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So I am 5'0" and 115 lbs, and my boobs stopped...

So I am 5'0" and 115 lbs, and my boobs stopped growing when I was about 15. I knew I was going to need a boob job when I was older, my size now is 34A. I have my first consultation on May 10th, and hopefully doing the surgery sometime in June, if i can hold off until then. I already want to get my consult over with! I am not sure how many CC's i want, i do know i want saline (my mom got her's done and thats what she has) and so far i'd say i could do between 350-400cc. I dont want anything bigger than a C, but I am not even sure what a full C would look like on me! Hopefully I will find out more info when i see my DR! cant wait!!

So I wad planning on making my apt for june but...

So I wad planning on making my apt for june but after figuring out how many vacation hours I need to take off a week I might be looking at july. Hopefully the beginning of the month because I have a cruise in sept and want to be fully healed. Ugh sometimes I hate having a state job with strict rules :(

Idk if I'm going crazy or not.. I've been...

Idk if I'm going crazy or not.. I've been researching a lot lately and the past few days I've honestly felt like my boobs have grown. I'm wondering if it could be my birth control I started 5 wks. Or since I've been stretching a lot more lately if my muscles have somethin to do with it. I'm 26 so I know there's no more growing to be going on! Sometimes I wonder if I should just be happy with what God gave me..although I've wanted this for 11 yrs. Blah :/

So i am writing questions to ask at my...

So i am writing questions to ask at my consultation on friday, but I am hoping he answers all of them before i have to ask! im anxious for my appt and so glad i finally made it. Ive been wanting this for so long and im actually going to see the Dr this week!! I feel like ive done so much research already that he is probably going to tell me everything i already know :) I am just worried about my b.c. pills making my breasts larger since i started them in march. im not sure how much bigger they have got, but they are bigger. and my muscles are still sore because i guess they are growing. at least i know what post surgery will feel like!

I finally had my consultation yesterday and I love...

I finally had my consultation yesterday and I love my dr! I felt like I have known him for yrs and yrs! He did his measurents n said, well I can't get u to a D So don't even think about a D. Mostly likely a C and Maybe a full C. He had been read ing my mind n cleared up my biggest worry in the first 2 mins! He didn't mention type of implant or cc. At the very end he said I will have saline and a crease incision. Score! He is too good! After we discussed the process and pricing I did ask about cc'a and moderate or high profile (I've been doing my research). He said 400/425 moderate profile. Exactly wut I wanted n I neveeeer told him. Well actually I was thinking 350-400cc range but he will do what's best. I completely trust him!
I will pay my deposit and pick my date next wk. I'm thinking the end of June. They only do surgery wed n thurs ... but it will be this summer! !

Ladies how do u know what size bra to get for...

Ladies how do u know what size bra to get for after surgery ? Dr said ill be a C (400/425cc) and I wear an xs/small sports bra now. I know the swelling will be bad for a few weeks after surgery and I know ill need some kind of support.

Time Off..

If im not already stressed since i just started my masters degree, im having the hardest time getting the time off work. its always been back n forth with my sup but i finally just sat down with the boss of my boss, and she is approving it. once i get that in writing i will call to schedule and pay my deposit. hopefully that will be today or tomorrow at the latest. im getting anxious and just want it to be final!

deposit paid..

so after two days of back n forth with my supervisor and HER boss, i finally got 3 of the 4 days i requested off. they said once i accrue more hours i can request off that 4th day, which will be in 6 days (end of pay period) stupid but whatever. So surgery is set for June 20th, (thurs) and i have off thurs, fri, and mon, and hopefully tues when i ask again for that day off. My dr office can not see me for a pre op on a saturday, (my wrk schedule is m-f 8-5) so they'll mail all my paper work, consents and prescriptions next week! we dont need to go over sizing or anything, but she said ill probably be called in earlier on my surgery day to go over all the paper work, etc. so finally this is it! the count down begins... 5 weeks from yesterday!!!
any advice from here on out? recovery methods to start early? certain vitamins or anything to make the recovery process a little easier/smoother? (if possible!!)

doctors trust

I am wondering how many ppl go against what their dr recommended and regreted it? I know i should trust my dr, and he swears i will only be a C with 400/425cc saline under the muscle, but after looking at reviews i think they'll be larger than a C. I dont want the size to be too small and regret it, as most ppl want to go bigger, and i only wanted between 350-390ishcc, so its not like its much of a difference. idk what to do! but whenever i see results of 400 or 425, i think it will be too big on my lil itty body :/

bra sizes..ugh!

