53 years old, tired of lower bags, surgery scheduled, little scared - Winston Salem, NC

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I have had prominent bags underneath my eyes for...

I have had prominent bags underneath my eyes for several years and FINALLY am going to just "go for it" and have lower lid bleph. Since I am a 53, a little concerned about healing taking longer and also the fact that my doctor is going to use outside stitches which will scar. He did mention it if didn't fade as much as I'd like, he would laser it at no additional charge later, which I thought was very nice. Also, some have suggested arnica/bromelain supplements........the doctor didn't mention these. Are they worth it? I am posting my "before" shots and will be posting "afters" in about 5 weeks!!!!

Surgeon change, feeling MUCH BETTER about upcoming procedure

I met today for the second opinion regarding whether I required outside stitching and "pinch". The surgeon I saw today, Dr. James Thompson, was very very professional, patient and understanding. I feel a load has been lifted. He practices both styles of lower bleph. and agreed I have no loose skin underneath and am a perfect candidate for the transconjunctival procedure. He also explained that due to the hollowness near the outside corners of each eye, that he would recommend a small fat transfer to eliminate the "hollow" look. He left that decision totally up to me but I am choosing to do it. I don't want a "sunken look" . My surgery should be scheduled within a few days, the sooner the better! I wasn't required to pay for another consultation, yaaay. I am so very very happy I went through the trouble and red tape this involved to get another opinion within the practice. : ) I will post my new surgery date when I get it and the countdown will begin!!!!!

Awaiting appointment with Dr. Thompson

My consultation with Dr. Thompson was a week ago today. I am still waiting to be scheduled for my history and physical and surgery with him. I have emailed this morning and am hoping to hear something soon. I feel it is the scheduler's lack of efficiency and intend to address this with the surgeon if I don't hear something very soon.

Surgery Scheduled April 11

I finally heard from the scheduler today and I am scheduled for April 11, next Friday! I am a tiny bit worried that I won't be off Wellbutrin the recommended 2 weeks prior to surgery but the nurse said it is okay?????? I am super excited but also nervous and scared. I will be sure to post updates. Has anyone else had fat grafting when having the lowers done?


My big day is tomorrow at 10:30. Yippeeee....... I am very excited and a tad nervous. I am really tired of hearing "You look fine just as you are," "You don't need it," "What a waste of money," etc. Enough already, lol. I have mirrors and I have focused on the bags for years. Tomorrow is my special day!

April 11 surgery complete

Right after surgery, April 11. Have used eye lubricant twice as directed. Dr Thompson explained procedure and drew around eyes prior to surgery places fat was to be removed and also where it would be grafted to prevent hollowness. He explained that once I laid down bags would not be as visible. I have antibiotics to take every 6 hours. I had IV sedation and was completely out. I have a feeling to mm may look a bit worse but so far no problems at all. My supportive husband is changing cold guaze and taking care of me. I am so excited

Day two, feeling great!

Today is day two, surgery yesterday. No pain at all other than stomach soreness where fat was removed for graft. I am having difficult sleeping upright in my recliner but other than that, no pain at all. My left eye is worse as it had the most fatty tissue underneath prior to surgery. I actually wanted to get out with my husband today but he said no, not yet. Lol.

Forgot to add pictures.............Today is Day 2, surgery was Friday

Lot of swelling remaining, especially under left eye. Some bleeding from one of the fat grafting areas on my abdomen that I have emailed the surgeon's office about. I am looking forward to having tape removed next Friday.

Monday, Day 4, Left eye pretty yucky

I think I overdid things yesterday, felt great so I watched TV, read some, had company. I'm still sleeping upright and icing but left eye is REALLY REALLY swollen, worse than it was. I did hear back from doctor's office that I can apply antibiotic salve to fat grafting site on tummy but it has stopped bleeding now. I am really wanting left side of face to look better!

Left eye really swollen, Tuesday, April 15

Still a lot of swelling but thankfully no pain. The surgeon's office returned my call and said for me not to be alarmed about left eye being so much worse than right. The surgeon said he had to do more work there and it started bruising immediately so they're not concerned. I have post op visit this Friday. I just feel good so want swelling and bruising to subside so I can get out and go places!

Day 6

Today is day 6 and left eye remains VERY SWOLLEN, has not gone down any since yesterday. Also, I have a clear "jelly like" covering from the outer corner of each eye that stops at the iris???????? I am anxious to see what the doctor has to say tomorrow about this. I am ready for bruising and swelling to be gone and see my results! My abdomen is also still VERY bruised. I'm still sleeping sitting up hoping it will dissipate the swelling.

One Week Post Op Review

I went for my week post-op check up today. Today is the WORST DAY I've had so far. I have had no pain until today and it's from the inflammation (clear jelly completely covering right eye and halfway on left) It makes my eye feel very irritated and it burns some. He did confirm I have inflamed conjunctivia and gave me ointment with steroids to be applied 3 times daily for 10 days. I have to return next Friday to be rechecked but he said it should be gone by then hopefully. He also said I could use regular artificial tears in addition to the ointment. Bruising and swelling are on track. I really could have done without this added thing to deal with and was scared to death until I searched this board and found it's fairly common. Surgeon wasn't concerned at all.

