going to like them way more. I'm so excited. I can't wait till I can go out and buy a bunch of new bras.
So far I would have to say that it is worth it to get breast augmentation. I am so happy and I'm doing so good. I'm gonna feel great once I can dress them up more. :)
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I researched online and through word of mouth. The surgeons people recommended to me did not impress me in their consultations. Found my doctor online and quickly felt comfortable upon meeting him and his staff.

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