31 Years Old 4'10 100lbs Mom of 1... Super Excited for my Breast Aug!! - Orlando, FL

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Hey guys, I'm 31 yrs old 4'10 and 100lbs. I'm so...

Hey guys, I'm 31 yrs old 4'10 and 100lbs. I'm so excited to have my breast augmentation done. I've always wanted bigger breasts and never ever in a million years did I think I would actually have the procedure done. I've thought about it and I finally had the courage to bring it up to my husband. He basically said whatever makes me happy and he was on board And he has been supportive ever since. Soooo I have one son and he's now 3. I breast fed him for about 5 months. My breast size was 34b and I used to weigh 135 but since this year has started I began working out and taking care of my body and I now weigh 100lbs unfortunatelyy my breasts have deflated : ( soooo this is where I am today... I met with Dr Jeffrey Hartog on July 21 and he is absolutely amazing. His office is very clean and the atmosphere is very comforting. His employees are wonderful and they took there time and spoke to me addressing all of my concerns. Dr Hartog however is a very busy dr but he took the time and briefly described what he thinks will suit me and then he asked me what I would like my results to be. He said he think 300 325 silicone mod pro. At first I was thinking saline but he said the silicone would feel and look real being that I was petite in size. I'm thinking now 380 silicone mod pro. I just don't want it to look fake because the only people in my family that knows is my husband and my sister. Dr Hartog also has the vectra 3d imagining so I can get an idea of how it would look and I posted pics for you ladies to see and hopefully give me some ideas. He said the pics would not be as accurate but when I come in for my preop I will get to try on sizes. I also have my preop on August 19 2015. This site has helped me so much and hopefully I will be able to do the same


Hey guys, usually for some women the times goes by slow when they're going to have there BA done. Well for me time is flying pretty quickly and for some reason I was laying in bed thinking wth am I doing. I know I have been wanting this for the longest but now I'm worried not sure if I'm reading way into this but I just couldn't sleep last night thinking about all the negative things that could happen. It sucks bc I'm so excited. I know my ps dies great work but I keep thinking what if my body just rejects it and my money goes down the drain. It sucks to feel like this.


Hey ladies is there any vitamins that I should be taking to help when I have my BA done?? And how soon should I start taking it??? I have 3 more weeks To go : )

Before photos

Some before photos... These are pics of how I'm hoping they look after surgery

Pre op is tomorrow!!!

Hey ladies my pre op is almost here!!! Just one more day...Do u guys have any advice????

Preop Done

Hey ladies so I had my preop yesterday and that's when I actually started to get really nervous I tried on alit of sizers. It kinda sucks because my ps wasn't there and I thought he would have been being that I was actually going to pick out my size. Anyways I picked out the size 400cc silicone the nurse was there and she told me she thinks the ps would change to high profile being that I'm so small and it would eliminate the side boob... Now I have to wait u till Monday for her to talk to the ps and she will give me a call on the size and that daly sucks to me... Yesterday I filled out a bunch of forms, took a blood and urine test and I was told I have to stop taking my multi vitamins... I got my prescriptions: Keflex, Mobic, Visteril, Zofran. She said to get them filled and have them the day of surgery. I asked her about the arnica pills and bromelain (I think that's how it's spelled lol sorry didn't want to go back and Google the spelling) so she gave me the ok to take those... QUESTION where do I find it... I don't want to go out and buy the wrong one. My surgery is scheduled for August 31(my husbands bday) and they are going to call me on Friday with the time. I think that's about it for now. My husband sucked at taking the pics of the sizers but I'll post them later for u ladies : )

Pre op pics

Wish pics

Nurse called me back!!!!

So my nurse called back. She said they ordered 375 cc mod profile and 400 hp because I'm so small hp might be the best bet for me. Dr Hartog will try on the sizes the day of surgery which is next Monday exactly one week from today. I did some shopping on Saturday and got my prescriptions filled. I got the arnica pellets and bromelain she said I can start taking those a few days before or I can just eat pineapples : ) I' should be getting a call on Friday with the time of surgery

Surgery tomorrow

Hey ladies my surgery is Tommorow and I can't help but feel so nervous. I was doing so good now I don't know what happened

Some before pics

On the other side!!!!

