Looking to Get Implants Removed! - Winston Salem, NC

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Hello ladies. I have a consult April 16th with PS...

Hello ladies. I have a consult April 16th with PS to have implants taken out. Mine have been in for 30 years and I am wondering if you have to have an MRI or mammogram before they will do the surgery. I'm so ready to get them out. Not sure if insurance will pay or not even though my bra straps dig in my shoulder and cause pain, but I'm going to do it anyway. I found this website and have looked at it every day for hours to get an idea of what is ahead with this surgery. Thank you to all who have bravely posted before and after pics. It has really helped to see what can be expected. I appreciate any input. Thank you!

Consult tomorrow

Excited for consult tomorrow to get explantation! No lift. Just whatever I end up with. Will report back later tomorrow. Thank you again to all you women who have posted on this website. Feel like a have a new family. I'll post pics of my journey later.

Preop tomorrow!!!!

Going for my preop tomorrow for explant and lift. I'm so excited I can hardly stand myself! Trying to write down all my questions to ask. Can anyone recommend where I can get a front closure compression bra. I can't find any in stores except Victorias Secret and they have underwire. I will keep you all updated. I am so blessed and grateful to have found this site. I will share my info as things progress so that I can pay it forward to someone else who is looking to have this done. Thank you to all of you who share!

Went for preop today.

Had preop done today. Blood work and EKG done. Nurse went over what to expect day of surgery and post op info. I was given my vitamins to start in a few days. Just need to get my pain and anti nausea meds. I'm beyond ready to get this done! I will post as things progress. Thank you for all the support on this website. Hugs to all of you!

Monday is surgery day!

Surgery day is Monday and I'm counting down the hours!!! I will keep you all updated and post pics as soon as I can. Thank you to all of you ladies for your support and the info shared on this site! God bless all of you!

Surgery done!

Surgery is done and all went well. No rupture, no gel bleed even after 32 years of having them in. A little sore but pain meds working fine. I'll keep things posted as I go along. Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you all for your support well wishes.

Day 3 post op

Finally got to shower today! It felt sooooo good!!! I was afraid to look. Have some bruising, but all in all ok. Boobs look mashed but I guess because of compression bra. My boobs look so much bigger than I thought they would I'm guessing from weight gain over the years, but I also hope from some swelling. I really wanted to be a little smaller. Anyway, patience. Sorry I didn't get any pics after shower without bra, but I was freezing and my husband was helping me. I will try and post some tomorrow if I get drains pulled. Thank you all for your support!!!

Day 4 post op

Today is day 4 post op. Got the drains out yesterday. The worse part was when they cut the sutures. Felt like I was on fire, but it was short lived. Didn't feel anything when the drains were actually pulled. Old steri strips were removed and new ones put on. PS said everything looked great. I feel like a new person without the drains! I'm posting a few pics of results so far and with new swimsuit top I bought earlier. Hope this helps a lot of you women considering explanting and getting a lift. The lift is well worth it.

A few comparisons

Here are better before and after photos up til now. Hope they help

2 weeks and 1 day post op

I'm now a little over 2 weeks post op. Bruising is almost gone. Still have steri strips on and wearing sports bra 24/7 except for showers. Still have some soreness, but nothing major. I'm able to sleep on my side somewhat without problems. I go back for a post op visit this Thursday. I'm so happy to have those heavy bags out. I encourage anyone thinking of explanting to go for it! This site is wonderful to read and learn about others journeys. It's a great support system, too. Thank you again to all the wonderful women who have posted on this site with info and especially with pictures that help with seeing what some of us may look like after surgery. Xoxoxoxo
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