23 yr old, no kids. 34A + 375/400cc silicone moderate plus implants

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Stats: Height: 5'5 Cup size: 34 A Weight:...

Height: 5'5
Cup size: 34 A
Weight: 130

I've been looking on Real Self all week since putting my deposit down for my BA last Wednesday. I was referred to my PS by a close friend and as soon as I walked in I knew I was the right place. During the free consultation the staff was very kind and helpful as I came in with a lot of questions (I love researching). They used vectra imagine and suggested a 375cc silicone implant above the muscle as I am a athletic and have very broad shoulders. My pre op appointment is next Thursday even though my BA isn't until July 13th due to my work schedule. After reading and looking at pictures I think i would prefer 400cc implants or maybe even 425cc because I don't want boob greed lol. I'm don't want to look fake but I do want that wow factor. I will try on sizers next week but I'm wondering why my PS never mentioned profiles, maybe that's decided in pre op as well? Either way I'm so excited for my new girls!!! Only 34 days and all I want to do is google boobs and read reviews on here lol

Wish boobs

Some pictures I'm going to bring to pre op next week!

Vectra imaging

Here's what the computer and PS recommended. 375cc silicone implants

Pre op!!!

Hey ladies! Today was my pre op appointment at the Bougainvillea clinic. Everyone was so nice and helpful, I especially love the secretary Brittany who remebered me from 2 weeks before. I went alone as my mom was at work but sent her pictures. They did my bloodwork which came back normal and nad me fill out all my paperwork. I had some questions after looking things up online and reading other stories and my nurse Karen answered all of them without seeming like she had something better to do! After trying on sizes I liked the look of the 400cc so we decided on 425cc moderate plus under the muscle. The 425 were wider but I have a very broad chest so I think it will be fine. I had wanted over the muscle as it is less recovery time and I have very strong pecs being an athlete but they thought under would look better. ( in my head I thought he had said over at my consultation but he said I could if I really really wanted to) my left breast might just get a 400cc implant as it is a bit bigger but he'll decide in surgery. After sizing I paid for my procedure and that was it! I wonder if I'm still just processing or have just read to many real self stories cause I thought I would be more excited. I just feel impatient and want my girls now!! My mom said they look good from the pictures and my On and off again bf says he likes them but I know he's worried about them being to big and doesn't want me to get them anyway... His opinion doesn't matter though cause they're my boobies lol

Post op supplies

Does anyone have advice for post op supplies? I have a prescription for an anti inflammatory so I'm wondering if I should still get Arnica. I'm getting zip front sports bras and going to use cocoa butter lotion but anything else?


So I'm going crazy waiting for my BA and made some rice sizers just for fun. I know they aren't super realistic but in a regular bra I didn't feel like they made my boobs that much bigger. I liked the look of them with my add 2 cups bombshell bra and now I'm wondering if I picked the right size... I was really happy with my choice at pre op but I really don't want boob greed :(

To much boob talk??

I can tell some people are getting tired of me talking about my surgery and it's still 18 days away :/ I was showing wish pics to three of the people I've told and they were like those are nice they look high up though (the pic was 9 days post op) I don't know I guess I was hoping for more enthusiasm. I want to start connecting more with the ladies on this site because my friends are bumming me out.

Anyways not much as changed I ordered some sports bras online that should be here Friday! Time is moving so slowly, I'm definitely sticking with the 425 and who cares what others think of it after because I loved the look. Boobies hurry up!


Today I got this super cute front close plunge danskin sports bra in the mail from Walmart and its huge!!! I got it in a 36D even though my band size is 34 because that's all they had :/ I figure I'll probably be a C but with swelling figured a D was the way to go. They're sending me home in a bra so I'll have 2 and get more after. I also got arnica gel and cocoa butter stretch mark lotion. Wooh! I also dropped off my prescriptions which included a nausea pill, anti inflammatory and antibiotic. They wouldn't take my prescription for hydrocodone because the doctor didn't write out the second part of the name... So annoying so I called the office but it was after hours. Hopefully Monday I can get that prescription re-written because I'm totally going to need that. I probably won't update to much before my surgery since nothing new is happening. Just have to get some fiber pills, bendy straws and stuff like that in the next 16 days. I'm so excited!!!!

I'm sick, help!

