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I have been researching CS for awhile and finally...

I have been researching CS for awhile and finally decided to take the plunge. I have lost about 50 pounds and kept it off for 2 years. I have always been active, doing cross training for 7-8 years, but when my trainer closed his gym, I started to look for targeted toning of my abs primarily. I have been doing Pure Barre for the past 1.5 years, which has helped my legs/glutes but the tummy has been slow to respond.

I initially did not think I was a candidate for my abs because one of my colleagues had gone and was told she was not. I was also concerned about permanent hyperpigmentation following the procedure; I didn't see many reviews from people of color. So my initial consult was for inner thighs. When I got there, I found out that I was a candidate for upper/lower abs and thighs! I decided to go with upper abs first, since I carry my weight higher in my abdomen and there was more potential for visual success (more fat to grab LOL). So cost above is for 2 applicators to upper abs only.

I will do my best to keep posting as I go along my journey. Eventually I hope to post some pictures; I will definitely post my before/after pictures from the facility.

First update

Bear with me; I am not savvy when it comes to posting. Today is day 4 after procedure. I will recap the procedure and Day 1 in this post and days 2-4 in another.

Day of: the procedure itself was pretty much as expected. I had 2 smaller applicators to the upper abdomen for 30 minutes each. I did not find the suction bad; the freezing took a moment to adjust to. I never felt like I went completely numb; more like you would feel if your hand was in a bucket of ice water too long. I was also dreading the massage afterwards since I had read horror stories. It was not bad either; my PA just massaged for 2 minutes using a knuckle on each index finger. Skin was red, but returned to normal by the time I left. Before I left they told me to call with any questions and mentioned they could prescribe Neurontin (gabapentin) if I needed. They also told me to NOT take ibuprofen for pain because that would diminish the inflammatory response they were hoping for. I walked on the treadmill after my treatment for about 45 minutes; felt a few cramps but nothing major. Probably because I was still numb LOL. That night I slept normally but I was concerned because I am a stomach sleeper. Next day I was just sore like I had done an intense ab workout.

"Before" photos

I say "before" because I took them today. The first ones I took day of procedure were selfies, which uploaded rotated 180 degrees LOL. I will also include a few from the procedure itself.

Days 2-4

On day 2, the soreness intensified. Not enough to require pain medication, but I did make a mental note that if I returned to have lower abs done, I would need a compression garment. Later that afternoon, I was at my desk and noticed...the itching had started... My cold hands felt good on my skin, but I noticed that my skin had reddened again and was warm to touch. I called and confirmed with my clinic that this was the expected inflammatory response (it was) & got the ok to take Benadryl. Slept through the night without problems.
Day 3 (yesterday) was about the same in regards to soreness and itching. I felt better when I was up and moving around and continued my PureBarre exercise regimen. Yesterday evening, I had a few sharper pains that got my attention. I was afraid this was the beginning of the delayed severe pain so I took Tylenol and Benadryl and slept through the night again.
Today, soreness is better and itching is much better. I only really notice pain (vs soreness) if I touch my abdomen. Still don't feel like I could do light jogging yet, but my exercise is almost back to normal.

Week 1

Quick update: soreness is improved, itching has almost resolved. Still bloated but that is improving slowly as well. I got a follow up call from my office which I appreciated as well. Pretty much back to normal activity at this point but jogging is still slightly uncomfortable (wasn't much of a runner anyway).

Week 2

Not a whole lot to report. I am back to normal activity. I spoke with a staff member today at my facility to make sure everything is going as expected. It is not really visible when looking at me, but when I rub my hands over my abdomen, it feels a little "bumpy," like the fat has been sucked to the surface and has to settle back in. No pain, just different. They say it soumds normal. Like I said it is not visible to the naked eye. They said i could massage it some if I wanted; i did have the area massaged after treatment. We will see... as a side note. I have had more flatulence and my stools seem a bit "slicker" which is also normal. Apparently the way our bodies excrete the fat.

Week 3

No real change that I can see. The "lumpy" feel to my skin/fat seems to be going away slowly, so that is good.

Follow up

It has been a moment since I posted - life just got busy. No more "lumpy feeling" under the skin thanks goodness! I don't see a whole lot of difference but I go for follow up in 2-3 weeks and can hopefully post my before/after pics from the facility. Right now I do not have another treatment scheduled due to cost and wanting to see how much if any change is present
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