Hey ladies I had my surgery yesterday. I got 375 hp.. I had originally decided on having 400cc but my ps told me that since I have a small frame he thinks it would be to big for me. Well I listened : ( and now I think I am to small and that sucks... So I got up at 7 am yesterday and to be at the ps office at 930 however with the traffic I got there 10 minutes late. Luckily the surgery before mine ran a little well alit longer. The nurse came in and I filled out some paper work she took my temp and blood pressure she then said the dr would come in and see me and the anesthesiologist after a couple hours they did. Dr Hartog marked me up that's when the nervousness started. And shortly after the anesthesiologist came and took me to the OR which was nerve wrecking to me all I kept thinking about was what am I doing. They talked to me and before I knew it I was back in recovery. When I finally woke up they called my husband to pick me up. The drive home was a little painful but I tried to sleep most the way. I had a tiny sip of ginger ale. Coming out of the car was the hard part. Yesterday it was a little difficult to breathe today is much better. But I'm still soooo sore and I can't lift my arms. Getting on and off the bed is really hard.
I'm hoping I feel better soon. I'll post some pics a little later when I go take a shower. Do u guys know what I can do to help me get my arm movements back?? Did u guys experience this?

Post op Day 1

Hey ladies just 1 me hour and I can take a shower. I'm feeling better compared to yesterday and this morning. My left incision burns bland my right breast is bigger. I have a 3 year old and he wants to play and jump all over me and I feel so bad bc I can't play with him luckily my husband is home and he's helping me so much I don't know what I would do without him. I've also been taking my meds on time...Overall I'm doing great


I posted some pics before my shower... The marker he used on me is. So hard to wash off... I'm so sore I really didn't want to press on it.

Day 2 Not a big fan

Hey ladies so this is my second day post op if you're not counting the day of surgery. Let's just say I'm not happy so far. I knew my breasts were uneven to begin with but I feel like now it shows more. My breasts look smaller than when I use to wear my padded bra and now I won't be able to where a padded bra and I feel even more insecure... Do you ladies think it gets bigger or smaller when they drop?? I feel so sad bc after all this pain and I'm not happy : (

Day 3

Last night was so painful and I just couldn't get comfortable. And my breasts are super sore which is annoying. My husband had to go back out to work today so I was alone with my toddler it wasn't so bad. I'm starting to feel shooting pains in my breasts mostly my left breast. I took a shower on my own today took a little longer but overall it was ok.. Another thing my skin has started itching I'm not sure if it's from the pain meds. Do u think I should ask my ps about it??

Day 3 pics

Day 4

Hey ladies well yesterday was just horrible. My skin started itching really bad and I had tiny bumps all over my body so I called my ps the nurse told me to stop taking the Keflex which I did I took a shower to calm down the itching and it worked not for long though around 5 pm I got a fever but I took aleve for that and went to bed and my skin started to itch really bad and I woke up my body was just itching so bad all over I ended up going to the hospital. They gave me a shot of Benadryl and I got another shot for the allergy. I feel much better today but I had to stop my pain meds and I'm in a little pain but I think I will be ok. Today is day 4 and I woke up with little pain but my left breast has a burning sensation. I'm hoping it goes away.. Thank you ladies for all of the Support its really nice to get advice from women who have been through this

Day 4 pics

Day 6

Hey ladies so far it has been great.. These shooting pains are really annoying. And my left incision burns and itches a little but I try to ignore it I just hope everything is ok... I feel like they are dropping Tomorrow my boobies will be one week old and my have my appointment with my ps on Tuesday in praying everything is healing good. I hope you ladies are feeling fine
: )

Day 6 pic

I hope they come a little closer I feel like they're far apart


Hey ladies today makes it one week!!! Although I am happy my left breast incision seems to be burning a lot luckily I have my post op appointment tomm I hope everything is okay... Do u ladies think this is Normal??

Need you help !!!

I know you ladies know that I have come of the meds last week truth is I kind of up my dose and instead of taking the meds every 6 hrs I took every 3 hrs. Well I stopped everything last Thursday in the hospital and they put me on this other Ned called prednisone it's supposed to help with the allergic reaction yesterday and I finished that on Sunday.. Yesterday was my follow up visit and I felt very nervous anxious depressed and I didn't want my breast implants I even cried I was just beyond emotional My body would also feel very cold and then Get hot after I took a shower I felt better. I call dr hartog and he was very nice he said that I could be having a withdrawal from all of the meds I was on. i fell asleep around 9 last night and I woke up at 12 am with the same feeling but I was nauseous so i dicided to go to the hospital they did blood work a ct scan to make sure my lungs were ok and they gave me ANOTHER prescription for anxiety and the nausea. I didn't fill them because I feel I've been taking all these meds to help the effect of another med and I know this is not normal this feeling that I'm having. honestly now I'm just feeling I should have loved my body HAS THIS HAPPEN TO ANY OF YOU LADIES AND WHAT SHOULD I DO PLEASE RESPOND BACK I really need a support system

