Lots of Leg Sunspots. Winston Salem, NC

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I am 34 years old and started developing sunspots...

I am 34 years old and started developing sunspots around 30 years old. This year I decided to have them lasered. I chose a qswitched nd yag laser for treatment. I had around 500 pulses done on my legs in one setting. Eeek! It stung but was tolerable. My legs were in fire when I left the office. I am healing and waiting!

1 week post laser

No pain. Looks worse than it feels. Skin feels smooth. Not scabby. Ive been applying neosporin every time I go to bathroom. The doctor said it may take a month for it to look better. I hope not that long

Crusts coming off

This weekend around the 10 day mark the crust started peeling. The are very thin scabs. I was in the bathtub literally scrubbing them off. I see pink skin underneath so im hopeful! The lower legs havent began this as much. This is my thigh. You can see its dry and peeling.
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