36 Years Old, 5'4" 125 Pounds, 34A, Hoping for a Full C/small D

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Let me first start by saying I LOVE my body! It's...

Let me first start by saying I LOVE my body! It's grown 6 beautiful and amazing children and breastfed each and every one of them anywhere from 13 months to 2.5 years. I just did a gentle wean with my last baby who is now 20 months old. I exercise regularly but don't obsess, just try to stay active with my kids. I work part-time and I'm enrolled in school part-time (currently) and plan on becoming a full-time student in a couple years.
My breasts have always been small, but perky, like most of you I'm sure. When breastfeeding they were as big as a D in the first few months then leveled out to a nice full B. I'm amazed at how much volume is now gone. I've thought about a breast augmentation since the birth of number 4. I don't think I would ever have had the courage to do it until a close friend of mine had hers done back in November.
I met with my PS back in January and called to schedule the surgery a week later. I waited until June so I could breastfeed a little longer and so my husband could be home with me for a longer period of time after the surgery. When I met with my surgeon I had not done ANY research. He suggested round, high profile 300cc silicone. I've e-mailed him a few times since the consult and have decided I'm more comfortable with saline and possibly doing 350-400cc but nothing is final yet. I have my pre-op appt on May 27 and I'm hoping to try on the sizers again and see what his recommendation is for me. I'm also really worried about high profile, I do NOT want a lot of projection but I do want fullness and that nice slope natural breasts have. I mean I'm 36 not 18! I want to look like a woman that had 6 kids, if that makes any sense.
Anyway, I'll hopefully get the courage to post some pictures in the next couple weeks :)

Going to start adding wish pics!

I'm going to start adding wish pics. I wasn't totally sure how to do it. So I'll add the pics with a caption thanking the realself member!

Only 1 month to go!

I definitely never thought I would be at this point. Some weeks felt like forever!! I've read a lot of posts about women being a month out and they seemed more prepared than me. Is there something I should be doing? No clue. Just waiting for my preop appt to go over everything with my PS for the last time. I'm not as concerned with size as I was when I first started researching. I think 325-375cc will be perfect. I am worried about profile! He suggested high profile but I don't want a ton of upper pole. Attaching my original wish pic, wish she posted more results!!

Anxiety dreams are starting

Well the closer I get the more I'm starting to have some anxiety. Some days I think "why can't I just accept my small chest? It makes me look slimmer" and other days I literally want to cry because my Breasts are so small and empty now. Last night I had my first dream about the surgery (I routinely have vivid dreams) and in it I woke up thinking I was late for my surgery, then tealized it was just my pre-op I was late for, and then I was staring down at my left Breast and it looked perfect! But then it was like I was fast forwarding years staring at it and it got smaller, and saggier and my first thought was "damn! I should have gone bigger!" Clearly I'm concerned about going too small rather than too big.
Anyway, I'm thinking its time to get some pre-op pictures posted. I'll try to do that this week early in the morning when I'm not bloated and my muscle seperation isn't as obvious :)

Pre-op Appt

I had my pre-op appt this past Wednesday. After reading other women's stories I kind of expected more to happen but it was pretty uneventful. I initialed maybe 8 warnings (none too scary or unexpected), signed my permission to operate, and signed my pre-op instructions. He took pictures and discussed size again. I got prescriptions for pain, nausea, muscle relaxers, and antibiotics. I'm thankful for all of those because some reviews I read said women had to ask for more than one of those! Still trying to get the guts to take my own photos to post to this review. Just so embarrassed! But plenty of women have the same size so we all get it :)

Finally did it!!

I had my surgery yesterday, June 10 and it went great! Got there at 7am, signed some more paperwork, went over my fears with my CRNA, then my PS marked me up and we went to the room. The surgery center is part of the office, just in the basement. The CRNA did my IV and blood pressure cuff, I got a warm blanket and pressure cuffs on my legs, then she said I'm going to give you something to relax and maybe 2 minutes later I was out. I woke up and immediately felt sick so I asked for a bowl. I had gotten some meds in my IV preemptively before I woke up and she added 2 more doeses while I sat there. I didn't have any pain in my left but my right one, the smaller one, was painful. She moved me to a recliner after helping me get dressed. My husband came back and she went over all the aftercare instructions with us (mostly him, I couldn't keep my eyes open!). Wheeled me out and we were home around 11am. Oh and I vaguely remember my PS coming in and saying it went well and that I got 325cc because that's all he could fit.
We got home and I got settled in bed, snacked a little then took a Valium. 2 hours later up to pee and snack more so I could take 2 Percocet. I felt so much better after the pain meds, prior to that my pain was a 10. Once it kicked in I was a 5 and after another dose of Valium it was down to a 3 or 4. I pretty much slept all day with the exception of getting up to pee. By about 9pm I moved from the bed to the couch and got my first peek! I'll do another update about all that. Sleeping wasn't terrible, about 6 pillows propped behind me and a heating pad for my back. The meds really help me sleep. I woke up only to take meds, pee, and drink more water. Waking up and moving is still hard but once I'm going I feel better. I'm down to 1 Percocet every 6 hours and the Valium I haven't taken since midnight. I might take another tonight before bed or middle of the night to help me sleep. I'm not bloated yet but I guess that's coming? I was also supposed to start my period but that hasn't happened yet and the cramping has stopped. I guess it'll be really delayed from the surgery.