Feeling much better

Hey ladies I just want to say thank you so much for all of your support and especially for the website. You have no idea how ur kind words helped me through this week. Not a lot of people would understand what ur going through or how you feel unless they have went through it. So far everyday that goes by I feel a little better. And that I am so thankful for I honestly didn't think I would have gotten through this week. My incision has been itching alotttt and its very uncomfortable. My house is extremely cold and it helps with the itching when I take a shower it does calm it down a lot but how many showers am I going to take??? Lol my back itches a lot too I'm not sure why my chest still feels tight and a little heavy I hope I get used to this my boobs however are getting softer and it has dropped. Just curious my ps told me that I have to wear the compression band and he told me that I should lay on the floor for a little as part of the massaging process. I'm a little scared to that I feel like my implants might pop out lol honestly my ps is great at his work but he needs to care about his patients a little more and spend some time with them. When I went back for my follow up he was standing asked me if I had any questions have me a paper with follow up instructions and another paper to fill out about my recovery???? not sure if that's normal but I've read so many stories about how ur ps are so supportive and doesn't rush you. If you ladies can let me know what massage techniques works for you guys pls let me know and I wIll post some pics later

11 day post up pics

2 weeks

Hey ladies so it has been two weeks I very rough two weeks I might add but like you ladies said everyday feels a little better. If I do a lot during the day my incisions start burning a little so I try to just relax and do light things. The pressure and tightness on my chest is what's really concomfortable but once I do my massages in the morning it gets better. I get really exhausted at the end of the day and I'm not used to feeling this way I really miss working out. Once in a while I get the shooting pains but it doesn't bother me much. I changed the tape on my incision yesterday I can't wait for it to heal. I've seen so many pics of women's incision after one month and you can barely notice if I really hope I'm one of the lucky ones. A girl can hope right : ) I've been trying to eat really healthy hoping I heal quickly I just want to me myself again. I wore the compression band for 30 minutes today OMG I don't know how u ladies wear it. I feel like I can't breathe when I have it on and I feel like my boobs hurt more. That's all I can update for now I really Hope you ladies are doing great

3 weeks : )

Hey ladies well it has been 3 weeks. I'm not 100% but hopefully I get there. The last week has been a roller coaster of feelings I noticed in the afternoons I'm usually sore and my incision itches a lot which is really uncomfortable and annoying. I was told I can change my tape very week so I have been doing that I saw a little blood it looked brown. Is that normal? I hope it is and also when I lift my left arm I get a really bad burning sensation it feels like my skin is pulling apart not sure if any of u ladies have experienced that. The shooting pain I can deal with yesterday I felt my left nipple was burning a little bit it went away I have been doing my massages if you ladies have any advice pls pls let me know

Does the band cause your incisions to hurt?!?!?!

Hey ladies every time I wear the compression band my boobs start hurting like crazy and my incisions... I'm also supposed to be wearing it more. Do u ladies have any advice????

1 Month!!! : )

Hey ladies well I'm actually 1 month and 1 day lol for the past week I've been feeling good I really can't complain. Morning boob isn't that bad anymore I've noticed if I massage when I wake up it feels better right away. The only thing that bothers me is the itching my skin is super sensitive now. I use bio oil to do my massages. It feels really weird to lay on my boobs it feels like I'm laying on a balloon lol. I still sleep on my back and every now and again I turn slightly on my side it doesn't hurt or anything I just think it's in my mind. I have all feelings back in my nipples and they aren't that sensitive anymore. My boobs are also starting to soften up a little and that I am excited for. I love them didn't think I would be saying this when i first got them lol I posted some pics not sure why I can't take a straight pic I might have to ask the hubby to take the pics for me... : ) I hope you ladies are doing great

