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I joined this site almost 2 months ago, but never...

I joined this site almost 2 months ago, but never posted anything about myself. I have just been reading everyone else's before and afters and wasnt really sure what to say. I am getting a BA done on 3/25/13. Only a week away! Yikes! I'm so happy to have come across this site and to know there are many women who have already had a BA and are willing to share their stories and photos. I've always had small boobs and a larger hips, the lovely pear shape. I'm 36 yrs old, 5'2, 145lbs, and currently a 32/B. I'm hoping to be a C cup after all is said and done. I went to the post-op last Tuesday and decided on 400cc Natrelle. Hopefully they will be perfect! I want to look natural and not like I had a boob job. The only people that know I'm doing this is my wonderful supportive husband and my two wonderful daughters who are also supportive of my decision to go throuh with this. I feel that if I told them they would try and talk me out of it or get very upset. My husband isn't much of a boobie person so he knows I'm doing this for me and not for vanity. I think he's just as excited as me. What guy doesn't like bigger boobs? Lol! I just want to be able to wear nice outfits and bathing suits while feeling confident in them. I hate the feeling of padded bras and bikini tops. I want my top portion to even out my bottom. I have been working out but haven't lost much. I want to keep working out and loose like 10lbs. Does anyone have any tips on exercise after a BA? I'm worried that I will gain more weight during recovery. I'm sorry I do not have before photos to share my girls are homeschooled so they are always on the computer. Will post soon though. Thanks to all of you women out there that are brave enough to share their stories! Til later!

Hi, to all of you in boobieville! I wanted to...

Hi, to all of you in boobieville! I wanted to clarify something. I think I posted that I had my post-op last week but I meant to say pre-op. It's kinda hard to type from my phone. I don't get the computer much since my daughters are always on it doing school and then my husband comes home from work and takes over it. Hopefully I will get to post some before pics before my surgery date. Lol!

Hello to all in boobieville or soon to be in...

Hello to all in boobieville or soon to be in boobieville! I haven't posted in a few days because I have been recovering from a back injury. Nothing serious but I pulled a muscle in lower back during an ab workout. Ugh! Good timing since how I needed to get a lot of things done before the big day tomorrow but instead I had to lay around all weekend. I'm doing much better today so I've been playing catch up. I have to be at the clinic by 11 am. Hopefully the ps can get right to me because I don't look forward to not eating breakfast or having my cup of coffee. I get very weak and light headed if I go too long without food. I pray that when I come out of the surgery that I'm not in too much pain and the drive home is smooth. I'm taking a trash just in case I need to throw up but I hope I won't need it. Lol! I don't feel nervous or anxious at the moment but I'm sure that may change in the morning like as I'm walking through the door of the clinic. My knees will probably buckle out from under me or something. Lol! I'm going to enjoy the next hour just hanging out with my family since the next couple of days I will not want to get out of bed. I probably won't be able to post til I'm feeling better because my laptop is in the shop for repairs and I don't know if I will feel like trying to do it over my phone. It's more difficult. I will definitely take pics and post when I can. Sweet dreams to all of you ladies in boobie world! See you on the other side! :)

Hello ladies out there in boobie world! I sat here...

Hello ladies out there in boobie world! I sat here for like and hour trying to update my profile with no luck! I'm so annoyed right now because this is my 4th attempted in the past week! Now I can't remember what all I typed! Urgh!:&
This is just going to be a test to see if this time it actually works. I'm not sure if it's my laptop or this site. I will update later tonight if it allows me to do so because I'm so over due for an update! I feel like I let my boobie buddies down by not keeping up to date or responding:( I do apologize for I just got my laptop back and I'm having trouble downloading stuff. I am doing well and hope all of you are too! I miss you all and can't wait to be back in the loop. I will hopefully update later tonight after I return back from my trip to Target for more sports bras. LOL! Til then.....!

Thank goodness that it actually worked this time!...

Thank goodness that it actually worked this time! Maybe I had way too much on here and it just wouldn't except it. LOL! Well at least I will be able to keep yall up to date. I promise to update my photos too. I have been taking pics as much as possible. I hope everyone has a great day and will post later! Lots of love to my girls out there in boobieville! :)

Hello ladies! Here are some of my way over due PO...

Hello ladies! Here are some of my way over due PO photos that I said I would upload a while ago. I do apologize but my laptop is still giving me issues even though it's suppose to be fixed. I can't few the photos once I download them to this site so I can't post a heading underneath them to explain what the photo is. I'm sure all of you can guess what you are looking at, but it's still nice to explain which boob you are looking at. Lol! If All of this just sucks much because I just want to be able to show my progress along the way. Well all in all I'm feeling really good at 17 days PO. The girls are definitely getting softer. I still get occasional tightness during the day and they are riding a little high, lefty more than righty. I also still get morning boob, but I guess it's all part of the process. I'm wearing the strap 24/7 til I go back to see ps. I can't wait to get rid of that thing. I have a lot more to update, but I'm getting a little crossed-eyed typing this so I will have to update more at a later time, most likely on Saturday because I will be out most of the day tomorrow. Good night to everyone!

Hello Ladies! I'm 3 weeks PO today. I'm feeling...

Hello Ladies! I'm 3 weeks PO today. I'm feeling really good and the girls are finally starting to drop and soften up a little. I love the way they are looking and feeling. They are feeling more and more a part of me everday. I still find myself looking at them when I stand in the mirror and when I have on a nice top I'm like, "wow, I have boobs!" Lol! I truly feel like a woman and walk with more confidence than before. I know that having boobs doesn't define a person, but it sure does make you feel better especially when wearing certain clothes. I think I even look smaller in the waist because I now have a bigger chest. Lol! My husband was never a boob man until now. He always wants to get a pick and he even offers to help massage them. Lol! It definitely makes the sex life better, too! Sorry, TMI! It'st the truth though. Lol! I still wake up in the middle of the night with discomfort from my incisions, but I fall right back to sleep. I also still sleep at an incline, but I can sleep on my sides a little easier. I haven't been able to sleep on my stomach at all, but I'm ok with that. I still wake up with a little morning boob, but it goes away after only a couple of minutes and a good massage. The girls are still get stiff throughout the day depending on what I'm doing. I think the girls are starting to drop and fluff. Yay! All the changes that are going on are so worth it though and I'm so happy I did this for myself. I would do it over again! If any of you ladies are still in the undecided phase I say go for it! If you have gone your whole life feeling down about your boob size having the surgery will make you feel so much better about yourself. You will for sure go through a roller coaster of emotions in the first week, but I promise your mood will improve along with your boobs. It is all worth it in the end! I will post more pics throughout the journey as oftern as I can. Good luck and best wishes to all who have yet gone over to boobie land and happy healing to those who have!
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He had awesome reviews online and when I had my consult at his office Dr. Hartog and his staff were amazing. They made me feel so comfortable and they truly care about the patients. The staff made me feel like they had known me forever! Dr. Hartog's before and after photos were amazing as well.

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