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Hello beautiful ladies! I see loss of lbs many...

Hello beautiful ladies! I see loss of lbs many have had. I would like to know the typical recovery Post-Op. When is ok to return to work. Guessing 2 wks post op & 1 extra wk to get use to eating, moving around & any anticipated hiccups.

Also w/ the body change is it true that you lose your boobs?? Do they "pay tribute" to your new body?? Lol. Does your stomach shrink or just sag??

6 weeks out from WLS - Gastric Sleeve

I am feeling great now that I am 6 weeks out from WLS. I only had pain for the first week, the second week it was really just getting use to hunger pains. Some ppl don't have hunger pains but I definitely did and I continue to get hungry every 2-3 hours. I can eat a small portion and the foods you choose are very important. Stay away from sugars, carbs and stick to protein. If you have to continue your protein shakes please do! It's not worth stopping your weight loss because you don't want to stick to the plan. I exercise a lot, I do Zumba, the elliptical and I walk all the time. I love my fitbit and it really helps. I've attached some pictures below so you can see my progress. It's all worth it. The area the Dr used as the incision I had to take care of and they were glued not stitched. Probably stitched on the inside and glued on the outside. Always keep the area clean and don't mess with the glue. Let it stay on as long as possible.

Best of luck to everyone! I am enjoying life, not that I wasn't before, but things are better now because I feel better about myself.

My Amazing Sleeve - ~~4 months Post Op

SD (Surgery Date) 7/14/15
HW (highest weight) 256
CW (current weight) 203
GW (goal weight) 165

I am feeling great and I am now feeling settled. Each day is different. One day I'm really motivated to work out and the next day I have to push myself. But I make sure that I do it because in the end it makes me feel good. Now I am doing T 25 and it really invigorates me. If I had to give you one important tip it would be need to be sure you're taking your vitamins. The Prevacid I was taking every now and then and then I started to feel Gerd or heartburn. Now I am sure I take it every day because I want this to be a preventative measure so that next year I will be off the medicine. But let's be honest sometimes people develop heartburn after getting the surgery. This was the best decision I've ever made in my life. I'm still working to reach my goal weight. Right now my goal is to lose another 30 pounds by December. Halloween just passed and I must say I indulged in probably too much candy. But I'm not going to beat myself up about it because I've been doing good for a long time.

Be sure you reward yourself but not with food. Get out of the habit of that. Go for a walk, get a massage, get your nails painted or go see a movie. Remember this is a lifestyle change.

Your clothes size will change & take as many pictures as you can. When you compare your progress over time, it will excite and motivate you. Be well everyone.

Photo update HW 256 - CW 203

7 months Post Op

I am happier than ever. Don't always watch the scale. Yes it helps but inches is also a big factor. HW- 256 CW - 189 GW- 165

I am barely 25 lbs away from my goal weight and I can get wrapped up in #'s. But when I realize how good I feel, how happy I am right my progress and hoe my confidence has increased. I realize inches and the way my clothes fit matters the most.

Please Please Please EXERCISE. You don't want to lose muscle mass. Then you will look really saggy. I've done great & my Dr was surprised because I've only lost 1lbs of muscle. That's amazing. So please don't sit and just wait for the weight to come off. Some of it will but muscle burns more fat. So develop those muscles by walking, lifting. Zumba, T25 and many other workout routines. Those are just some that I did & I'm very happy with my progress. Don't overindulge if your new tummy is like mine. I can eat most things now & not get sick or nauseated. Some things still get me quesey and I definitely know when I'm full. So just be careful & make good food choices. Less sugar less carbs, more protein more fruits n veggies.

Best wishes to everyone.

11 months after Surgery

Hey Ladies,

I wanted to post an update. I'm just about 11 months away from my Surgiversary. I was sleeved July 14th, 2015. It was the day that truly changed my life. I went from no energy to FULL of energy. From size 8/20 to size 10/12. I am very proud of my accomplishment, yet I still have 20 lbs to go. Toward the end losing gets slower. I was even getting discouraged so I saw my Nutritionist today. Needless to say I'm doing the right things, but at times we just have to tweek our eating and exercising. Good luck to everyone. I've attached some pictures to help you see my progress. God is merciful and good! I've got a better outlook on life now.
- Blessed
Dr Fernandez

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