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I'm 38, have two kids 21 and 14. I'm 5'2, 133 lbs....

I'm 38, have two kids 21 and 14. I'm 5'2, 133 lbs. I got my first implants in 2009, 375 cc over the muscle; they were too big and I had them replaced with 325 cc in 2010. I also had a tummy tuck that went bad. I have a large additional vertical scar on my stomach as the doctor removed to much skin booo!! anyway my implants were still to big. I had my implants removed today. At this point I feel great. I love the way I look in my shirt already. I will post pics tomorrow when I feel better. I had extreme anxiety leading up to surgery. It happened quickly. I mad e the decision to remove them just 4 weeks ago after reading this site. I was able to see my doctor right away. Right now my boobs look very sad but I plan to relax and give it time to heal. Will post more later. Time to rest.

Day 2 post op

i feel great. There was no cost to remove the implants. There was no pain last night. I don't have any drains either. I didn't sleep well at all I think it was from the meds that I was under during the procedure.

Anyway the reason I got implants is because I was already going for surgery for a tummy tuck so I thought why not. I didn't put much thought into the size....big mistake. I honestly didn't have the rigt knowledge or information when I made the decision. I think my doctor and nurse should have helped me more. The questions I should have shed myself were how do I want to look when im at work? How do I want to look when I'm with my family? How do I want to look when I am with my husband? This would have helped me choose a better size. Shopping with big boobs has been a nightmare. All I tried to do after I got them was to hide them. Gosh what was I thinking!! Anyway I'm glad they are gone. I hope and pray they go plump up to the way they were. Im super happy they look somewhat normal. They are just hanging really low. I'm guessing cause I had children and the size of the implant. I have hope. Thank goodness I love yoga. I hope that helps when I get back at it.

Day 3 post

Physically I'm fine. No pain. Taking antibiotics and pain killers when needed. I'm up and about around the house. I'm off work until Monday. I'm worried about work. I don't want to look completely flat chested when I go back. I will have to get a push up bra or something. Id rather that they not know. They are still hanging pretty low but I have to have faith they will go back. I'm obviously going through implant withdrawal. In a way I miss them. Time to adjust.

Day 4

Feeling good, no pain, found a good supportive tank top, finished my antibiotics, I don't think there is any change in shape and size booo! I went to the doctor he said all is well. I asked if there was anything I need to do to help with scar or to help strengthen the skin around my boob, he said no, lol, isn't there massaging or creams etc? I have a couple stitches that will be out on Monday. I learned that my first set in 2010 was 375 cc and my second set in 2012 was 300 cc. When I start to miss them I think of my inspiration mila kumis or rhonda rousy, I have always felt like the sporty spice than anyone else. My body matches my goals of being the healthiest possible, living organically, helping my fitness and family, being there for others, caring for myself, loving myself unconditionally, I'm so grateful for my loving husband of 16 years. I used to weigh 120 but I let myself gain weight with the implants because my body was unperportioned now I want to work on getting my weight under control. Still adjusting. Still grateful. Back to work in 3!

Wishing you all the best ladies!

Day 4 theory

I have a theory of not fully supporting them with a tight top that way they will be force to gain strength themselves to make the skin I feel like I am enabling them with a tight top, exercise is about movement! Lol, maybe Ill do more research.... :)

3 weeks post op

Im sorry for not responding. all my messages went to junk mail. i didn't know i had any messages.

I feel amazing. I'm so grateful I had the implants removed. My boobs look and feel great. They feel normal! I feel pretty. The weight is gone. My coworkers didn't even give me a second look. No one can actually tell. My bra fits nice. My shirts fit so much better. I bought a whole bunch of new shirts. it was easy to find shirts that fit. I'm back to 36 b cup. I feel confident. The insecurity of trying to hide them and thinking they are too big is gone. No more obsessing about my giant boobs! What a relief! The scars are fairly big but I don't care. I plan to start yoga again this weekend.

I don't understand why some doctors use drains and some don't. Too me that would create air suction sucking nipples in. I don't know, im not doctor, maybe cause I had mine under muscle?

Good luck ladies. I wish u all the best!!!

No lift

I also didn't have a lift. I just had them removed.
Manitoba Plastic Surgeon

My doctor was fine. I was upset about the tummy tuck. Im not sure why he removed too much skin and now I'm left with a massive scar that shouldn't have happened. I don't think I was fully informed when I chose my implants either. The implants were beautiful but just too big. He is definitely a man of few words. He was highly recommended by a friend. I guess he is not perfect and it had to be my body where the mistake occurred.

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