Okay I'm freaking out. Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat and it's just been getting worse and worse even with medicine. I can still breathe through my nose and don't have a cough but my throat is killing me. I only have 9 days till my BA and if I don't get it done that week I'll have to wait until September due to my work schedule.

My PS office is closed so I'm not sure if I can take emergen-c so I've been drinking a ton of tea. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting better naturally?

Strep throat

I have strep throat and I would be super sad except the doctor said I should be a go for surgery because we caught it so early on. I have 10 days of antibiotics and my surgery is in 8 days so fingers crossed it works out. My doctor knows I'm getting a BA and he said I'll def be fine and there was no need to call my PS or anything. Whew so glad I was paranoid and got checked out. Everyone told me it was just a cold.
8 days ladies!!!

7 days

Went ahead and called my PS and they said as long as I don't have a fever and congestion the day of I'm good! Right now only my nose is running but I also work in an ice rink so that's nothing new. I can't believe this time next week I'll have a new set of girls!!! I'm excited but starting to get nervous about the anesthesia and getting cut open :/ just trying to focus on the after and praying that I have no complications and a smooth recovery.

Final countdown

Well my last work week being part of the itty bitty titty commitee has come to a close. After work I went to the store and got the last of my prep stuff like ice packs, vitamin E, bendy straws etc. My call time on Monday is 7am so I only have two days and 11 hours left with my girls!!! I think I've gotten use to the idea of it all because I swear I was more anxious 18 days out then now. I keep waiting to get super excited but it all just feels so surreal!! Mostly I love day dreaming about how great I'm going to look on my week long cruise in August lol. I'm uploading my last two before pics and saying goodbye to my little boobies!!! Just 3 sleeps left :)


This afternoon I got a text from a co-worker asking if it was true that I was getting a boob job. This annoyed me for multiple reasons, one it was a rude question and two I've only told people I thought I could trust. I told my mom as I still live with her and she's lately been very supportive of my decision and she said at least it's coming out now versus right after when I'm emotional after surgery. I just hate to think of people talking about me and my body because I'm not getting bigger boobs for attention; I'm getting a BA for me!!

Anyway today was awesome I went to the outlets with some friends, had dinner with my best guy friend/ex who can't wait to see the results lol and tomorrow I'm going to Universal since I'm assuming it'll be a while before I can get on a roller coaster. This time tomorrow I'll be 11 hours away from a new me!

I have boobs!!

I'm in love with my boobs already!!! Just had to get that out, now back to the beginning of today.

My alarm went off at 550am so I got up and showered with the antibacterial soap one more time and headed to my appt with my mom. We got there at 655 after a half hour drive and i was immediately taken to pre op. Teri the nurse was awesome at making me feel comfortable and relaxed but I'm glad my mom was there with me. After I changed and finished paper work Dr. Hartog came in and took a few more pictures and marked me up. He told me I had a very narrow chest and my choice of a 425 implant would be very big for my chest and put me in a D range. After talking more and thinking about Gravity and when I have kids I ultimately decided to get 400cc natrelle mod plus in the right and 375 in left. They're perfect I am so happy that I don't look like a porn star! I'm worried that they're too perfect and I will feel small after swelling goes down. Hopefully with the D&F fairy that won't be the case. I spoke with the anathesiologist and was then led to the OR. After a little trouble finding my veins (they had to use an IV catheter for babies lol) they put the juice in and I was out!

I woke up shaking so they have me more blankets and took my heart pressure a couple times. I couldn't stop talking I was so excited my mom said I definitely had boobs now which made me happy. I got a little nauseous on the ride home but the crackers and ginger ale they gave me to take my pain pill helped a lot. I got home at 1030 After leaving at 630 so the process wasn't long at all! I slept for an hour and a half and then as soon as I woke up
Had to take pictures of my boobs for real self and my friends lol. As far as pain goes I haven't had any at all!! Knock on wood. I'm a little sore like I did push ups which everyone says but it's more uncomfortable and isn't even always there. I'm so glad I did this because as they were putting my IV in I was like oh god what did I do but I already love them and am having a good recovery already. I'll probably be updating daily since I'm obsessed with these babies already! Time for lunch and another nap now though lol.