Day 10, seeing improvement

Today is day 10 post-surgery. I am actually seeing improvement. The chemosis is still the worst but it even seems better today. I washed my own hair today, yaaaayyyy. I still have steri-strips until my return appt. Friday. I plan to return to work next Monday so hoping it won't look bad then. I REALLY appreciate the comments, tips, feedback you all are giving me. I am really feeling good about this!

Day 12------Bruises turned red???????

My recheck is Friday and my chemosis is mmmuuuccchhh better thankfully. However, my bruises have now turned RED??????? I went out last night and they were impossible to cover up. I've never had a bruise turn red before. Has anyone else experienced this? I am so happy to see the swelling subsiding and to have the steri-strips removed Friday. I feel so good it's hard to believe I had surgery a few days ago!

Day 17, Back at work

Returned to work today, still a bit bruised and swollen. The bruises are an ugly red and I have on concealer and full coverage makeup and they're still obvious. I was hoping the swelling would have gone down more by now too. I guess I'm a bit impatient.

Day 17 with picture

I am wearing concealer and full coverage makeup. It's odd that my left eye was the worst of the two for having bags but now the right one has more bruising. Nothing seems to cover red bruises!

3 and half weeks post surgery

I am now 3 1/2 weeks post surgery. I had follow up appointment scheduled for next Friday (4 week mark) but due to other obligations I rescheduled for the end of the month. Since I'm not having any problems, I feel it will be okay. I still have these reddish bruises but they seem to be turning yellow. I really thought all bruising would be gone by now. But I DON'T SEE ANY BAGS!!!!!!! I am anxious for all the swelling and bruising to leave so I can see what I am paying for the next 3 years, lol.

5 Weeks Post-Op

Tomorrow will be 5 weeks since lower lid bleph/fat grafting. I am still seeing a lot of red and some swelling on the left side and minimal redness and swelling on the right side. I really thought it would all be gone by now. :( I rescheduled my 4 week follow up until the end of the month; hopefully both the redness AND swelling will be gone by then. But I'm not seeing any bags! Yaaaaayyyyyyy.

5 Weeks Post Procedure with makeup

Went out tonight. This is with makeup.

5 Weeks Post Op. with makeup, picture 2

Another one with makeup on. No bags but still a bit swollen and red bruises that I covered pretty well. SO HAPPY NOT TO HAVE THOSE UGLY BAGS!!!!!

Still an undereye "bag"?????

Most of the bruising and swelling is gone. I am now at 5 1/2 weeks post procedure. My left eye was worse for having bags. Now I'm seeing a slight bag in the inner corner area of my left eye. I am REALLY hoping this will go away. It looks so much better but would like this small one that I'm seeing gone too!

Surgery was April 11, eyes looking better and better!

I had another postop visit last Friday and Dr. Thompson is very pleased with my progress. When I mentioned the small remaining bag underneath my left eye, he commented it's probably swelling. I hope so but I'm happy either way. I'm still amazed when I look in the mirror and don't see those huge bulging bags under my eyes. I'll post a picture with makeup in a couple of day. I really like Dr. Thompson and am so happy I changed surgeons!

7 1/2 weeks post surgery, so happy!

My lower lid bleph. was April 11. I am so happy with the results. The tiny remaining "bag" underneath my left eye doesn't bother me. I wish I had done this years ago when I gave myself the choice of LASIK for my eyes or bleph. and chose LASIK. I am so glad I did this and people are commenting I look "rested." This is exactly what I wanted: a natural result. I am so happy to be bag free!

Before & After pictures

Here's my before and after pictures.............What do you all think? I am very pleased!

Update 7-30-14 , 3 1/2 months post op, Happy Happy Happy

Surgery was April 11 and I am VERY PLEASED. While I still have the "small bag" underneath my left eye, I can live with that. I am amazed at the difference and what such a small and easy surgery could make. If you are considering this, I say "Go for it." I should have done this years ago.

Lower lid bleph, 16 months later............

Decided to post a picture of bag removal results more than a year later...........Overall, I am very pleased with the results but do wish the left bag had been removed completely but I do understand the surgeon being conservative. I love that it looks so natural (opted not to do the "eye pinch" that I feel gives a pulled back look to the eyes) and no one can tell I had it done.
Winston Salem Plastic Surgeon

Doctor is now DR. JAMES T. THOMPSON, WFUP Baptist Hospital Plastic Surgery Dr. Thompson is very personable and took the time to answer all my questions and address my concerns. He was skilled enough to know I would need a fat transfer to prevent hallowness underneath my eyes. I did not even think of that. He made me feel informed and completely at ease. I highly recommend him!!!

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