Now for the fun stuff--PICTURES!

I was really, really , really embarrassed to show my before pictures until I had my afters. I know I shouldn't be, we all have the same insecurities I guess. But here ya go. Before pics going up first followed by after.

Day 2 and day 3

Just to catch you ladies up I'm doing a quick review of the last couple days. I have no trouble falling asleep, in fact I can barely keep my eyes open most of the day. I woke up with a nasty headache early Friday morning and called the docs office later that day to help me get on a better pain med schedule to avoid more headaches. Plan was to take Valium every 4 hours combined with 400-600mg ibuprofen and take 1/2 oxy pill as needed 2 hours later. So far I haven't needed the oxy, the Valium and ibuprofen have been working great! I no longer wake up in severe pain and can get up on my own to go to the bathroom, get my pills, etc. I haven't needed the heating pad nearly as much, more just for pain from passing out in the same position. Last night I experimneted with sleeping on my side in an elevated position and it worked great! Phew! I'm a stomach sleeper so my goal is stomach within the next couple weeks. I've still been icing a couple times a day for my ribs along the side and my sternum but even those are showing improvement. I would say my biggest complaint at this point is feeling weak from not getting to move around like I'm used to and the tightness in my chest that really isn't that bad. I've had the weird squishy noises and feeling the implant moving here and there so I'm glad I read about it as a side effect. My goal tomorrow is walking more and spacing my Valium to 6 hours instead of 4. It's my husbands birthday I want to be somewhat coherent! Oh! And I have a sore throat out of nowhere, I would have expected that the first couple days but oh well. Does anyone else get tingling in their nipples like milk is letting down? Such a weird feeling. Anyway, hope this teview helps someone! Positing pics from the past couple days.
And lucky me period started day after surgery!!

8 days with big Breasts!

I'm loving them. They've never once felt not a part of me even when I woke up. I think mostly because I've has this engorged feeling 6 times now. Every morning I wake up and feel to make sure they're still there :). I have full range of motion. My left (bigger one originally) is softening quicker but my right one isn't so firm it really bothers me. I had a muscle spasm in my left that woulent relent so I finally caved and called my PS so I'm back on ibuprofen regularly for the next 24 hours. I'm sleeping good, on my back or side. I do wake up with "morning boob" but it passes quickly when I get up and moving. I'm starting to fell less worn out and yesterday was the first day I didn't need a nap. Posting some pictures because I know that's mostly what I obsessed with!!
Oh also has my first follow up and all looks as it should. One more week of stitches and steri strips then he said we'll start some scar cream. I don't even have a clue how long they are and I'm anxious to see them!!

Over 2 weeks and slowly seeing some changes!

Had a big week, I got my stitches out, started exercising, and overall started to feel more myself. My biggest complaint at this point is how painful my nipples are but I've read that could take awhile to feel better. My incisions are slowly starting to look a little better but I'm paranoid I'll end up with horrible raised scars. I was told to put silicone sheets on them for the next 6 weeks, still waiting for those to arrive in the mail. Exercising hasn't been as bad as I expected, I thought I lost all my muscle and endurance in 2 weeks of doing nothing but its felt pretty good. Still have to wait a couple weeks before I can do chest exercises. I'm uploading some pics, my nipple is finally not pointed down but still pointed straight out. Definitely a lot more squish! But for the most part pretty firm and I still can't push them together comfortably. I'm massaging a couple times a day but I don't know if it makes much of a difference. Still get achy and sore depending upon how much activity I had that day. Looking forward to more dropping!!

5 week update!

Well I've definitlet had some ups and downs emotionally. Overall I'm very happy, but every once in awhile I wish I could have gone bigger. Not really big, just 375-400cc. I had an appt with my PS today and we talked about his reasons for only doing 325 and I totally get it. So I'm just trying to love my new Breasts now! I have pretty much 0 pain, the only discomfort I have is on the incision area but it's minor. PS said today incisions are healing nicely and I don't have to put anything on them anymore. I'll probably continue the scaraway strips just because I have them already! There's still some firmness in the middle that should soften in the next month or so. Next appt is when I'll be 11 weeks post op and he does pictures at that appt. Of course I've taken a ton!! Oh and my nipples are still sore, some areas of the Breast are still numb, but no more burning sensations anywhere. My husband has doing my massages for the past week or so, it actually feels better when he does them. I guess because his hand can cover the entire implant. I do notice a difference when I massage regularly. I try to do it in the morning and at night. I'm still sleeping in a bra just because it's more comfortable. I tried without and I woke up to a pulling sensation. I'll probably try again without after I'm 2 months post op. I'm pretty much doing normal exercise, actually training for a sprint triathlon. I'm thinking about attempting push ups in a couple weeks. My PS said it should be fine but I really don't like the sensation of the implant sliding in there and how it looks. Ok, hopefully this was helpful to someone! Happy to answer questions :)
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