Didn't even show my doctor this wish pic and I look pretty close! This is Real self-er:phillipsbrowncl (5'5 130lb, with 405 hp) she has my same stats and started off as 36A/34B. I was a 34A and got mod+. My Bra (36D) is to big in the cups but you get the idea


Has anyone else had a problem sleeping the night after their BA? I'm not in pain and my back is a little sore but I can't seem to sleep for more than an hour. It might be because I'm a stomach sleeper... I want to sleep because my body needs rest but the weird thing is I'm not even tired. Even yesterday after my procedure I slept for maybe 3 hours. Doesn't my brain no I had major surgery? If it's like this tomorrow night do you guys think I should call and ask if I can take a Zquil or something with all the medication I'm on?

Day 2 post op

Still feeling great which is strange but hey I'll take it! I even ran some errands with my mom and ran into some friends who said they looked great. I felt like they weren't very noticeable and was sad until I came home and showered...

OMG they're HUGE! I couldn't even enjoy my shower because it felt like they were ripping out of my chest. I never thought I would be excited to put that surgical bra back on but I was lol. I dried my incisions and put cocoa butter stretch mark cream on my boobs but they were so heavy I didn't even bother putting lotion on the rest of my body (that's a big deal) haha. I'm icing them now and they feel much better! That's been my only pain so far.

Also I must've been out of it yesterday because I put that I got natrelle implants but I actually got mentor mod+ silly me lol. Wishing everyone who just got their BA's a speedy recovery!


Sorry for updating so much I just thought I was prepared but now maybe I'm not... I called my PS earlier because I feel like bra is pressing in my incisions and they suggested putting more gauze in between the incision and bra. I've been doing that but it still doesn't feel comfortable and is sore. I'm terrified of getting an infection and having to get an explant. My first post op isn't for another 6 days ugh. I really don't want incision to get messed up :(

I am so happy

So I started off this morning with coffee in the hopes that I would finally poop (TMI but the struggle is real) then when my PS office opened I called them and asked them about switching bras since my incisions have been hurting. They suggested turning it inside out which has already made a huge difference!! But here's the part that made me almost cry...I tried on a new bathing suit and OMG! I never thought I would look so good, I'm in love with myself lol I don't want to be conceited... This is the best money I've ever spent :) so so so happy! I hope the rest of my recovery goes as smoothly!

Mall trip

Went to the mall with a friend and ran into VS since last night they had free shipping on all orders and I ordered 2 bras. I got one in a 34C and one in a 34D cause I can always return then in the store... Anyways I had them measure me just for fun and I fit in a 34C which is annoying cause that means I'll just be a B anywhere else. Then I remembered after dropping and fluffing I'll probably be closer to a D there since all the weight of my boobs will be more towards the bottom. Right now it's all in my cleavage which I'm okay with. I posted a picture on Instagram in my new bikini and everyone's like you so good!!! Only one person has messaged me and been like wait... lol. Still have had no real pain and switched to just Tylenol today. This was the best recovery ever!! Now that my bra is inside out and I removed the gauze I can't feel my incisions at all. I feel so blessed. Thank you to all the real self ladies that have complimented me and given me advice; it's wonderful having this community :)

34C at VS use to be a 34A

Day 4

I'm going to start with the bad and end with the good...
I have a really good support system of friends and family that understands my decision to get a BA and of course all of you ladies but this is the third time some "fringe" person has questioned my decision. I'm not fond of this person anyway but he Facebook messages me saying people from work said I had a boob job and he defended me saying I would never do that. I told him I had in fact gotten it done and he went off calling me insecure for getting a cosmetic surgery and said I would be single forever because I'm high maintenance and shallow. WHAT??? I blocked him instead of engaging so then he text me and says "now you have fake tits to match your personality"

I'm really trying to not let this bother because people will always talk but honestly I am upset. I was happy with myself before but I'm even happier now and I love my augmented breast. Why do people have to judge, why not focus on important things?? I'm going to attempt not to cry but I'm sensitive and the week of surgery is an emotional time.

Rant over. As for my boobs I went back to work today and they were so heavy :( I will be doubling up on sports bras tomorrow. Wearing a bathing suit in the shower made that experience better and I haven't taken an prescription pain killers since Tuesday! I took 2 Tylenol this morning and will take two more at bed time. The worst pain I've felt has been in my back :( hope everyone's having a great time in boobie land, I tried on one new and one old swim suit so take a look!

