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Dr.Singh is a amazing surgeon his years of...

Dr.Singh is a amazing surgeon his years of experience and his knowledge is exceptional. I showed him pictures and talked about what I wanted in a nose he understood this and was able to give me the look I was after. That being said he told me everyone's face is different that he would do to the best of his ability to achieve my desired results and he did! I was delighted I cried tears of joy the first time I seen my new nose!!!

Before and after

Revision rinoplasty

So after I had the initial surgery I had a bump at the bridge of my nose that after six months still was present . So I had a revision well little did I know that it would change the look of my nose , I was under the impression that it would be a simple grinding down of this small but noticeable bump . Well instead of grinding down the bump my doctor implanted a piece to raise the whole bridge of my nose to level off this bump and as well injected fat into my nose . I am so confused as to why this all was needed ..... I told my doctor right before the revision surgery how I absolutely loved the look of my nose the only problem to me was that bump ....... As soon as the bandage came off after the revision I cried this time not from joy but in confusion as to why my nose looked completely different ... My doctor has told me this is now a better nose but why do I dislike it so much????? I have been trying not to allow myself to be depressed but it is hard not to be, I loved the nose he gave me only to have him take it away and give me a look I do not want ........

After revision

After revision

before pic

AFTER RHINOPLASTY, before revision

Revision depression

I guess why I'm so unhappy after my revision is as follows I had waited thirty years to get my nose done and in the initial surgery had pretty much everything (minus the bump) I dreamed of a little short cute nose , the revision changed that implanting that piece has given me a longer nose the exact opposite of what I would ever want!!!!! My doctor has told me this is an illusion that it's the same size as before the revision well I see it and it looks longer..... I have been depressed ever since December when I had the revision i have cried avoided mirrors ect ect ...... If it's just an illusion why was I not having this illusion prior to the revision ???? This is what I can not wrap my brain around

Before any surgery side veiw

Seven months after revision

Eight months after revision front view

July 2014 after surgery

Having more positive thoughts on my revision

looking at the pics of my nose after the first surgery has started to make me look at my revision differently. i see a huge improvement with the side profile and the line going down my nose is gone now. i guess my first new nose i was really attached to as it was my first experience not having a large nose and when it was tweaked and made better my self image was changed in my mind i guess not sure why exactly just happy i am having less angst over my nose!!!

Who likes being lied to??? not I

well i have seen dr.G.B Singh for my nose for the last time... i had seen him in november 2015 at that time i said to him i feel i have a hanging columella and also i have a lump on my right side of my nose he is a doctor of few words but did say to me ohh the lump is just cartilage let me look over your pictures and come back in a month to see what needed to be done well my appointment was cancelled and i was told to call back after the new year which i did ( funny how differently i have been treated before i had paid for procedure the nurses were so welcoming and friendly greeted me by name now treated quite coldly) when i returned to Dr. Singh's office he told me that nothing was wrong with my nose ummmm pardon me?????? i asked to see my picture from the first surgery (primary surgery) as i had really loved the overall look of my nose it was just the bump that i had not liked and why i had the revision as he was just going to rasp the bone or so i had thought well he told me i have no such pictures of your nose!!!!!! Say WHAT??? this was an outward lie no way i had been in the preop room awaiting surgery he came in and asked the morning of Dec 5 2014 what it was again just to make sure what i wanted done to my nose my words were" I Love everything about this nose you gave me only that bump needs to be fixed" he then took pictures from all angles.... he then went on to tell me the other nose,the primary one he had done looked like BOb Hope with that big slope i loved the slope so what i don't understand what gives any human being the right to tell you lies then to tell you what looks better??? it is my face!!!!! now thank god over all my nose is not horrible it has taken a toll me it has taken a full year to come to terms i will not get it back to how it was with the primary nose ,but what gives a doctor the right to change the over look of your nose without your permission??? this is what my brain has had the most difficulty with the lies, the different explanations which are numerous that he has given me but none make any sense to me .. now if he would've said yes i know there is a difference in what your nose looks like but i needed to fix or i needed to prevent a collapse ect ect would of made all the difference to me i'm a logical person and if i was dealt with in a straightforward honest way i could of come to terms with WHY this had been done with out my consent!!!!!!

side view

Columella revision

Well after I said I would not go back to see dr.Singh I did as in Winnipeg Manitoba he is the expert in rhinoplasty and I was tired of hating my nose !!!! The reason I had the surgery to begin with was to decrease my self consciousness over my nose not to increase it!! So I went back and dr Singh agreed to do the columella revision .. So I had it done today under local would not recommend this as dr.Singh had asked me if I was alright with needles I had said I'm fine with needles , I just did not realize they would be in my nose ouch is all I can say once it was frozen not so bad not being under but I kept my eyes closed throughout .. I could feel the stiching and hear him cutting I am thankful that I had been so ignorant leading up to today thinking the needles would be an I.V and that I had thought that I would be semi out of it and not really aware of the procedure wrong hahahahaha . It was done in thirty minutes and no packing dr.Singh brought over a mirror and instantly I could see the improvement see this was exactly what had been wrong and why I had disliked the revised nose so much the tip is now a bit higher less columella hanging which makes all the difference in the balance of my face dr.Singh said the difference will be so subtle only I would notice which is all that matters !!!as I sure can see the difference . I was very overwhelmed as its been a full year and a half of being told what I was seeing was fine and my friends and family although well meaning saying you look fine not really understanding well how could they unless you've been through it only then can someone truely understand my breathing is wayy better now too hope it stays that way as my right side had been very hard to breath through my nose I just became a mouth breather as it was so noisy and kind of embarrassing all the whisiling and weird sounds the right side would make as I tried to breathe through my nose . Pain wise not that bad have a tension headache upper lip is stiff and my nose is a bit bloody and sore over all pretty decent as just had procedure done five hours ago

Before and after columella revision

Before and after columella revision

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