So I got the fruit of the loom front closure bra from walmart size 36.. Just tried it on and it fits me now good, pre boobs.. so I gta getta bigger size :/ I guess they run all. I gotta large sports bra that I tried on and it should fit, its not too big. . I don't wna be out shopping a few days post op!

patiently waiting.. well, anxiously!

i still have over 2 weeks to go and i just want it to be surgery day already. i started making smoothies last week with fruits n veggies because i know my body lacks a LOT of nutrients I should be intaking! so far so good with those and staying away from the greasy, fatty foods, being cautious with migraine meds b/c i get them reallllly bad and cant take the pills :/ and making sure i am mentally prepared for this! im surprised im not nervous yet, it will probably kick in a few days before! i havnt taken my rx's in yet to get filled but i will do that this wknd. my nurse told me not to wait incase they dont have a certain one and have to order it, it may take a day or two depending on how far another pharmacy is that has it.
Good luck to all the june girls!!!!

6 days to go...

So i dropped off prescriptions yesterday, and called today to see if my insurance covered them. i had 2 that are covered with my $7 co pay, but the patch for nausea is a $30 copay! the cash price is $68! really??? ughh.. do i really need that patch?? my mom is willing to get it i just feel bad, i dont want her to spend that on a nausea patch! i know its not much since i only have to pay $14 for the other two.. but $7 for the patch wouldve been nice lol

2 days to go

Still do not have my time for my appt on thursday. I was suppost to get a call yesterday with the time, so i called around 3:30 and the girl at the front said they were short a nurse, and i'd get a call this morning. still nothing yet. I dont know how difficult it is to create the schedule for that day, seeing as that day is used ONLY for surgeries.. im getting annoyed tho. I live an hr away, I know i'll have to be there at least an hour before, and I have to make arrangements for my sons transportation to school. BLAH. ill call them around lunch time if i dont hear anything by then.

first surgery of the day!

So my appt is at 8am, I have to be there at 7am! and its an hour away, so i have to leave at 6. nothing after midnight which is good because i wont have to wait too long to eat! yess i am super excited!!! :)

1 day!!!

Who wants to be at work with all this excitement going on?! I just turned in my last paper for my masters class that ends on monday since I will be on meds and will NOT be doing it over the wknd, boy does that feel good! im getting anxious, and ive had a good breakfast today, hopefully can keep my belly full so im not STARVING tomorrow morning! how am i suppost to sleep tonight!? i feel like i have so much to do today, but i really dont. i do need to get bendy straws though, theyre a must! yay less than 24 hours and i will be a NEW WOMAN!!

boob day!

I'm up..ready.. waitin for my mom to be finished m waitin on my bf to get here. He workeed till 10 last nite, I knos tired.. he's such a good man :)
So I packed a small cooler, apple juice box, grapes, crackers, cheerios and raisens. I live an hr from my PS so the nurse told me to bring snacks n drinks. Got my rx's too Just in case any are due while in route home.
Got a blanket n pillow in the car n wearing comfy velour outfit with no bra. Since I don't need it!!! Woo hoo!!! I think surgery is at 8 so hopefully I'm awake n alert fairly soon after surgery. . Ill see u guys on the other side!!

on the other side..

Ill update later just wanted to add a pic

ladies I gta question.

When can I put lotion/cocoa butter on my new twins? I have tape on my incisions but can I lotion around them?

uploading pix

Anyone know how to edit a pic to cover up the nipple?

will update tmrw..

Here's a pic post op day 2. My surgery was at 8am thurs so I consider that the first post op day. Ill update tmrw with how the day went

the day if surgery.

So my mom n I arrived about 6:55 n as soon as we got in I was called back by the nurse. Got my surgery outfit on, peed 1 nore time, went over the steps of procedure. And had my iv in by 7:40. Dr came in and anasthesiologist to check up on us. Another nurse came in n asked my name, bday n what exactly I was getting done. Then I said goodbye to mom, walked a few steps to the operating room and the guys were waitin for me. As soon as I laid down I gta 'cocktail' n it was 1, 2, 3 out!at that point it had to be close to 8. My mom said dr c ame to see her at 825 n said they were done, just waiting for me to wake up. Around 845 I was up, could hear n see everything, my eyes were just tired! The nurse gave me ice chips then I asked for juice. About 910 my mom came back. She was told to drive around back n she took some of my things. The nurse dressed me and I was in the car by 925.
Wasnt in any pain till I got home n tried to get outta the car! It was an hr drive so I was pretty comfortable eating my snacks. I did have to take my meds in route home so I'm soo glad I brought them!
The rest of the day was ok, ate n drank nornally and I slept on the sectional couch n my mom did too. Her alarm went off around 230am for meds n I was good till I woke up around 730.
Day 2 was a little worse which I expected. My bf came over to help take my bandage off and shower. Ooomg pain!! We unwrapped really slowly but every piece of loosened bandage put me in more pain. I literally sat or wlkd around with the bandage just covering my nipples but I was alsio holding them up. Afteer 20 mins I finally got in..holding my boobs up tho. They were jjust to heavy! Bf helped a lot and then gettin a sports bra on was a challenge. My 38 front closure from walmart was not wrkn!! I got a bralette type on from nordstrom and took the inside cups out. Its not too tight so I like it.
Day 3 - this morning was ok, had a little more time in between pain pills so I can ween off slowly. The muscle relaxer doesn't seem like its helping much but widening the time in between those too. Been eatin good n drinkin lots of water.
My right side is the worst of the two, pain, swelling and how high it is. I'm left handed so I gta use my right one more. I can't wait till they drop. They're so hard!!!
Oh and my dr put 375cc in because my pockets wernt that big.. ? Which was ok cuz that's wut I wanted and at my consult he suggested 400/425. So hopefully they look good :) thanx everyone for ur kind words and good luck to anyone gettin theirs soon.

updating a pic

day 4 I guess..?

