34 Year Old Athletic Mommy of 3. Getting TT , Capsulectomy, Breast Lift , Muscle Repair and Lipo. - Winnipeg, MB

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My surgery just got moved from May 14 to April 16....

My surgery just got moved from May 14 to April 16... So nervous and excited ! I am pretty athletic working out at the gym and crossfit 4-5 times a week. I am a personal trainer and massage therapist but I am just finishing the last two months of my mat leave with my third baby. I have lots of loose skin and separted abdominal muscles from my 10 pound babies lol. My first breast augmentation was done pre babies about 8 years ago and I now need a lift and a capsulectomy . :(. Really hoping for a speedy recovery for my family and minimal pain . Kinda scared of this entire process . Will post pre pictures soon !

A few before pictures

A couple before pictures where I am sucking in . More photos to come ! Just need some room on my camera lol.



Please leave me your tips for before and after surgery please!!!

5 days away from surgery !

5 days to go till it surgery . I had my pre op appointment and heard about my surgery abd overnight stay. I am getting worried because I have a 10 month old baby who isn't walking yet and I can't wait 3-4 weeks to pick him up during the day :(.
Anyone else have babies who had this surgery ? Also have a 3 and 6 year old but they are able to do most things for themselves .
The Dr didng tell me much about what to do for scars . What are the best things to use after ? Can I go back to all my normal supplements after surgery ..ie magnesium, vits etc?

Surgery day !

On my way to the hospital . Pretty anxious but I am sure it will all go perfectly fine ! Good bye saggy belly and breasts!! Posting a few last photos!

Made it through :)

So I woke up from about a 4 hour surgery feeling pretty good . Had a bit of burning pain feeling in my stomach and I was super thirsty but otherwise felt not too bad. I think I expected worse but I am laying in my hospital in almost no pain unless I move . Haven't gotten up yet as they put in a catheter so we will see how that goes once the nurses get me up .

I ate some hospital salmon and it was really good but hard to swallow without water every sip .
I can't see anything because of all the bindings but the top aspect of my breasts look great lol !! Will try and do more photos when I can.

My tips for anyone getting the mommy makeover : workout !! I think that is what's helping my minimAl pain right now . Bring a water cup with your own straw . I know they have this stuff but I love my Starbucks cup . Vaseline for your lips ! Throat lozenges for after breathing tubes .

That's it for now ! Will update again soon :)

Post Op Day 2

Well I think it's day 2 because you don't count surgery day right?? Well day 1 was horrible after the pain pump went away. I got super nauseous and almost threw up . Coughing from the breathing tube also hurt really bad. I was suppose to leave hospital yesterday but I was in too much pain and nauseous so they kept me for another night . Once all the pain pump drugs were out of my system and I was just on the Percocet I felt so much better . Getting up to the bathroom the initial time was pretty painful ... Yikes ! I have never had a c section so I had nothing to compare this too . It is very painful . Today is better tho for sure . Hoping to get some pictures later today or even a look at things when they change my dressings. These drains are pretty annoying as they are huge but I get those out on tues as they aren't outputting much . Pics to come!

Post Op day 3

So I am feeling more human now when my pain meds are working . I am taking Percocet every 5-6 hours for pain . I feel good when I am not moving around but when I get up to walk my back is killing me !!! Feels like it could give out . I haven't had a bowel movement yet but I am taking stool softens and drinking fiber powder and lots of water . I kinda slept for 5 hours in a row last night . I am having s super hard time being still and sitting all day with my three young kids running around . A few questions for all you ladies who have had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and breast lift. When were you able to walk around again and stand up for longer? When could you go out again? I have my post op appointnemt on tues and I don't even know if I could walk far enough to get in to his office lol ... Certainly not in public !!! My tummy itches so much it's driving me crazy ! I need some milestones to keep me going and some light at the end of the tunnel . What vitamins did you take yo speed healing ? What did you eat ? I try and eat clean and lower carbs but not sure if this is the best ? Lots of protein I read . What else ?? Need tips !! Want to be normal again . I also have Tylenol 3 and alleve if anyone thinks those work better than Percocet . I don't really want to stay on that kind of drug for long . Did you set timers to always take your meds at certain times ? Sorry so many questions !! Iasfirf a ton at the hospital and I feel like I got a million different answers .