5 Weeks 5 days

Hey ladies so it's been 5 weeks 5 days with this healing everyday counts. So far I can't really complain on how I'm feeling sometimes I get a little uncomfortable but I don't feel the tightness much anymore and maybe for the last week I felt the morning boob 3 times which is not bad at all I hated that feeling. I noticed when I sleep on my side my incisions hurt in the morning especially today. I had my one month follow up on Tuesday my ps said everything looks good and he cleared me to wear any bra I want even under wires which I thought was weird bc I've read so many of your stories and so many of u ladies said that you couldn't wear under wire bras for 3 months I'm not sure if I should be happy about this??? Do I ladies have any advice I would really appreciate it. Also he said I could start using scar treatments and told me I could purchase the biocorneum from his office but I had already bought the scar away sheets that I can't return so I've been using that. Which one would u ladies reccomend??? My scars are really dark. I get the shooting pains everyday but it doesn't bother me much it lasts for about 2 seconds. Since my BA I've been breaking out with tiny bumps all over my skin and it itches I asked my dr about it he says he doesn't know and I should see a dermatologist. I know I can't be the only one with this : /

Need your help!!

Hey ladies yesterday when I was doing my massages I could feel my implant on the sides of my breast for some reason my left breast felt a little stiff and hard and I'm so worried I don't know if you guys experienced this I called my ps office and left a message they haven't called me back yet. I'm so worried right now and I'm really praying nothing is wrong I'm 6 weeks post op

6 Weeks 4 days

Hey ladies so I am 6 weeks 4 days I had a little scare this week I felt fine and then on Monday I started feeling my implants more and my left breast got a little tight I went to my ps and he said everything looks great and I shouldn't be worrying but if it does feel different and I think it's getting worse let him know. It's such a weird feeling though when I do my massage I can feel the implant kind of bounce back and when I contract my chest muscle my entire boob moves I guess I never had breasts before so I wasn't so conscious about it. Now every little thing bothers me. My right side feels good I'm not sure if it's because it was the bigger side. I asked him what types of massages should I be doing because my biggest fear is developing capsular contracture "cc" he said to lay on the floor on my belly for 15 min a day watch tv and try not to think about it and I've been doing that since and I haven't really felt much change but like everything this is a process and it takes time. I have to continuesly remind myself. Hopefully my boobs don't contract like this in public lol
My incisions have been feeling pretty good this week it isn't itching or burning and that I am really happy for. As for my skin sensitivity it hasn't gone away but I try to moisturize a lot. The shooting pain comes and goes but it doesn't bother me. My nipples aren't that sensitive anymore so that's a good thing that I have to say was really annoying. I think that's about it. I really hope you ladies are feeling well and pls pls pls if you have any tips or advice for me feel free to let me know I really appreciate it
: )

My scars at 6 weeks 5days

I forgot to post pics of my scars. Here they are I've been using the scar away silicone sheets I like the fact that it keeps my incisions covered : )

7 Weeks 4 days

Hey ladies I really don't have anything much to say about this week. I have to say every week that goes by I feel better and my boobies are getting softer and squishy so that's a good thing. It has dropped a lottt and that I am excited about I do my massages everyday and I lay on the floor for at least 15 min everyday. I'm still using the scar away sheets. Wow I have to say this is one hell of a Journey lol my c-section was a breeze compared to this but I made it through and I'm feeling better as the days go by and that I am happy for I also have to say I feel much more confident than I was and all of my clothes for now. However I do have to start working out again my abs disappeared but I'll get myself back together I've uploaded some pics. As soon as I got out the shower I did my massage and I put my scar away strip on and I forgot to take a pic of my incision but I definitely upload a pic of it for this week. One thing I love about this site is that I can look back at all of my pics and I can see how much my boobs have changed. Hope u ladies are doing and feeling well

2 Months!!!! : )

Hey ladies Not much has changed and you ladies will see that in the pics. Honestly I can't believe how much confident I am now. My boobs arent bouncy but soft if you squish them

2 months 1 week

Hey ladies I uploaded a video of my boobies so u could get an idea how squishy it is : ) I'm also starting to loose track of my post op weeks lol hope you ladies are doing well

10 Month Update!!!!

Hey ladies, so it's been 10 months now since I had my BA. Honestly, I have to say this has been the best decision I have ever made and I'm soooo happy I am now so much more confident in trying on clothes and just being in front of my husband. Ladies I can't tell you the feeling. Sooo after my last update everything was smooth sailing I do try to keep up with my massages and I still use the bio oil. Last night I started getting a burning sensation on my right boob it was hurting before but they usually hurt when I'm about to get my period so let's see how that goes.. I'm not sure if that's normal if any of you ladies experience that pls let me know I would really appreciate it... I will also take and upload some pictures today
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