Dress up

There hasn't been much change the last two days except for not needing more than 2 Tylenol today and finally being able to sleep. Tried on 2 outfits I could only wear with a bombshell bra and was happy with how they my boobs looked with nothing on. I feel like they aren't as noticeable as I would've hoped day to day but I'm hoping it's because my surgical bra is holding everything in. I don't want it to take 3 months to D&F because today I feel a little small :(

Today was a boobie day

Hey all! Not much has changed with my boobs over the past 2 days... There has been some dropping which is super exciting and I even happened to visit the mall again today and popped into Victoria's Secret. I've already filled out to a 34D, Dream come true. I can't believe I'm that big from 375/400cc implants! Tomorrow is my post op and first full day back at work so fingers crossed that my incisions and implants are good and that work isn't to hard. I got a cute bralette but still didn't buy any real bras since my boobs are changing so much. Can't wait to get out of sports bras! Ugh

Post op

Just got to work after my post op appt and I'm already tired of wearing this compression band :( I was really hoping I wouldn't get one but my PS said my implants are still pretty high so I have to wear the band as much as I can the next couple weeks. Other then that the appt went really well! I'm cleared to drink (yay wine!) start my massages, and work out as long as it doesn't hurt. I think I'm going to stick to just walking this week and next week try to do some power walking and leg work outs cause I don't want to lose my butt!! He said I can't push upward on the implants for 6 weeks and I asked about regular bras without underwire that aren't push up and he said use my judgment... I guess I'll just stick to sports bras until my next post op visit in 3 weeks and ask again then. One thing I'm disappointed in is that I wanted to see my incisions and wasn't able to. The surgical tape is still really sticky and the nurse said pulling it off now would pull on the incision; once it starts peeling and falling off I can put on new strips from the 2 packs they gave me because I have to keep tape on them for a month. No sign of infection though which helps me relax cause that's really why I wanted to see them. I read two stories about implants getting removed because of infection so I was worried. Other than that they said I look great! I can't wait until the weekend so I can take the girls out dancing.


Before my BA I kept hearing about how during the massages girls weren't rough enough with their implants. My PS suggests gently laying on them on the floor for 15 second intervals for a couple minutes twice a day or massaging together and downward in a circular movement for 15 minutes twice a day.

I want soft breast but I don't want to break my boobs lol Does anyone know the right amount of pressure?


The 2 bras from VS I ordered in the mail came today and I'm confused because they both fit. The black is a 34C and the blue is a 34D. They're both wireless sexy tee bras. What do you guys think? Is one fitting better cause I can't tell lol. Also I'm noticing a tiny bit of difference with the strap and massages so wooh!

Day 9

Has it been 3 months yet lol. Minus being extra tired after each day at work it barely feels like I had surgery at all. Sometimes my incisions are sore but besides that I've had no problems, not even morning boob. I was hoping an easy recovery would mean the girls would look great faster but that's not happening. They're both still sitting high and look weird from the side :/ my right is still being stubborn even with the band so I'm starting to look asymmetrical too sigh. I was cleared to wear sports bras but I'm afraid to change from my surgical bra, I want to wear regular bras again, I want to stop worry about my boobs!!!

Okay rant over lol. It's only been 9 days so I know I have a long way to go. I'm so glad I had real self or else I would be freaking out! Before research I thought you woke up with perfect boobs. Time will go fast though and they're definitely changing, they even jiggled going down some stairs today :)

Pic didn't load

Bra help

At my post op on mondaynmy surgeon c,eared me to wear sports bras. I'm worried about losing the support of my surgical bra but I feel like if he said it was fine it must be okay... I don't want saggy boobs lol. I'm also worries about the sports bras pushing my implants up. I bought two wireless non push up bras and asked about those and he said "don't push the implant up for 6 weeks" I told him that they weren't push up and he still just said "use your best judgement but I would stick with sports bras as you aren't supposed to push the implants up for 6weeks"

When did you ladies start wearing sports bras and real bras?


Just showing how much my implants have changed over the past 10 days.

Comparison 2

I hate that you can't edit post

2 weeks of boobs!!