Day 4 post op

Feeling a bit better now. Still in awful back pain . I am sleeping not bad at night so that good . Lots of swelling it seems . I want to try and get off my meds or switch them today or tomorrow . Maybe just one Percocet every 5 hours today ??

Post Op Day 5

Got my drains out today which never produced more than 10 mm in 12 hours. That felt a bit weird but I feel so much better now. Everything is healing good . I still have a hard time walking around because my back hurts so much but not sure what to do about that other than walk straighter . I am starting to feel a little depressed as to why did I do this because I can't move around or help around the house with our three young kids . I also hate not picking up my 10 month old baby .

Stopped all the heavy duty meds yesterday and just taking Tylenol and alleve has been fine except the back pain . I am also getting a horrible tickle cough today which hurt so bad when I had a coughing attack . I really hope I am not getting sick now :(.

Post Op Day 8

So feeling so much better today ! I can stand straighter ... Not straight and started doing some tasks around the house and my back isn't hurting nearly as bad.

Anyone else not as hungry as they use to be ? I am liking that a lot so I am eating less lol. Scar seems to be healing well and I can take off the tape on day 10.
Give me your best scar tips !!

More photos

End of post op day 9

Ok so feeling waaay better today ! I can stand much straighter and lean back farther when sitting or sleeping . I went for my first long walk today . I am now sore in the front of my legs and higher up on my back. I did more today than I have done since my surgery . I can take my tape off my scar tomorrow to see how it's healing . Right now my scars are starting to hurt more everywhere . The scars under my breasts are sensitive and the sides of my tummy tuck scar . I want to start treating them and I really hope my belly button will stay round and not close up . Wondering if the ear plug trick would work and when to start it and how long. I am really missing my workouts and crossfit and snuggling my baby . Hope I continue to feel better with no set backs . I can't believe my breast lift and capsulectomy don't even hurt . Anyone have a breast lift with implants ? How did the turn out ? I was hoping they would look like my old implants did nice and perky and round not to close together ?? Not sure if they will look that way again or not ? I know it's still early and I probably have lots of swelling. They don't drop and fluff again like new implants ... Unless they create a new pocket which is what I think Dr Turner did . I will ask for my post op report at my 3 week appointment just so I know what all they did lol!

Body pre kids

So this is me pre three kids .. At my fittest . I am hoping my breasts will look like this again once they swelling goes down . ( I have the same 375 cc moderate profile cohesive gel implants ) that were in there from 8 years ago now. My breast mY be smaller now after having kids and implants . Hope my waist looks like this again too when the swelling goes away . I had no hips ore baby so I know those won't go back !

Feeling great !!

Day 11 so good ! Got groceries with help today and am almost totally straight . Now my upper back hurts because of the hunching for last 10 days lol. I almost slept flat last night which is also great . Taking one Alleve or Advil a day and sometimes some Tylenol . I have been walking lots and doing so much more around the house ... Carefully . I get really tired in the afternoon and sometimes take a short nap if I have to . I took my tape off my incision as direct but some of it is a bit open so I put more steri strips on it . It's healing well otherwise just bugs be a bit because it hurts on the sides . Otherwise this was totally worth it !! Totally would recommend it !!

Still lots of swelling but wow !

Still finding I am pretty swollen in lower abs and breasts but I almost have my pre baby waist back !!!

Feeling great

Anyone noticing now that the flanks area is really swollen .. Or else my love handles still exist ?? I still don't know if they did lipo on me or not abs they didn't have my post op report yet. I had no bruising but was sore on the sides of my waist . Me belly button is still pretty gross and pus so that is worrying me but surgeon said it was fine and put a little bit of polysporn on it. I want it to stay open and round so crossing my fingers it looks good when it heals .


I am thinking sharing some stats about myself would help some people !

Weight : 156 pounds ( post baby - usually around 145 normally )
Height : 5'7 1/2
Breasts were probably a DD 34 post baby with my implants . Now probably a small C after lift .
Cohesive gel moderate profile implants from past surgery 375cc

Swelling almost non existent in the am

My belly button has really shifted off the midline of my body . Has this happened to anyone and did it repAir itself ?

