35 Year Old Mother of 4 Blessings, Whose Daily Attire Consists of T-shirts & Sweat Pants. Winston Salem, NC

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I want this surgery for myself!! I have low self...

I want this surgery for myself!! I have low self esteem due to this tummy & kangaroo pouch! I am having a TT with lipo of my abdomen & flanks with fat transfer to my buttocks! I have 4 kids,2 which were c-sections and I have excess skin in which my muscles are ruined and no matter how much I exercise and eat right that pouch is still there!

Finding a Dr.

Is there anyone who can refer great surgeons in the North Carolina area?? The ones I have found doesn't have reviews or some that has not so satisfying reviews... please help

Body Plastic Surgery App

OK ladies, I'm so obsessed with getting this surgery!! I have found an app that allows you to move Ur body parts around to get an ideal pic of an after surgery pic!! I hope you enjoy!

Just scheduled my surgery!!

Hello dolls, I scheduled my surgery date today, I go on May 26th...I've been psyched up but now I'm nervous & excited all at the same time. I'm going with Dr. Howell of Salem Plastic Surgery. He made me feel so comfortable better than the first consultation. I'm so ready, wish me luck!! Thanks to all of u for posting Ur pics, testimonies, good, bad, & scary!

I week away!!

Hello dolls, I'm exactly one week away from being on the flat side. U ladies have helped me so much from the supplies to purchase, questions to ask, recovery process. I can't thank u enough for helping to make this surgery a thing of the past!!

Countdown has begun: 2 more days!!

Hello dolls I'm counting down the days, I have 2 more days until I will be on the flat side! Yaaay! I just wanted to upload a pic of the recovery BBL chair that I got from one of the reviews. Hope it helps!

My nerves r taking over!!

Hey dolls, I have exactly 8 hours until I'm on the flat side! I'm gone take my last sip of water, say my prayers, and call it a night! I'll update as soon as I'm able!!


I'm 3 days post op and I feel horrible! I can barely take care of myself while I don't have an appetite all I can do is lay in the bed this is by far the worst I've ever felt in my life. My legs & my back are killing me. But hey I'm on the flat side. Lol is the pain worth it?? Yes it is!!

My BBL update!

My surgeon informed me that he only injected 350 cc's in each cheek. I wanted a lil more projection, I'm kinda disappointed bc I wanted my body to be proportioned since I'm top heavy size H, does anyone have any suggestions without having surgery again???

2 weeks post op

Hello dolls, I'm 2 weeks post, had my 2nd drain removed today, got ok'd for scar therapy, and light exercise. I have a lot of swelling, do any of u have any suggestions as to what I can do? My results are still shocking to me bc I'm not used to being on the flat side...lol just wanted to give an update.

Feeling some what ungreatful!

Hello dolls, it's been a while since I have posted an update. I'm kind of in my feelings about my outcome. My BBL is not what I expected so I feel that was money wasted. I don't feel that my flanks or my back was liposuctioned enough. The only thing I'm happy with is that the "flap" is GONE! I'm posting some pics would love to hear feedback of what u think. I still have a lot of swelling and I'm very uncomfortable at times. I just ordered another garment so I'm hoping that helps with the swelling and maybe I can start to see my hour glass figure that I so long for. I can't do a round 2 bc I used all my savings for this procedure. I'm 4 weeks PO so I guess I still have time to heal.

So disappointed!!

Well dolls I think I need to stop looking at the posts like I used to, it's kinda depressing seeing everyone else results when mine aren't what I wanted nor expected. I feel like I just waisted my entire savings on this surgery to still feel somewhat depressed and emotional! Uggghhh, hopefully it gets better!
Winston Salem Plastic Surgeon

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