Mentor 425CC Under - PostOp Day 1

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I'm a 48 year old mother who has been self...

I'm a 48 year old mother who has been self conscious about my small breasts since I was about 16 years old. After reading your experiences, concerns, and advice, I decided to take the plunge. I'm 5'3" 120 lbs and selected Mentor cohesive silicone, 425 cc, under. My PS used a nerve block and general anesthesia, to there was no pain at all last night. Today I have the tightness and am a little sore, but still havent experienced any pain. PS has me stretching every hour and said not to ice. There is some swelling but not much. So far I'm pleasantly surprised I haven't experienced nausea or pain at all. I just get tired quickly. Other than that you wouldn't really knowmy procedure was just yesterday.

PostOp Day 3

Well it's day 3 for me and there's really nothing new or different going on. I still haven't experienced the pain I was expecting but I still get tired very easy. I know the girls are swollen, but I'm a little concerned they may be bigger than I had anticipated. Does anyone have any insight into when the swelling will go down or how much of my current size could be attributed to swelling?

PostOp Day 7

I had my first follow-up with PS yesterday and he was pleased with the progress so far. He said the stitches will come out next week and wasn't concerned that one appears larger than the other at this point. It would seem that's fairly common at this stage and they will even out as they drop and fluff. He gave me the green light to get a regular sports bra (Thank God, the one they put me in after surgery is too small and killing me). I got a VSX Sport from Victorias Secret and am totally in love with it!
I've noticed they are starting to soften a little bit and I can actuall "feel" when they are stretching/softening/dropping (or whatever it is they're doing.). It's like a little "twinge" that seems to "move" along a certain part of the breast. It doesn't hurt, just feels odd enough that I notice it.
Another thing thats kind of strange is they way they feel when I have my bra off; like when I take a shower and dry off. I don't know if its the stitches or the actual added weight (which I know isn't really all that much). Anyway, thats when I seem to "feel" the girls most. Its hard to describe, but without the support of a bra its like I feel them sitting on my chest; a sensation I don't have when I have my bra on. The same is true when I move my arms a certain way, like in front of me to drive, I feel them against the inside of my upper arms. Something I never felt before LOL!
I'm still very happy and thrilled, and I love looking at myself in different clothes. I'm just super anxious now for the final results and am fighting with myself to try and remain patient (because I know its a few months off yet).

PostOp 2 Weeks

It's been 2 weeks since my BA and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results! I went back to work on Monday, so this was my first full week "back in the grind". I still have the occasional pains and the PS says it's probably my nerves regenerating themselves. The tape and "end stitches" came off on Wednesday, and I had a small spot under my breast which was irritated from the tape. PS put some antibiotic cream on it and it's looking much better now. I've also been give the ok to return to yoga as long as I don't do any poses which puts the weight of my body on my arms and/or chest.
Its hard to notice many changes until I look at the side by side pictures that I've posted here. I believe they may be dropping a bit and I'm positive they're getting softer. Still not as soft as I'm hoping for, but they are a whole lot softer than they were this time last week.
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