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I had my son when I was only 18 years old and...

I had my son when I was only 18 years old and impacted me physically! I'm only 5'1 and weighed 112-115 lbs before I became pregnant. Forty weeks later I was over 172 lbs! Which means I gained over 55 lbs for my little frame and as a result gained excess skin and tons of stretch marks throughout my tummy, pubic area, thighs and breasts. Before I didn't have not one stretch mark. I originally wanted to babe two or three kids but after having one so young, married, divorced and now a single mom I can't handle having anymore again. I feel as if I started my life backwards so from here on out I'm focusing on myself more and more the older my son gets. I knew I wanted to have a tummy tuck done eventually years ago but it wasn't until a year and a half ago that I knew I was going to do it for sure. I started doing my own research around October of last year and made up my mind and arranged plans to have surgery done for this summer. I am beyond excited and ready!

Breast lift w/implants.....how many cc???

I originally did not want breast implants, only a BL, but my PS recommended it and I trust him. I am happy with my current breast cup which is basically a full B/small C but I know with a BL alone I would loose size a bit but I also would not regain fullness, shape, or even firmness. I tried on the breast sizers and I'm stuck between 150cc and 200cc, I want them natural looking and to fit my 5'1 117lb built. I chose 150cc but I don't want my breast to end up smaller than they are now but I also don't want them bigger. How can I know which it choose???

Finally post op 1 day

I'm pretty sure he didn't remove all of my excess skin....so depressed

I know every women is different but I have seen plenty of photos of women whose surgeons didn't take off all of their excess skin and unfortunately I think I am one of those women now. I know right now my tummy I swollen and bloated but what happens to your skin when it's not swollen and bloated? The skin relaxes and will sag or hang over more than when it's swollen and you can already see how my skin hangs over too much even now while it's still swollen. I new I wouldn't be able to get rid of all of my stretch marks, basically only about 70% of all my stretch marks but my result looks like only 50% were removed! I'm using them as landmark reference (lol) I know that the stretch marks on the excess skin are the only ones that can be removed, I am aware. My post op appt is Tuesday and I'll finally get these drains taken out too! I am extremely disappointed and depressed so far.

Swelling going down in breasts

Lots of swelling has gone down...

I had a major breakdown a few days after my surgery. Mainly because of the swelling, I did not like the way I was looking. I felt like I was still flabby and had too many stretch marks left over, way more than I was anticipating. Now at 12 days post op A LOT of the swelling has gone down and my stretch marks don't look as bad, I like to think that the stretch marks look worse right after surgery due to the fact that they basically have been re-stretched! LOL The swelling in my boobs has gone by a lot but I still am not liking how big they are so far. The incision still gives me sudden burning sensations but the itching has gone away a lot. I also still have the sensation that my incision is splitting apart, NOT a good feeling Lol I am driving down but still walking hunched over! I'm walking about 90% straight yesterday and today. I basically see an improvement every 2 days so with that being said, I can't wait until tomorrow Haha =P

3 & 4 week post op photo updates

6 weeks post op photos

Nearly 6 weeks post op

I will be 6 weeks post op in two days. I have to admit that my tummy is looking better than I initially thought but I still can't believe how many stretch marks were leftover and how not all the excess skin was removed from my love handles. I will calling next week to schedule an appt with my PS to talk to him about my concerns of not enough excess skin being removed. Fingers crossed.

After 3 previous consultations I did not hesitate to choose Dr. Brian Joseph as my PS. He and his staff are extremely friendly, listen it your questions and make you feel very comfortable in their office. The PS was very attentive, answered many questions before I was even able to ask them myself and personable. I would highly recommend Dr. Brian Joseph to anyone!

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