1550/1927 Dual - Winnipeg, MB

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Sat Sept 7/13 My doctor and his assistant talked...

Sat Sept 7/13
My doctor and his assistant talked me out of the fractional CO2 that I originally wanted. They explained that this was a better route to take as there are fewer risks/complications etc. What changed my mind was the consultant said she'd had both ablative and non ablative peels. She said I should spare myself the pain an bother and do the fractional. The reason I wanted the more aggressive treatment was, obviously, I wanted more dramatic results. Specifically around my eyes (wrinkles). My chin had also developed (hard to describe) a sort of crepiness, despite the fact that the skin wasn't lax.

I've taken photos - I really should have taken better and more 'befores'. My bad. I have to say that at this point, I'm really excited. I know that part of what I'm seeing is my bloated tomato head has smoothed out lots of the lines that bothered me. I am praying that the smoothness I'm seeing now is going to last. Will update as recovery progresses.

Lidocaine cream applied one hour prior.
Valium and Percocet - at my request. No idea the dosage.
Eye guards with numbing drops - also at my request. So my doctor could get very close to the lash line.
1927 - two passes over entire face, including eyes.
1550 - four passes over entire face, including eyes.
I'm not sure if either or both of these laser frequencies have adjustable settings. I will ask my doctor and update.
The procedure itself was easy and comfortable except for the 1550. That hurt.

By the time I was getting in a cab home, I could feel the swelling. Face was VERY hot, and very red. Iced frequently, lots of Aquaphore. Tried to sleep elevated. Lots of broken capillaries under eyes, and a texture that looks like milia. That said, it also looks like mini blisters in the grid pattern you see in so many after photos.

My progress, photos to follow soon

Day 5, first follow-up appointment. Doctor said that I’ve tolerated everything well, and recovery seemed to be progressing nicely. It's now day 6. Only about a third of my face has peeled. My forehead and cheeks have yet to slough off. The parts of my face that are smooth - nose, upper lip and chin - feel really soft. That said, the texture around my chin looked a little bumpy. I was disappointed b/c this was an area that I was so keen to have improved. I thought the acid test would be to put some makeup on, and really get a better idea.

Applying a little make up:
We all know that the parts of our skin we don't love can look worse WITH make up (flakiness, rough texture, etc). I'm so glad that I conducted my little experiment. It allowed me to see that there really had been some improvement. I also know that the improvement should continue in the coming weeks. When I applied the make up, there was still a film of Aquaphore on my face. Rather than try to buff foundation onto my still rough cheeks, I blended a little zinc ointment (thick, white diaper rash cream) onto them first. It helped conceal the redness, sooth the irritation, and smooth the surface texture. (Think of it the same way you would a milky, ridge-filling base coat for your nails.) I then added a tiny bit of full coverage foundation. I didn't put any make up on my forehead because other than the rough surface texture, it looks nice and bronzed, and not too red.

Thoughts on Aquaphore:
I learned about Aquaphore on these forums. I thought the idea of putting what is essentially vaseline on my face was nuts. I thought that it would be way too heavy, and would exacerbate the milia everyone talks about. That said, I bought it and put it on as soon as I got home. I'm SO glad I listened to everybody. Having that heavy barrier is so soothing. You really do need something that rich, and totally inert, with no fragrance or color.

My discovery of zinc ointment:
Years ago after using a hotel facecloth, I woke up the next morning with red, itchy, irritated eyelids. I think it was the bleach and detergent residue. I don’t know what inspired me to think of zinc ointment, but glad I did, It’s been a go-to since. It’s instantly healing and soothing, really gentle, and a great barrier. I’m going to use it a lot over the next few weeks because it will provide essential sun protection, and help conceal redness. I’ll use a slightly darker foundation to compensate for it’s white color.

Around day three, I attempted to switch from the Aquaphore to my usual, VERY rich, moisturizer. Fail. My skin was still too parched and tight. Sticking with the Aquaphore as long as I need it. Like everyone, I have it on my face all the time. I also found it really helpful with applying ice. I would apply a layer followed by cold-water soaked gauze strips, Halloween mummy style. Then applied baggies of frozen peas wrapped in a thin dishtowel. The cold gauze feels wonderful, and adheres to the ointment. This means that there will be no friction of irritation from the ice packs. Think about it - your skin has just taken a beating, and unless you wrap your frozen peas in a silk scarf, those ice packs will feel like they are wrapped in sandpaper. Around day three I also took a few Aleve, that helped shrink my moon-face. All in all, pretty happy so far.
Manitoba Dermatologic Surgeon

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