Hey ladies! I'm happy to say my boobs are healing so nicely! They already feel like a part of me and I can't remember what I looked like before lol. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook every time I post a picture someone messages me and is like did you get a boob job because they look amazing. Dr. Hartog is an artist :) I'm still wearing my compression band but the dropping has slowed down. I'm in love with them and have gotten so many compliments. Every time I look in the mirror it's just a reminder of money well spent! Hope everyone and their girls are doing well :)


Finally got to see my incisions for the first time today and I'm not loving how they're looking. My mom said to be patient because with dark skin scars start off bad and then smooth out and lighten up. I'm trying to think positive and at least be happy that they are totally in the crease.

The girls are 3 weeks today

First to all my real self ladies I wanted to say sorry for being MIA the past week, work and real life has taken me out of boobie land for a bit but I'm back! I can't believe how fast 3 weeks have gone by and how natural my implants feel. If it wasn't for the tape over my incisions and not being able to wear a bra I would forget I had them. I have to go back and look at pictures to remind myself of what I looked like before lol. I never had any pain or weird feelings and never felt like I really had anything to cover from.

I do have one issue though. I've been wearing my compression band for 2 weeks and the right (left in pics) still hasn't dropped as much as its twin. They all both seem to have stopped fluffing and I wonder if that's cause they're still sitting high :/ I pull my strap really tight but idk. Anyways no matter what I'm in love with them and would do it all again in a heartbeat. I hope everyone is doing well!!

5 weeks

I've been meaning to update for a while now but with the end of summer comes lots of responsibility lol. I had my one month check on Tuesday and got cleared to wear a bra now that my incisions are closed wooh! I started going to the gym after two weeks but only lower body work, cardio and abs (I never did upper body work before this so why start now lol) I couldn't have asked for better results, I love my girls so much!! They look so natural and have felt like part of me for a few weeks now. I leave for a cruise on Saturday so I can't wait to show them off! Best wishes to all you other boobie ladies!!! These pictures are from about two weeks ago so I'll take new ones soon


I know it's been a really long time since I've updated and I feel so bad. It's like before my surgery all I could do was look at real self and now that I have them they just feel so natural I don't think of them. Once again Dr. Hartog is awesome! My breast look and feel great. My new bf had no idea until I told them that they were fake lol. I get so many compliments on them and I they are very proportionate with my body. I would do this a million times over but probably one side bigger ;)

Love my girls

Just showing how the girls look in clothes

7 months out

Even though it's been a while I had to post an update because yesterday I went to Victoria's Secret for a new bra and was sized as a 34 DD! ???? I know they do vanity sizing but I never thought I would ever hear those words referring to me. My boobs are doing great and I fall more in love with them every day! Sometimes I feel like they disappear in clothes but now that I know I'm a DD or D I'm okay. They have a lot of volume and look huge naked so I'm very happy with my decision. I haven't had time to go for my 6 month check up but I am going in two weeks. I hope you all are doing well and that those that are pre op find my review helpful. I'm attaching some clothes pictures and some naked. My left boob has dropped a little bit more and is noticeable cause of how I'm holding the camera in the naked pics but normally is undetectable. Three cheers for boobies lol

Two year anniversary next month!

So I apologize for the fact that I haven't updated in a million years. I can't remember where I left off so I'll just post some pictures and stats for those still on or new to their boob journey.

The last time I bought a new bra was last month and it was a 34DDD at Victoria's Secret. (pre BA I was an A there). I've also gained some weight so my boobs have gotten bigger because of that as well. I'm so happy with the curves I have now but not my little belly. My fiancé would never guess I ever had my boobs done and it's so weird to think he'll never see with small boobs as we met after my surgery.

I never have any pain or discomfort just some tenderness before my period. My nipples are a little uneven now as my right implant sits up higher than the left but I haven't been to my surgeon in a year so I'm probably due for a check up. Honestly that's my only issue and really is only noticeable to me. Sometimes I wish they were a little more prominent in clothes but then I look at them naked and I'm like... they're big enough. Anyway As promised here's some pictures so you can my ladies after two years :)

Love my results from Dr. Hartog! I like how he is very upfront about what would look good on you but still allows you to make your own choices. The atmosphere in the office is very calming and every person that helped me from secretary to nurses were extremely helpful. I would recommend Dr. Hartog to anyone interested in plastic surgery in the central Florida area.

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