19 Years Old Regrets 4th Tattoo - Winnipeg, MB

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Hello my name is Breanne Martin, I am im desperate...

Hello my name is Breanne, I am im desperate need of support. I have a tattoo in front on my right shoulder blade it has many different colors including black, pink, white, yellow, blue, green and more! I am wondering if its worth entering the process of laser removal? I feel this tattoo is holding me back on life such as any future careers and other peoples opinions on me. I feel sad when i think about my tattoo. Are all these colors possible to come off? Is there anything I could start doing at home as my tattoo is only 4 weeks old. Please help! The closest tattoo removal clinic is an 8 hour drive away so this is gunna cost me a hell of a lot more money than anyone who lives close to a tattoo removal place. If anyone has any opinions, awnsers, and support please reply back thank you guys so much! you can see the tattoo on my profile pic

Mixed Feelings

So my tattoo removal consultation is in 3 days I am sure excited to make the 8 hour trip to meet with my specialist. I've been having such mixed feelings about my tattoo first I want to cover up the part I dont like (the key) and next I want to completely remove it. I've been really positive lately and it doesn't bother me as much as it used too, I've come to accept my tattoo and leave my options completely open. I also have a consultation at a very popular tattoo parlour for a potential cover-up. I am very hopeful and will keep everyone updated on my next decision on what to do about this mess!
Bionic Tattoo Removal

I have a consultation at Bionic Tattoo Removal in Winnipeg, MB on March 28th. I will let everyone know how my consultation goes at this clinic

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