Swelling is hitting!

So now I am getting super swollen at the end of the day and my stomach gets so tight and pulls in my binder . My scar is healing pretty good but on one side there is lots of lumpy spots under it. I am trying to massage it but it still hurts quite a bit. I am dealing with my belly button ozing still and starting to close up with a weird spot in it. :(. I am really just hoping all the swelling is to blame for loose skin on my flanks and belly button shifting . I wasn't told to do scar massage or anything but I have been doing some and started putting bio oil on my scars ... Still some scabs left so I don't do the whole thing . I will be at 3 weeks post op soon so hopefully I will be feeling less tired mid day and less swollen soon . I need to order a compression garment but just researching what kind . I tried on my normal jeans today and couldn't zip them up ... So sad !

All is well !

So other than my belly button still not healing the rest is going great :). I had my 3 week post op on Friday and everything looks good. Dr Turner said he could revise my belly button if it's still not healed the way I like at my 4 month post op appointment . I am happy with that ! I will keep putting polysporn on it and once the pus and scab goes away I will try the ear plug thing on it. My breasts are healing well abd only the scars hurt from time to time. The only thing that drives me nuts is the I hope swelling iny muffin top area . He said it's most likely swelling but also said although the flanks are smaller they may seem bigger now because the stomach is so flat ... Geez I better really start working out in 3 weeks then ! Lol.

1 month post op

It's been just over a month now. I am back to showing my clients most exercises and doing lots of walking . This week k will prob start stationary light weights and treadmill . In another couple weeks back to crossfit . It worries me it will be awhile to get back to normal activity as things still feel so different .

My stomach is healing great except one area that opened up a bit and was bleeding last night . I am finding lots of swelling in afternoon evening and my sides are looking worse for the muffin top lol... Hope that goes away ! I am using bio oil and mederna and will start putting skincerity on it soon.

I am super tired still in the afternoon and I am finding I am having more pains that I didn't before . My breasts hurt more now and my scars and I have some new achy bruised pain on my right side / back but have no idea why ?? My belly button will likely need revised as it's grown scar tissue in the middle so not really a hole there anymore .

No lipo

So I got my post op report yesterday as I was curious to know exactly what was done during my surgery . I found out I had no lipo done so I questioned why . Dr Turner said it was because they chose not to as I didn't have enough fat on my flanks to lipo without leaving a dent or leaving it looking bumpy. Anyone else have this happen ? I kinda wanted the lipo on my sides but at the same time I guess I am happy that I didn't have enough fat to suction out ??? Anyone else run in to this ?? Did you still have a muffin after lol??

Swelling is going down

I am now about 5.5 weeks post op. I am starting to see my abs coming back in the morning when I have no swelling . I also feel like my scar is doing great. I do have some spots open up and bleed a little on my tummy tuck scar and my nipples . I have just been putting steri strips on any open spots . I ordered a stage 2 maderna I think it is compression garment so I can stop wearing my binder during the day now.

First workout !

So at 6 weeks post op I did my first workout today . It was good . Nothing crazy just some running , skipping and a circuit workout . My legs are a bit sore today but I am so ready to get back to my normal routines of heavier lifting and crossfit. Breasts hurt a bit when I ran but I don't think my bra was supportive enough !

15 months after Tunmy Tuck

So I wanted to post pictures of the after tummy tuck and breast lift. I have been working super hard to diet and train to get myself back to where I use to be weight wise post 3rd baby. My tummy tuck was a huge success and love everything but the scar . It is a bit higher than I would like and I have trouble covering it . I am still trying to lighten it with scar creams etc ... So if anyone has had great success lightening their scar please tell me how !! I still get tightness in the evenings that o can feel pulling a bit on my stomach but nothing major .
Dr Robert Turner

Dr Turner was great . He had done my breast augmentation 8 years ago . His staff is great ( front desk could be a bit friendly ) and they answer questions so quickly . He isn't super friendly but that's not really what I was paying him for lol . I would recommend him now after having two successful surgeries done with him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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