Since surgery was at 8am thurs I consider that day 1. I took a shower with no help but it was hard! I had to hold up my boobs n use the other to wash. They're just so dan heavy. My rightie is still huge n high. Its annoying! It doesn't look so big in pics but trust me it is! Only took 1/2 a pain pill when I woke up n nothin over night. No pain at all just sore and stiff. Hopefully today is better :)

heading out for the first time. .

My best friend is havin her twins first bday party today so I'm omw now. It was a hastle gettin dressed for sure. .my boobs got super tight afterwards. Prob not gna stay for long. I feel weird and my boobs are still so can't wait for these next few days to pass!

what a day..

Not a good idea to go out n about today. My boobs kept gettin tighter n tighter. Came home n iced these girls. ..I just want them to drop already :/

post op appt

Had my post op appt today and the dr took the tape off my incisions. My bf said they were bloody when the tape came off, probly cuz it wripped my skin :( but I got new tape on n have to remove it in 5 days. Today was a much better day than the last 5. I'm probly at 85%. Started driving yesterday but it wwas painful so had my mom drive me around. Today was better, still hard to turn but I had my bf drive the hr to my appt. I got my implant card n warrenty info. My dr put in 325cc filled to 375cc so not sure what it'll give me. I still cant sleep on my side is what I'm custom to doing so sleeping isn't great :( they're still high and my right side is so much harder n higher than lefty. Oh dr told me how to massage, its not much of a massage..just cupping the top of my implant n applying a little pressure 30 secs 2times a day. Hope it helps!! Gna add a pic from yesterday..

righty is so much bigger.

I hate lookin at my boobs because my right one is huuuge. It looks like its a whole cup size difference. I kno it's early n I kno I'm a lefty but I have always thought my right boob was bigger. My dr said it wasn't and put the same amount in both but I Just always thought it was a bit larger. I hope he did what's best. This dropping period is the worst. I've been using my right arm a lot more so hopefully itll start to fall... nope not yet. Theres no way I could wear a bikini like this :( I live in florida..I need the beach soon!!

nipples and Incisions

My nipples have been really sensitive since yesterday n it kinda hurts to have any shirts/bras on them.. my incisions hurt I think because I got my tape taken off n boy that hurt :( I have new tape on which I have to take off Sunday I know that's not gna be fun at all..
Here's a pic to compare to then and now

wanna go shopping already..

Ok so its obvious I need new swimwear and tops. I'm addicted to bikinis and I have so many tops I bought last summer that don't fit :/ I wna show my new twins off but is it too early to start buyin bikini tops? Are they gna change a whole size diferrence when they drop n fluff??? I wish they would hurry up n settle...blah!

little by little..

Today is 9 days post op, 10 if u count surgery day as 1st. Today is better and I feel much better showering! They're not so heavy n don't get in the way as much. Incisions r still sore, I have to take off the tape today or tmrw. I'm a little worried to see what they look like :/ things r def goin up from here though!

a little over 2 weeks..

Well the last post didn't post a few days ago with my pic. . But anyways! The past week has been emotional. Like expected. Lol my left boob is so much smaller than my right. I avoid looking at them naked :/ I kno I need to wait a while for the final result but u always worry about them being un even or different sizes. My next appt is the 16th and ill be almost 4 wks. Ill try to upload pics
Oh I got sized at vic secret..32DDD. Yikes!!

scar cream?

So I had my 2nd post op appt today, ill be 4 wks on Thursday. Dr cleared me to do everything and start using scar cream on my incisions. Any reccomendations??
He also showed me more stricter massages. Ouch!!! I guess I havnt been doing mine hard enough :/ next appt in 2 months n hopefully the last one!

5 weeks..

So its been almost 5.5 wks and things are getting better. Righty is still much harder ansd needs to drop. I bought some silicone sheets for my scars and hoping they work wonders like the reviews I've read!
I went to vic sec saturday to find some bras and didn't have too much luck. They measured me 2 wks go at a 32ddd but didnt have any. So I went with 32dd. They fit now but the sales lady said probly in another month they won't because my boobs will be bigger when they fall. Really???
Ill post a pic of my strips. And as I was looking at the pic, my left one looks bigger and fuller. Lol idk its weird! This whole process is weird!!

some more pics..

messed up the upload..

the strips I bought from cvs

new pic

So this is my 32dd bra I just bought. I was sized at 32ddd but there was none in stuck so I went with dd. I kno in a few weeks this probably won't fit but it feels good to wear a comfy bra!!
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